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What is this sub-prime mortgage crisis about and why has it happened?

Here is a really good summery of the sub prime mortgage crisis and its effect on the rest of the world Its a little preachy, but certainly shows the steps involved From 2007 In 2000, America faced a recession But rather than letting the economy rebalance, the Federal Reserve decided to slash interest rates to artificially stimulate the economy—even though it knew that doing so would probably create even bigger problems later Consequently, mortgage rates in America plumme

Comedy team dressed as Bin laden get within security in Sydney

They got within 100 meters of Bush's Hotel, and gave themselves up! Easy way to get a truck bomb into the area A comedy team hired 3 vehicles and some motocycles, put the Canadian flag on them and drove right through the heavy security in Sydney to close to the world leaders They were only apprehended when they stopped their car and got out wearing Osama Bin Laden outfits What a huge embarrassment for the security organizers! [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/ACjotQu29ds[/

What countries have the most democracy?

Almost half of the world's countries can be considered democracies, but only 28 qualify as “full democracies” The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy index is based on five categories: electoral process and pluralism; civil liberties; the functioning of government; political participation; and political culture The condition of having free and fair competitive elections, and satisfying related aspects of political freedom, is clearly the basic requirem

Chinese recall Great Wall because of construction faults

In the ongoing problems faced with quality control of their products China have now recalled sections of the Great Wall constructed in AD 206 An offical spokesman said that [quote]Only small portions of the Great Wall are affected, being built of inferior mud instead of Bricks and mortar The decendents of the builders, aproximately 23 million people have been executed as punishment Customers who have purchased Great Wall can be assured that it is safe to use provided that the ins

Hot air balloon turns into flaming ball of death.

Thank goodness no one was badly injured as they jumped out before it went up in the air But boy, I would think twice before going for a balloon ride [quote]"The thing went up about 400 feet in the air at which point it melted enough of the balloon—it collapsed The basket was basically a fireball, it just dropped like a stone"[/quote] [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/HjpfeV_4dWQ[/flash] VANCOUVER, British Columbia AP - A hot air balloon caught fire over wester

The worldwide financial crisis we don't notice

Here is something that seems to be under reported, there is a worldwide financial crisis quietly happening behind the news right now [b]Central banks in the US, Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada added about $136 billion to the banking system in an attempt to avert a crisis of confidence in global credit markets [/b] The Federal Reserve, in a second day of action in concert with the European Central Bank, provided $38 billion of reserves and pledged more ``as necessary,'' in a stat

Chinese clothing found to have poisonous levels of formaldehyde

Chinese products get hit again, now your clothing can be poisonous Scientists have found formaldehyde in woollen and cotton clothes at levels 500 times higher than is safe International research supported by the World Health Organisation shows exposure to formaldehyde in concentrations of 20 parts per million ppm can cause eye, skin and nasal irritations, respiratory problems, asthma and cancer The European Union limits formaldehyde residues in children's clothes to a maximum o

Is the US Dollar dying?

Scary looking statistics showing the decline in the value of the US dollar over the last year What does this mean for the future Over the last year, as the chart below demonstrates, we have watched the dying dollar make lower lows and lower highs The USD occasionally makes a pathetic attempt to break its 200dma, but that has only happened a couple of times over the last year Indeed, the USD has not been above its 200 day moving average since the 50dma crashed down through the 200dma

Putin calls Bush's bluff over the anti missile system - is Putin right?

Bush has been telling the Russians that the anti missile system that is to be installed in Eastern European states is not to stop Russian missiles but Iranian Putin responds by offering to help install an anti missile system right on the Iranian border in Azerbaijan I never thought I'd say this, but I actually feel a modicum of pity for Russia and Putin even though Putin is a hegemonist wanting to return to the old militaristic USSR Ever since the Soviet Union disolved it seems t

31 deaths in University shooting

Very sad It must be a terrifying thing to experience, especially as he chained the doors shut with the people inside At 7:15 am Monday, a 911 call came in to the campus police department concerning an incident at West Ambler Johnston, a residence hall, and that there were multiple shooting victims While that investigation was underway, a second shooting was reported in Norris Hall, located at the opposite end of the 2,600-acre campus Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum said

Iranian Hostages

Everyone who pays attention to the news knows about the 15 sailors held by Iran http://newsbbccouk/2/hi/uk_news/6508039stm The UK government claims they were in Iraqi waters, the Iranians claim they were in Iranian waters Iran also claimed that after the female sailor confessed, they would release her Her confession was broadcasted across the world and now Iran will not release her and the marines will now stand trial for espionage Do you think the british have shown eno

BBC stops filming heros story because its too positive.

Unable to put a negative slant on the Iraq war in a drama about Private Johnson Beharry's heroic actions, the BBC has decided to pull out of the production Its not enough for heroic actions when you can't also add your own political bias and slant So much for the vaunted impartiality of the BBC Private Johnson Beharry's courage in rescuing an ambushed foot patrol then, in a second act, saving his vehicle's crew despite his own terrible injuries earned him a Victoria Cross For t

Map of military armaments around Russia

Although this map looks like Russia is surrounded by an armed and deadly west with munitions ready to attack it, its not Note that the picture is in Russian, to me its just a feature of Russian paranoia and fear Also the rise of the new Russian state demands enemies to oppose A map like this gives the leaders justification to rebuild their armies Can anyone really believe that the west wants to attack or threaten Russia If it was going to do so it would have by now, as the Russian mi

China's male imbalance a ticking bomb

What do you do with 30 million unmarried males Put them in the army, and then go to find 30 milion women in other countries No matter what you do to try and keep the males happy, 30 million is a huge number of people with nothing to lose if they challange the current political system BEIJING - China will have 30 million more men of marriageable age than women in less than 15 years as a gender imbalance resulting in part from the country's tough one-child policy becomes more pronounced,

World War 3 - The Russian viewpoint

Russian plans for a week long nuclear war in Europe from 1979 These may be old, but not necessarly over The weapons are still there and the ideology that led to them is revitalizing This shows a limited war with no Russian attacks on France of Great Britian Maybe leaving them out might have limited their response to the Russian assault Appeasement being a favorite British tool until their hand is forced In a historic break with the past, Poland's newly elected government threw open
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