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Who is Train and where is his site Whenever I am curious about something the info isn't in the siggy!

Woman hit by flying dolphin

A woman on the bow of a boat was hit by a dolphin that was jumping in the air She is critically injured as is a second woman hit by flying debris as the dolphin hit the cabin of the boat A 27-year-old woman has been seriously injured after being hit by a leaping dolphin while watching a group of the mammals swimming off the east coast of Coromandel Peninsula The woman was sitting in the bow of a runabout off Slipper Island - 5km off the coast from Tairua - about 230pm yesterday when

Up to 40% of students dropping out of some American schools

Even through the stats here may be selective, I am sure there are many schools with low dropout rates, the implications of the next generation growing up unable to do more than menial jobs is frightening As one of the biggest changes in our technologically advancing society has been the reduction of blue color jobs, more and more people will fight for declining job opportunities Its a social bomb, with a growing underclass of poverty stricken and resentment, fueling crime and disorder

A plea to the progamming gods of Stargate

A third television series in the hit Stargate franchise is now in development The new series is in the concept phase, and is being actively worked on by the Vancouver creatives behind Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis From [url=http://a4l2spaceslivecom/Blog/cns!BA40EA99CC12360B!3566entry]here[/url] Dear programming gods, hear my plea I loved stargate in the beginning it was original, funny, creative and unusual Now it, and all its derivatives, are bland boring, formula

Things you never knew your cellphone could do

There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival Check out the things that you can do with it: - The Emergency Number worldwide for a Mobile is 112 If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dia

Massive Icebergs off New Zealand

Over the last week we have for the first time in living memory seen icebergs floating off the bottom of the South Island These are huge bergs like floating islands Planes and helicopters have been taking visitors out to see them Companies and ad people are trying to cash in on a rare natural phenomenon that has turned the ocean off the Otago coast into a new tourist attraction Countless corporates have asked helicopter pilots to help turn the rare iceberg visitors into gimmicks for t

Bob Gates says goodbye to his net buddies

New Secretary of Defense Bob Gates apparently frequented a Texas A&M Football message board On his way out the door he decided to reveal himself as a frequent poster and reader to the other A&M fans You just never know whos on the end of that computer http://wwwtexagscom/main/forumreplyaspforum_id=5&topic_id=768382 What does "Gig em" mean Confirmed in their staff forum here http://wwwtexagscom/main/forumreplyasptopic_id=768424&forum_id=5

Fake antispyware site gets busted

A company that promised to clean your computer of spyware but didn't got fined $1m dollars I always wondered if these types of sites are legit, now we know some arn't A company accused of selling phony antispyware tools has settled a lawsuit filed by Washington state's attorney general Secure Computer has agreed to pay $1m 506,141 to settle charges that it violated Washington's computer spyware law, the attorney general's office said in a statement Monday The case was the fi

Crazy events in 2006

2006 wasn't all doom and gloom, there were a good selection of crazy things happening - An 82-year-old Australian cartoonist who was expert at doing high-speed sketches of sports participants was able to do a quick drawing of a man who robbed his home Police used it to arrest the burglar - The authorities in a Czech town on the border with Austria ordered an Austrian hotel to trim its roof, which was protruding a few centimetres inches across the boundary - Ziggy Stardust, an

Woman sues Kraft over fake guacamole

This plaintiff has a point, Kraft guacamole has only 2% guacamole in it I have been sucked into buying it as well, it is bland to the point of being horrible Sure its easy to make your own guacamole but you have to get avocados that are ripe enough first Peanut butter is made from peanuts, tomato paste is made from tomatoes, and guacamole is made from avocados, right Wrong The guacamole sold by Kraft Foods Inc, one of the bestselling avocado dips in the nation, includes modified fo

Military force students to take ASVAB military aptitude, students rebel

What amazes me is the "right" of the military to enter a school and demand to test the students for their suitablility as soldiers What sort of society are we talking about here Kids selected at school level for the miitarywithout them even given the right to chose to do the test or not So much for civil liberties, just how far is it from here to a military run society http://wwwantiwarcom/orig/hortonphparticleid=10055 On a Friday afternoon the 17th of November, 17-year-old h

What I want for christmas, a hover mouse

This looks neat, but will it sink to the mat when your hand is on it The CrazyPC Hover MouseTM is the world's first 100% friction-less mouse Utilizing advanced, patent-pending electromagnetic hovering technology, the Hover Mouse floats one centimeter above the mousing surface at all times It is a well established fact, that friction results in wear to your mouse and decreased accuracy while gaming Since the Hover Mouse is friction-less wear is eliminated, and in-game accuracy sk

Man having epileptic siezure gets tazered, beaten and committed.

How ignorant can you get There really needs to be police training for situations like this The case in Michigan involved Daniel Beloungea, who was taking a daily walk in his neighborhood when he experienced a complex partial seizure, which left him in a state of semi-consciousness Complex partial seizures are associated with repetitive involuntary movements, sometimes for up to 30 minutes, with post-seizure disorientation A person passing by noticed Mr Beloungea acting erratically

First totally non smoking city in the world?

Looks like there are going to be lots of smokers fleeing this city Its really a strange thing to do, to ban it everywhere Belmont is set to make history by becoming the first city in the nation to ban smoking on its streets and almost everywhere else The Belmont City Council voted unanimously last night to pursue a strict law that will prohibit smoking anywhere in the city except for single-family detached residences Smoking on the street, in a park and even in one’s car

When war books are merely good stories

Has anyone read Bravo Two Zero by patrol commander Andy McNab and The One That Got Away by escapee Chris Ryan These are really good books, seat of the pants true war stories Unfortunatly these highly acclaimed books may be partly fiction according to this article by a reporter who went to Iraq and investigated the situation Fiction sadly seems to be disguised as fact, and the wild tales of soldiers credulised by their reputation as SAS This article is a great read and as the exce
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