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Mossad were not caught out by the cameras in the Dubai killing, they controlled them

The Dubai assassination looks, from media releases, like Mossad were unaware of the video and other evidence they left behind According to this Debka article however they not only were aware of the video, they controlled it Dubai's police chief Dhahi Khalfan said Friday, Feb 26, that DNA and fingerprint evidence of at least one of the 26 team of assassins had been found in the hotel room where Hamas commander Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was found dead on Jan 19 The first arrest warrants have n

Killer whale drowns trainer and considered unsafe. So set it free

Tilikum, a killer whale kept in isolation because of previous attacks on people, drowned its trainer after a show at SeaWorld The question is what will become of the Orca now Instead of killing it, or isolating it further, why not just let the poor animal go free Its been imprisoned for 27 years for the sole purpose of entertaining humans It a life sentence for an animal that did no wrong Its inhumane that such a big creature is trapped in a small pool for 27 years Really you can't bl

America may be forced to bail out Greece - to the tune of Billions of Dollars

The financial problems happening in Greece and Europe are not just their issues Because AIG was bought by America, the USA picks up its debts and obligations and it appears America might have to bail out Greece, and probably other countries as well As the quotes below show AIG may have written credit protection on Greece before they were bailed out, making America liable for the debt crisis in Europe [quote]It appears that AIG - the company we have bailed out thus far to the tune of some

Killer milk powder from the 2008 milk scandal in China was repackaged and sold

The 2008 Chinese milk scandal was a food safety incident in China involving milk and infant formula, and other food materials and components, adulterated with melamine By November 2008 China reported an estimated 300,000 victims, six infants dying from kidney stones and other kidney damage, and a further 860 babies hospitalized The chemical appeared to have been added to milk in order to cause it to appear to have a higher protein content In a separate incident four years before, watered-

Obama takes on the Republicans in rare unscripted Question and Answer meeting

If you are at all interested in US politics this is a much watch video of a recent meeting between Obama and House Republicans at the House Republican Retreat Obama really lays out the toxic political environment that characterizes Washington at present, and implores the Republicans to work with him Watch it, you need to http://wwwhuffingtonpostcom/2010/01/29/transcript-of-president-o_n_442423html Background on the meeting here http://wwwreuterscom/article/idUSTRE60S5JY201

The end of American Democracy has just occurred

Welcome in the new rule by corporations By a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court on Thursday rolled back restrictions on corporate spending on federal campaigns The decision could unleash a torrent of corporate-funded attack ads in upcoming elections Now corporations will buy their politicians, and support the party that gives them the most profits This is a sad day for politics, and the final nail in the coffin of America as a functioning democracy http://wwwhuffingtonpostcom/201

Try the Pew Research Political Quiz

How well would you do answering the 12 questions from the Pew Research Political Quiz Take this test and find out just how ignorant so many other people are I got Q8 wrong [i]Do you happen to know if the national unemployment rate is currently closer to:[/i] but that was because the official stats are not correct http://pewresearchorg/politicalquiz/quiz/indexphp

Why are we getting more Pandemics? Because the WHO changed the definition to the joy of drug companies

No, the world is not a scarier place than a few years back before the pandemic panic The World Health Organization just changed the definition making it easier for Drug Companies to scare the world into buying their products The old definition of Pandemic was [quote] An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide [b]with enormous numbers of deaths and illness[/b]

A letter published on Iranian websites claim that Ayatollah Khamenei is planning a possible escape to Russia.

Looks like the final play is beginning in Iran If Ayatollah Khamenei flees to Russia what becomes of his puppet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iran Global website has exposed a document that discloses information on Khamenei and various authorities of the regime’s possible escape to Russia The document is on the National Security Agency of the Islamic regime’s letterhead addressed from the office of the High Assembly of the Islamic Republic’s National Security official [name is redacted] to an in

Copenhagen outcome China's Checkmate to the West

Copenhagen was a disaster That much is agreed This is why: China wrecked the talks, intentionally humiliated Barack Obama, and insisted on an awful "deal" so western leaders would walk away carrying the blame China, the worlds next superpower, is flexing its muscles, and it doesn't have the restraints of the West to be open, fair, or popular To those who would blame Obama and rich countries in general, know this: it was China's representative who insisted that industrialised country

The United Kingdom ceases to be a sovereign state

The Brits woke up in a different country Alright, it doesn’t look very different The trees still seem black against the winter sun; the motorways continue to jam inexplicably; commuters carry on avoiding eye contact But Britain is no longer a sovereign nation At midnight last night, we ceased to be an independent state, bound by international treaties to other independent states, and became instead a subordinate unit within a European state Yes, a European state Take a quick dekko at t gives up on the right

I have followed LGF for a number of years, since 9/11 Charles Johnson ran a right wing, anti Islamic site that became hugely popular However recently, it has started to change its tune to the extent that Charles has finally come out and openly broken with what he calls the fascist right wing This post on why he has abandoned the right wing makes for great reading, and the comments from his 100's of members seem to be in agreement [quote]1 Support for fascists, both in America see: P

No one in North Korea has more than $790 USD

North Korea just devalued its currency to 1/100 of its previous value, and stopped people from changing more than 100,000 Won - equivalent to $790 USD in an effort to crack down on the country’s growing free-market economy In the capital, Pyongyang, yesterday only the few shops and restaurants permitted to trade in foreign currencies — patronised by the privileged elite and the city’s small foreign population — were open for business All other enterprises and services based on cash, includ

Fox gets busted for faking protest video - forced to admit it

Is there anything you can believe from Fox news When they reported the anti Health Care protests in Washington they switched the footage of low numbers of people protesting with footage from September of larger numbers of protesters Its easy to spot as the weather was different and the trees are green However now they have been caught out by The Daily Show and forced to admit it This is only the tip of the iceberg of a campaign of deceit to promote their political objectives, but they

Owner of Jihadunspun - a pro Jihad website - is kidnapped by Taliban for ransom

The founder of Jihad unspun, Beverly Giesbrecht, a Canadian convert to Islam who now goes by the name Khadija Abdul Qahaar, has an open allegiance to the global jihad that didn't stop jihadists in Pakistan from kidnapping her Beverly Giesbrecht became a Muslim after 9/11 and sought to portray Islam in a more positive light on her website BANNU, PAKISTAN and TORONTO — A Canadian held hostage after she travelled to the lawless tribal belt of northern Pakistan says the Taliban will behe
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