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Special Effects studio WETA workshops made a warthog

The warthog is a machine from the HALO movie don't ask me but its still a darn good looking machine The dudes at WETA made a Warthog I don’t mean that they made a big plastic thing that looks like a Warthog I mean they built a fully-functioning, four-wheel steering, powerful, off-road vehicle with a machine gun on the back At the correct scale If you live near Wellington, New Zealand, you might even see some crazy machine-shop dude from WETA fishtailing around y

Doonesbury and BD - Iraqi war survivor

Excellent article about Garry Trudeau 's charactor BD, the one charactor in his cartoons whom he has had from the very beginning and lost a limb in the Iraq war Well worth reading, as an example of how cartoons can transmit pathos, pain and humor all together Doonesbury's War Revealing more about himself than he ever has, Garry Trudeau gives us tantalizing clues about what's behind his venerable comic strip's recent burst of genius, and pain http://wwwwashingtonpostcom/wp-d

Chinese government claim poisoned cardboard buns scare a hoax - people don't believe them

Recently on the net a media report appeared claiming that someone had made carboard filled buns, with poisonous additives in the cardboard People were suitably shocked and alarmed until the Chinese government declared it was a hoax Now it seems that the government might be conducting some form of damage control and that the story may have been based on reality afterall BEIJING AFP - Ordinary Chinese are refusing to believe government claims that a recent media report on cardboard-filled

The media gets fooled again ... suddenly everyone is Al Qaeda

Remember last year when the media went through a period of soul searching and navel gazing over their uncritical acceptance of WMD and the complete lack of critical analysis of the information provided to them which led to the invasion fo Iraq This recent book just provides an example of the process that happened leading to the war in Iraq for anyone under a rock who missed it [quote] In their eye-opening new exposé, Weapons of Mass Deception: [url=http://wwwprwatchorg/books/wmdhtml]

Should you buy Chinese foodstuffs?

Just how safe is that can of tomatoes from China Recently in the news there have been revelations about the poisons and poor quality of some food products shipped from China Concerns range from toothpaste, to pet food, to poor quality seafood Further examples of bad practice have been published from within China itself Feeding pigs waste water to make them weigh heavier and poisoned cardboard replacing pork in Chinese food are two recent examples But one thing that seems to be mis

Moores Sicko movie ignites change in Texas.

Here is a facinating experience of people power from a cinema showing Moores Sicko movie in Dallas Texas Hopefully they manage to get some change Great read More on the site http://wwwcinemablendcom/new/Sicko-Spurs-Audiences-Into-Action-5639html Long time readers of this site no doubt know that I live in Texas As everyone knows there's no more conservative state in the Union than here In all my thirty years on this earth, I have never ever seen any movie have this

Blairs spin doctors now spinning their own innocence

Turns out they were all against the war really Tony Blair pressed ahead with the invasion of Iraq without betraying any uncertainty to even his closest colleagues, all of whom had "severe moments of doubt", his former communications chief, Alastair Campbell, reveals today Mr Campbell records how one of Mr Blair's staunchest allies, John Reid, and the deputy prime minister, John Prescott, looked "physically sick" when cabinet met on the day before the Commons vote to endorse

Socrates test of three - how to judge rumors

This is interesting The test of whether to pass on a rumor or not Keep this philosophy in mind the next time you hear or are about to repeat a rumor In ancient Greece 469 - 399 BC, Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom One day the great philosopher came upon an acquaintance, who ran up to him excitedly and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students" "Wait a moment," Socrates replied "Before you tell me, I'd like you to pass a l

Children abused in Iraqi orphanage

Mans inhumanity to man, often affects the most vulnerable Malnourished children in an Iraqi orphanage tied to their beds Other photos show that there was plenty of food and clothing in the orphanage as well Little Auschwitz of modern times horrible This image made from video released by CBS News shows soldiers and children found in an orphanage in Baghdad, Iraq in June 2007 US and Iraqi soldiers found 24 severely malnourished children in a Baghdad orphanage, some tied to their beds

How a parent lost her son to obesity

A touching tragic story of the waste of a young life I lost my son to obesity I noticed some changes in my son a few years ago, new portly friends, he gained some weight, he became withdrawn, every time I walked in his room he quickly popped a breath mint, etc All signs of obesity, but I chose to ignore it, I told myself he was a good kid and would never get involved in stuff like that I searched his room and found candy bars under his mattress, McDonald's monopoly game pieces, co

LOST won't end till 2010

We have to wait that long to find out what that darn island is all about I like Lost it has some of the best written and acted episodes I think I have ever seen Sometimes it drags a little, but then it makes up for them with heart stopping episodes that just leave you going "wow" I likes the solution to " Nikki and Paulo", that was a strange episode but very fitting for them Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof told electronic-media professionals at the annual Promax/BDA confere

The Acabion Motorcycle - 0-280mph in 10 sec.

Wow now that's a fast motorcycle At speeds of 300 mph we will need tube highways, enclosed for security not only for those that may get in the way but also for those driving them Imagine a accident at that speed [quote]Claiming to be the next step in the evolution of efficient human transport, the Acabion comes off as an airplane fuselage mounted over a ridiculously fast motorcycle Appearing at this year’s Geneva auto show, the German-made Acabion is a synthesis of “aeronautic and

Americas Cup the worlds third biggest sporting event is on

Never heard of it Its worth 14 billion dollars Each boat is worth easily over 100 million dollars At the moment in Valencia, Spain, the challengers for the Americas Cup are fighting it out for the right to battle the Swiss team [url=http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Alinghi]Alinghi[/url] who hold the cup The challangers have to fight it out among themselves first for the right to face Alinghi, in their own race series There is big money floating around out there, from the 11 challenge

Mass Holocaust grave found in the Ukraine

Someone should drag [url=http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/David_Irving]David Irving[/url] and other holocaust deniers out to see this 34,000 killed in 2 days! A mass grave believed to contain the remains of thousands of Jews killed by the Nazis has been found in southern Ukraine, a Jewish community representative said Tuesday The grave was found by chance last month when workers were digging to lay gas pipelines in the village of Gvozdavka-1, near Odessa, said Roman Shvartsman, a spokesman

What the world eats

A photo documentary of the foods 15 families around the world consume Where would YOU like to go for dinner This is facinating how some diets are skewed towards root vegetables, or processed food, or green vegetables I wonder if some of the families from less advanced nations actually eat more healthier than those of richer societies I think I would like to eat at the Kuwait family, or the Egyptian family most : I like the diet of the Mexican family as well : Starts here
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