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What Makes a Lefty: Myths and Mysteries Persist

[quote]Can openers, scissors and spiral-bound notebooks discriminate against lefties Despite such challenges, 10 to 12 percent of the human population has historically preferred the left hand Why doesn't the number ever waiver Nobody knows for sure, but new research supports a body of evidence that suggests genetics have a hand in it all In the meantime, the myth remains that lefties are more artistic And the idea that left-handed fighters have an advantage persists on scant eviden

Stolen thumb sized marmosets missing

Thumb sized baby marmosets were stolen from a zoo They are so cute maybe it wa a crime of passion [url=http://wwwdailymailcouk/pages/live/articles/news/newshtmlin_article_id=380426&in_page_id=1770]Daily Mail[/url] A pair of baby marmoset monkeys the size of a human thumb were amongst a haul of rare animals and birds stolen in a burglary of a zoo The tiny primates were amongst an entire colony of the threatened black-eared marmosets that was stolen along with a number of

Mohammed cartoons upsets Islam

(  1  2  3) [b]Click on the >> above to see the most recent post[/b] In Denmark 2 newspapers decided to publish some cartoons featuring the Prophet mohammed Turns out the Islamic world were not happy, and have been displaying their anger over the cartoons However they havn't got their way this time with other newspapers showing solidarity and also publishing the cartoons http://newsbbccouk/1/hi/world/europe/4670370stm [quote]Newspapers across Europe have reprinted caricature

The anatomy of a picture a must read

This is an excellent article showing how media photos can easily be manipulated to meet the publishers agenda http://wwwzombietimecom/sf_rally_september_24_2005/anatomy_of_a_photograph/ Somone did a lot of work making this page its a great read

American and British differences over the 2005 London bombings

This is an excellent article with humor and insight as to the difference in reactions and media over the London bombing, well worth the read Ten days have passed since a series of bombs blew through London, and so far no country singers have threatened to git thar and kick some Ay-rab butt Thank the gods for small favors Still, it's been educational, in a horrible sort of way, to watch the United States' response to this attack on its closest ally See! The American media's frustrat

Why are pop singers so samey and sexless?

Great article! damn right! Its nowhere to be found nowdays, we are submerged in effeminate sexless boy-men, and weak airless girl voices read the article http://wwwspiked-onlinecom/Articles/0000000CAC21htm [quote]Switch on the radio, grab a glance at MTV Because something odd is happening, and it's been going on for a while now Here, it appears that there are few women or men anywhere to be heard There are the breathy voices of ingenues; the mewling of babies; the sho

Question About the Williams Brothers

I was going through your odds and sods and came across this picture of the Williams brothers What is the deal with them Were they cannibals or something [img]http://wwwstuffucanusecom/Odds_and_Sods/farmersjpg[/img]

Visit sunny Bazra!!! Tourists welcome

http://newsbbccouk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/3840401stm The Tourism board is starting a campaign to attract tourists there What an awesome possibility There are Ruins - heaps of them, new and old Marshes - heaps of them seen one marsh you seen em all Beaches - nice, white, so what are you going to do - sunbathe And best of all hotels - The best are demolished but the others are [quote]He said the city had several big hotels, like the Sheraton whic

Intel develops "photon switches"

http://wwwintelcom/pressroom/archive/ releases/20040212techhtm and http://wwwintelcom/labs/sp/ <hr> Essentially, Intel has come up with a way to create "photon switches" on standard silicon chips rather than on esoteric and very expensive chips required previously that work with photon ones and zeros Remember that it's that switching of ones and zeros in electron form that is at the heart of the uncountable number of transistors that enabled the comp

I did not die - a poem...

Do not stand at the grave and weap; I am not there I do not sleep I am a thousand winds that blow I am the diamond glints on snow I am the gentle autumn's rain When you awaken in the morning's hush: I am the swift uplifting rush: of quiet birds in circled flight I am the stars that shine at night Do not stand at my grave and cry: I am not there I did not die author unknown

Why rappers imitate orang-utans.

So those hand gesturers that the rappers love so much are actually part of their attraction to teenagers Also they are just as coreographed as as other performances Some cynical and yet interesting information from the link below http://wwwthebluebricknet/Arts1html Very rarely will you find a rap star with his or her hands simply hanging limp, like the rest of us, even when they are walking Rather, their hands and fingers are usually in a rigid, seemingly uncomfortable positio

The amazing Thomas Alexander Cochrane - the sailer who put fear into the French

In a world where fact is stranger than fiction Thomas Cochrane has an incredible life He was the model for many of the sea sagas This article below was translated from Peruvian to English by a friend and proofed by me, so is original Sorry about the translating problems and the language but it is faithful to the original Peruvian it was written in, which is what the owner of the document wanted Cochrane is the founder of Modern Peru fighting off the Spanish in an incredible exploit

Goodby Beagle2, but what actually happened to the mars Polar lander?

Interesting article, it may be sitting happily on Mars ready to go, but just not working http://wwwspacecom/missionlaunches/mars_polar_lander_031222html fter months of crossing interplanetary space, Mars Polar Lander was in the final minutes of slowing itself down, ready to make a self-controlled touch down It was never heard from again Nobody knows for sure exactly what occurred at journey's end The loss of the Mars Polar Lander became a detective story that pitted p

Canadian pilot awarded for 'dead-stick' landing

Canadian pilot awarded for 'dead-stick' landing http://wwwstuffconz/stuff/0,2106,2029971a12,00html MONTREAL: A Canadian pilot who astounded the aviation world by gliding his stricken jetliner, with 304 people on board, to a safe landing on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, has been given a special flying award The Air Line Pilots Association, the union representing some 66,000 pilots from Canada and the United States, gave its Superior Airmanship award to Air Transa
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