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Russian paranoia - America can attack by 2012 to 2015

America will be able to annihilate russia by 2012 to 2015 says this Russian beatup for military funding, or paranoia for internal consumption MOSCOW Feb 23 Interfax-AVN - After 2012-2015, the US will be able to annihilate Russian strategic nuclear forces by a non-nuclear preemptive strike, said Konstantin Sivkov, the first vice president of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems "I declare that the likelihood of a military threat is great as never before now," Sivkov to

22 North Koreans executed after returned home

22 north Koreans in boats were returned to North Korea after being found in South Korean waters Its believed they were executed by the North Korean authorities upon their return Did the West invade the wrong country North Korea seems to be the biggest rogue state out there There are fears 22 North Koreans may have been executed after they were returned home having been picked up in boats in waters belonging to South Korea, a news report said on Sunday South Korea's Yonhap news a

New anti-western protests as Mohammed pictures shown again now targeting Rudly Sketch as well.

After discovering a plot to kill the author of the Mohammed pictures in Denmark, the local media all showed the offending picture again in support of free speech As a result the Religion of Peace held protests where they burned effigies of the Denmark Prime Minister and threatened to kill everyone involved This time there was a focus on "rudly sketches" as well :

Chinese security police service shadow civil rights activist

Chinese security police service shadow a civil rights activist Video of them following and preventing visitors visiting Chinese state security police have arrested one of the country’s most prominent civil rights activists, Hu Jia In a video diary, he recorded life under house arrest – and round-the-clock surveillance – with his wife, Zeng Jinyan Also shows them falling asleep outside the house after 89 days of surveillance Actually really worth seei

The coming collapse of America and the rise of Hyperinflation

Pretty sobering article, of course the collapse of America will also affect those countries with big investments in America such as the Arabs and the Chinese The coming financial collapse of the US government: Fed papers reveal what's in store for Americans by Mike Adams The bankruptcy of the United States government has been talked about for years by independent observers If you've read the book, "Empire of Debt," then you know where the US is headed financially But most peo

The Dutch are marginalized by Muslims in their own country

This is important Matter of fact, this is more than important, this should be the Klaxon alarm that wakes everyone from their slumber [quote]Never a dull moment in our glorious multicultural society! Today the Dutch conservative blog HetVrijeVolkcom published a furious email from the Rotterdam Labor Party councillor Bouchra Ismaili I quote: "Listen well, you crazy freak We are here to stay! Hahahaha Drop dead! I am a Dutch Muslim and I will stay that way until I die" Ismaili

Are Islamics truely crazy imprisoning a teacher for naming a bear?

Yet another public world wide example of the intolerant rigid and just plain stupid actions done in the name of Islam Recently there has been the case in the Sudan where a nice mumsy looking British primary teacher has been on trial for allowing her STUDENTS to call a teddy bear "Mohammed" Not to mention that 1/2 of the boys in her class are probably called that name Apparently its such a huge insult that she may have been whipped as well I guess we are lucky that Islam is so t

Zimbabwe runs out of bread, the country runs out of hope

Mugabe drove the farmers off their farms and gave them to his henchmen, he also destroyed the power industry and the the fuel supply As a result the basic infrastructure of Zimbabwe is collapsing Without power to create the irrigation there is no water for crops Without the farmers to plant the wheat there is no bread I wonder how far further this country has to fall before someone steps in and removes Mugabe The miracle of Zimbabwe is that he has lasted so long Zimbabw

Why did the MV Explorer an antarctic bound ship sink from such a minor breach?

If you are going on a tour of the Antarctic by ship then surely you would want one with the ability to survive a brush with an iceburg Afterall the odds of meeting them in the waters would rank very high Apparently however the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency MCA didn't think it would be a risk [quote]Yesterday it emerged that UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency MCA inspectors had found five faults with Explorer when it docked at Greenock, Inverclyde in May These had included miss

British government lose personal details on 25 million children

Unbelievable, the British government lost 2 CD's containing the details of 25 million children The personal details of virtually every child in the UK has been lost by HM Revenue and Customs, the chancellor, Alistair Darling, admitted today [b]The missing information includes the names, addresses and dates-of-birth of the children and the national insurance numbers, and in some cases the bank details, of parents claiming child benefits More than 25 million individuals are affected

Car hoons get their cars crushed with videos put on Youtube

You have to love the Australians they never do things by halves CAR hoons will have their vehicles crushed and the video posted on the internet in a bid to deal with the growing defiance of speed obsessed drivers in Sydney But first they will have to witness their car destroyed under crash test experiments in RTA labs As four more cars were confiscated at the weekend in drag racing offences across Sydney, The Daily Telegraph can reveal NSW premier Morris Iemma is planning a major

A sobering story of the new society...

A foreign traveller on a train from New York to Boston, is told that he must not take photos out the window because of national security However his lack of english means he doesn't understand what is happening resulting in his arrest and interrogation worth reading http://wwwepiscopalcafecom/daily/war_and_peace/every_day_diplomacyphp

Finland school murderer has a website - left open

His files are left open with some very disturbing images http://zamippfi/jokela/ From an article on his website[quote]ATTACK INFORMATION Event: Jokela High School Massacre Targets: Jokelan Lukio High School Of Jokela, students and faculty, society, humanity, human race Date: 11/7/2007 Attack Type: Mass murder, political terrorism altough I choosed the school as target, my motives for the attack are political and much much deeper and therefore I don’t want this to

Greenspan admits Iraq war is for oil. Who now can ever believe Bush again?

This is a damning admission from a republican and powerbroker as to the real reason for the iraq war How can Bush stand in front of the American people now and claim the war was for WMD Surely the last defence of his actions has gone I find this really saddening, when the Iraq war was commensing I totally believed Bush, Blair and Powell as they did their dog and stick act over Iraq It must have been a more innocent more gullable time for the world, where leaders were assumed a mantle

Russian paranoia used to bolster Putin

Is it any wonder if the west tries to break up Russia when their own paranoia makes them a danger to the rest of the world What does it take to turn around such distorted state after 90 years of paranoia Or is this just politico speak trying to drum up support for Putin on a nationalistic bandwagon, and the ordinary people don't feel paranoid at all MOSCOW - Russia's security chief said that Western spies were working to weaken and break up the country and singled out British agent
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