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Americans have short memories when it comes to oil

Makes a mockery of all the environmently aware Prius owners Seems nothing keeps Americans from their addictions Just wait untill OPEC start to squeeze their pipes again Sad, no sympathy in the future Who can remember all the way back to last summer, when we had daylight saving time, baseball, and $3 a gallon gasoline prices Not American car buyers, apparently, and you can see the evidence in the results of October auto sales Sales of big pickup trucks and SUVs went through the roo

Hack your lift and bypass floors

Ever been fed up of having to stop off at every floor before you finally get to your destination in an elevator Well the frustration ends here! If your ever stuck in that situation just do the following Press the ‘Door Close’ and your required ‘floor’ button at the same time The lift should then whisk you off to whatever destination you require without having to stop for anyone else : It has been verified working on the following brands of

Kart goes from 0 to 170mph in 3 seconds

Kart capable of reaching speeds in excess of 170mph in just 26-seconds The low carbon, stainless steel engine produces approx 750lb of thrust and rockets the go-kart with 3 g's of acceleration It doesn't LOOK that fast but what do I know [flash=380x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/1VioHKZc0AY[/flash] http://wwwtecheblogcom/indexphp/tech-gadget/hydrogen-peroxide-powered-go-kart-170mph-in-26-seconds

Iceland resumes whaling and tourist numbers drop

Nice to see tourists are avoiding Iceland after they resumed whale hunting Its a small protest but hopefully more people will join in Iceland's decision earlier this week to resume commercial whaling despite an international ban has already hurt the country's tourism industry, with several whale watching companies reporting cancellations "We have received several emails from people saying they have decided not to visit Iceland as long as Iceland is conducting whaling," Thorunn Ha

How to know when people are lying to you

The signs that people exhibit when they are not telling the truth Something everyone can benefit from : Much more on the site http://wwwblifaloocom/info/liesphp Signs of Deception: Body Language of Lies: • Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements Hand, arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less space • A person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contact • Hands touchi

Lady born deaf hears for the first time

This is a great read Someone born deaf hears for the first time I don't know how to explain it but I can say that, so far it's been way beyond what I expected It;s like being born again I am relearning the world For example, the first time I heard the water running I didnt know what it was, until somebody told me and then I made the connection It wasnt the way I registered with the help of hearing aids Its a totally different experience[/quote] For people who live with a p

ANT SAND is great

Have you heard of DDT Its the best but silly liberal goverments just wont let us have it because its 100 times cheaper than any other poision and the chemical companies would go bust! Add to this they pump out lies about its harm to humans when in fact it is much better than any and all of its alternatives [url=http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/DDT#Impact_on_human_health]DDT Impact[/url]

Police investigate missed appointment by kitten

Police raid house to confiscate a kitten! Do we need a "police state" section for this type of post Just make REALLY sure you have kept your kitten vaccinations up to date PET owner Robert Emberson was stunned as two cops swooped on his home — to seize his KITTEN The bobbies went round after pet charity workers were tipped off that the moggy missed a routine appointment Robert had adopted the rescue kitten named Plume But Cat Protection workers swooped to demand it back

MSN asks 9/11 question doesnt like the answers so changes the poll

Now this is interesting, On September 11th 2006 MSNBC raised a question on 9/11 as the "question of the day" They didn't like the answers so changed the question An oops from the handlers there I think http://wwwcontramotioncom/pictures/issues/mediareality/msnbc/

300 Billion sunk into Africa and nothing changes

Throwing money at Africa has been a popular and expensive exercise Yet what has come of it There are still starving people, still corrupt societies, brutal regimes and non working governments Some examples from here reveal the depth of Africas money pit This is an excellent article and well worth reading, with some great examples http://wwwculturecultcom/spikedhtm Three things are thought to explain much Third World decline and dereliction In Africa misappropriated funds head

Sacre Bleu! The french love England and are moving there en mass

Turns out the French are secretly coverting the English manner and the freedom of expression In the book which will be published in English next year the author waxes poetic on the joys of living in Britain He writes of superior baguettes made by English hands with English flour, our lovely climate “You never get a completely grey day like in Paris”, the charming locals “Shop assistants that actually smile at you!”, a more varied intellectual life and a capital city mo

Longest rail tunnel in the world breaks through

Recently I saw the construction of this tunnel, as we went over the Gottherd Pass in Switzerland This is one huge construction, an effort that surpass the enormous roads and tunnels that are already in the Swiss Alps Miners in central Switzerland have pierced a first stage of the new tunnel through the Gotthard, which is set to become the longest rail tunnel in the world [url=http://wwwswissinfoorg/eng/front/detail/Gotthard_rail_tunnel_begins_to_take_shapehtmlsiteSect=105&sid=

Money can make you happy up to a limit

From this interesting extract it seems that more money doesn't make you more happier, you reach a level where working for money alone will not increase your happiness If you put it into practice it seems best to find the level of money you need, and when you reach it spend your time doing other things : From [url=http://wwwdeliciouslivingmagcom/magazine/indexcfmfuseaction=article&issueID=87&articleID=2015]here[/url] People believe that material wealth will make them hap

So there I was...

minding my own business while driving down interstate 85 after dropping my son off at the Atlanta airport, when my car felt as if something war trying to tear it apart I release the gas peddle and start looking around to figure what the problem is, and when I look at the sideview mirror I see chunks of what was the remains of my tire tread flying all over the road behind me The tread had separated from the tire Here's the bad thing about this, I was going to buy four new tires next w

What do these Led Zeppelin lyrics actually mean?

Someone was asking what these famous lyrics from what I think is the greatest song ever actually mean, my response was that they didn't have to mean anything : I bet when you read these you will hear the music in your head [quote]And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our souls There walks a lady we all know Who shines white light and wants to show How everything still turns to gold And if you listen very hard The tune will come to you at last[/quote]
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