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Streetview of the closed Christchurch central city released - images

After the February earthquake the central city of Christchurch was closed to all non essential people Recently a streetview type vehicle drove the streets and photographed the city that no one can see It was taken by surveying and mapping firm Terralink International last month About 200 to 1000 buildings in the city will be demolished eventually changing the face of the city forever Cera interim chief executive John Ombler said the videos gave residents the opportunity to underst

Three years after children died from tainted milk in China, people are still dying from the same problem

What can you trust in food made in China when poisoned milk is still being sold to people and 1/5 of milk companies will still lose their licences A total of 53 officials involved in the sale of melamine-tainted milk have been punished with dismissal, demotions and warnings, with China saying it is stepping up efforts to ensure food safety The move comes after the sentencing last Friday of 14 people other convicted of producing or selling tainted milk powder in Shanxi and Hebei provinc

Its great news that Obama Bin Laden has been killed but Pakistan is worried ....

Coming up is the bun fight over who actually did the killing Although its described by the US military and the President as a purely US operation, Pakistan has been making "me too" statements One of the reasons is that this makes Pakistan look bad so damage control is at work Comments on Pakistan Military Forums as described by a poster on [url=http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showthreadphp197574-Bin-Laden-Dead-and-the-US-has-his-body/page48] Militaryphotoscom[/url] show the

Gaddafi's son has been killed. Maybe. Is this a gamechanger?

Things may be getting real for Gaddafi with the report that his son has been killed Back in the 1980's the US dropped a bomb on his home and killed his daughter, after that he became a reformed man and stopped sponsoring terrorism What will this killing do to him Is this killing in fact true [b]Although the report below is still unproven, the next article has been sort of confirmed [/b] However, if true, he was wounded by a Libyan pilot BEFORE the Allied attack on Libya [quote]02:

Chinas high speed trains hit reality bump - they are not that good

China’s expanding network of ultramodern high-speed trains has come under growing scrutiny over costs and because of concerns that builders ignored safety standards in the quest to build faster trains in record time Last week, the new leadership at the Railways Ministry announced that to enhance safety, the top speed of all trains was being decreased from about 218 mph to 186 Without elaborating, the ministry called the safety situation “severe” and said it was launching safety checks alon

Your IPhone is tracking and recording your movements - a good idea that went wrong - videos

Ever since iOS 4 arrived, your device has been storing a long list of locations and time stamps Its also moving that information back onto your computer, from where it might be easily stolen by who ever wants to know The reason for this data collection is to cut down on the phone having to poll Cell Phone towers for their locations to use the GPS Once the towers Lat and Lon have been recorded by the phone it caches it, so if the towers ID comes up again the phone can just access it from

Updated videos of the Japanese Tsunami - videos

There are many videos on the net at the moment showing the tsunami that hit Japan, this is one of the better ones from street level from a local TV station What I find surprising is how dirty the water is, also just how many vehicles are white [flash=640x390]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/APEsVeE7FGk[/flash] The BBC also has some amazing videos http://wwwbbccouk/news/world-asia-pacific-12725646

Elderly woman digs up fiber optic cable cuts internet access to Armenia

An elderly woman in Georgia is facing a prison sentence after reportedly causing internet services in neighbouring Armenia to crash The country found itself offline for hours on 28 March after cables linking Georgia to Armenia were damaged A Georgian interior ministry spokesman said a 75-year-old woman had admitted damaging fibre-optic cables while scavenging for copper She has been charged and reportedly faces up to three years in prison "Taking into account her advancing years, she

When the Tsunami came one man ran for his boat Sunflower and fought the waves

When everyone else ran for the hills, Susumu Sugawara ran for his boat and fought the 20 meter Tsunami on the water The 64 year old has become a local hero on the Japanese island of Oshima Smashed boats adorn the coastline of this once-idyllic tourist spot, but Sugawara's pride and joy, "Sunflower" is intact and working overtime transporting people and aid to and from the island It can hold around 20 people at a time When the tsunami came, everyone ran to the hills But Sugawara r

You know you live in Christchurch when ...

You know what that extra gear lever on your 4X4 is for A bucket of shit is no longer that old car you drive Peeing in a bush feels totally natural You know how to refuel a generator, start it and know the load it will handle The kids have stopped asking for a sandpit and want a quad bike instead You actually understand the conditions of your "House and Contents" Insurance policy You know the location of the best toilets in town As soon as it rains your deck is full of

China demands New Zealand pays compensation for student deaths

A story that has flown under the radar recently is that China has asked New Zealand through its Embassy to pay compensation to the families of the Chinese students who died in the Christchurch earthquake Implicit in this demand was that students may stop studying in New Zealand if this does not happen The Chinese argument is that families rely on their children to support them in their old age and because of their death they will struggle to live However it is China's responsibility to t

The killing of UN workers in Afghanistan marks the end of humanitarian relief in the country

Una Moore is an international development professional based in Afghanistan In her opinion the latest attack on UN workers marks the end of UN Help to Afghanistan Yet again Islam fails when the threat to burn a book results in the killing of innocent humans Foreigners have been killed in Afghanistan before, and today’s attack was not the first fatal attack on UN staff But it was different than previous fatal attacks Very different The killers were ordinary residents of a city deemed p

Use finally found for Australian beer - Horse with fatal colic lives - image

Diamond Mojo, a six-year-old Australian waler, had been given up for dead by his owner Steve Clibborn after being struck down with a bout of potentially deadly colic So, as desperate men do in desperate times, Steve turned to the bottle not for himself, but for his horse [quote]I had pretty much kissed him goodbye I had spent 23 hours straight with him but nothing worked and then I remembered an old bush tale that said you could feed them beer I don't know whether I really believed it

92 year old bodybuilder still gaining muscle

A great article on how age doesn't mean you don't have to stop, a now 92 year old man is still weightlifting At 60, I discovered veteran's rowing and started competing internationally, eventually winning 36 gold medals I'm not a particularly talented sportsman, but I've always been a great trier At 75, many of my friends began to pass away People were getting older around me, but I was only just ready to retire I carried on rowing and publishing a dentistry newsletter until I was 8

Actress Venna Malik has a yelling match with a Mullah who accused her of disrespecting Islam and Pakistan - video

Venna Malik is a Pakistani actress who has appeared in a number of films and controversially, on The Indian version of Big Brother In this video she is confronted by a Mullah who accuses her of disrespecting Islam and Pakistan Her fiery response is well worth watching In September 2010, Malik was approached to become part of the Indian television reality show, Bigg Boss Season 4, hosted by Salman Khan She accepted the offer and remained a part of the show that started on October 3, 2
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