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New footage of the earthquake damage in central Christchurch - 3 videos

Central Christchurch has been cordoned off from public viewing by police and military for the last 3 weeks since the 64 earthquake devastated the business district This video is the most recent released of the damage Up to 100 buildings may have to be demolished including many of the tallest and biggest buildings in the center Streets devoid of people echo to the wail of emergency vehicles and the mournful sigh of the wind Apparently the abandoned food outlets have lead to an incre

Are earthquakes related to moon movement? Interesting chart of Christchurch earthquakes

This chart contains real time data, and historic date of earthquake activity in Christchurch New Zealand, the phases of the moon, and the distance from the moon to the earth According to earthquake predictors, the full moon top of the gray curve and the closest position of the moon to the earth bottom of the blue curve relates to a higher incidence of earthquakes Personally just looking at the last few cycles, there doesn't seem to be anything directly related, although there migh

What are reality TV shows really like? - Ask a Producer!

A reality TV producer has recently created a thread where people could ask him what is it like working with Reality TV shows The answers he gives to questions from readers are fascinating Apparently Reality TV is highly scripted, with the people chosen for their thematic ability the jock, the princess, etc and are thoroughly vetted before being accepted Question: How do you guys pick people for makeover shows, such as home makeovers, construction, etc Answer: [quote]Casting is v

Quake victim had both trapped legs amputated with a leatherman tool

A Melbourne doctor used a tradesman's hacksaw to amputate the legs of an earthquake victim so he could be freed from the wreckage of the Pyne Gould Guiness building in Christchurch The female urologist, who has not been named, used a knife from a Leatherman multi-tool and a hacksaw to amputate both the man's legs above his knees, saving his life, the Herald Sun reports The 52-year-old is recovering in Hamilton’s Waikato Hospital Brisbane urologist Dr Stuart Philip, who was also he

Christchurch's sewage network is technically 'seriously munted'

Only in New Zealand would a city mayor describe "seriously munted" as a technical term :- 32 roads and 13 bridges around the city remain closed New Zealand Army desalination plants are currently processing 5000 litres of water per hour This is available in Lyttelton and New Brighton However it is bad news for one of the city's key sewage facilities [b]"Our main sewer truck is seriously munted," Mayor Bob Parker told TVNZ "I believe that is the technical term"[/b] [/quot

Cyclist comes 3rd in road race - with a splinter right through his leg - image

Proof that cyclists are partly made of rubber, Azizulhasni Awang needed surgery to remove 20cm splinter in calf following a spectacular crash at the Track World Cup Awang's calf was skewered by a shard of Siberian pine from the track, but remarkably he recovered to remount his bike and place third, with Jason Niblett ahead of him in second after avoiding the crash Awang, though, soon stopped after the finish line, collapsing in agony with his calf pierced by the wood before he was take

The apologetic robber - a sign of the desperation in middle America - video

The desperation of middle America can be seen in this video of a robbery where the robber is totally apologetic for his actions saying he had kids to feed and bills to pay Is there anyone any less likely to rob a store The elderly man had walked into a Shell petrol station in Seattle and made a purchase before asking the cashier to do him a 'favor' As this CCTV footage shows he then produced a gun and told the man "Could you empty that till for me please … I'm robbing you sir" R

Scientist analyzes 22,000 horoscopes and summarizes the findings

Just how unique are horoscopes This person analyzed 22,000 horoscopes and picks out the unique and most frequent words used to describe that person However the data analyzed is skewed by the people who write the horoscopes, as they will try to address each sign in the way they expect them to be So its not a random selection of text, but should confirm the types of attributes assumed by the horoscope writers Read this impressive work and results here http://wwwinformationisbeautiful

Video of attack on a Detroit police station - 4 officers injured, and offender killed.

The Detroit Police Department today released surveillance video footage showing the rampage as Lamar D Moore entered the Northwestern District station, shooting officers before he was killed in return fire The video is about 1 minute and 8 seconds and shows two angles of the police station -- the front door and the front desk, pointing toward the door In one view Cmdr Brian Davis is seen walking up the the desk, where Modreci Draper, owner of a shoe repair business who had come to the

Up to 100 healthy Husky sled dogs shot when they became uneconomic after the Canadian 2010 Winter Olympics

For visitors to Whistler during the 2010 Winter Olympics, the blue-eyed huskies that took tourists on sleds into the wilderness were icons of Canada However after the tourists went home an employee of Outdoor Adventures Whistler killed at least 70 dogs over two days The huskies, weighing about 40 to 50 pounds, were used for dog sled tours during the 2010 Winter Olympics, but were uneconomic to keep after the Games were over For those who work with those dogs, the animals are much more tha

How to check if a credit card is real or a fake

Do you want to make sure if a credit card number is genuine or not You can easily verify a credit card’s validity using simple math A credit card number follows a specific rule and you can check if a credit card is valid or not by following these steps 1 First note down the credit card number on a piece of paper 2 Starting with the second digit from right, double every alternate digit and note it down under the original number Cross the remaining digits 3 While doubling the

Fake food - Blueberries in many popular products are not real

The blueberries you commonly find in your favorite cereals, muffins and breads may not be actual blueberries and are nothing more than hydrogenated oils, liquid sugars and artificial colors There are absolutely zero nutritional benefits in these fake blueberries, yet you would never know, because the boxes still say they’re healthy The video below will expose a deceptive and dishonest practice that big-name food companies use to trick you into thinking you’re eating healthy I am sure tha

Daewoo cars have a reputation for being shoddily built - so GM will rename them Chevy's

General Motors has announced that its Daewoo Group unit will now sell all of its vehicles under the Chevrolet name The Korean Daewoo operation has suffered from falling sales and a reputation for shoddily built cars So what is GM's answer to these challenges Change the name! The Chevy brand has had less success than General Motors' Buick, Cadillac and GMAC brands While Chevy sales were up 16% last year, a closer examination of the numbers unveils some less rosy indicators It is essent

The zodiac as commonly known is wrong, there is now a 13th sign - Ophiuchus

The Zodiac that everyone is familiar with today is actually based upon the movement of the sun through the constellations of 2500 years ago Today, due to shifts in the earth's rotation and orbit, the sun moves through 13 constellations, not just 12 The thirteen constellation is called Ophiuchus Ophiuchus, Greek for 'serpent-bearer,' is a large constellation that falls along the celestial equator, and falls between Aquila, Serpens, and Hercules in the northwest center of the Milky Way

Aussie rescues kangaroo from flood - image

Raymond rescued the joey about 100 meters down the road from his home in Ipswich When Ray got to the roo only it's eyes were visible "It had got itself wedged onto a log, on debris, I was lucky that it hit that log because if it hadn't of hit that log I wouldn't have reached it" Ray Cole's daughter took this image as they dried the kangaroo on his mobile phone after he rescued the Kangaroo Raymond said he acted on instinct when his son started crying for him to rescue the roo
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