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Israeli Airforce destroyed an Hamas weapons convoy in the Sudan

Great to see the IAF getting out and visiting new countries [quote]Israeli intelligence is said to have discovered that weapons were being trucked through Sudan, heading north toward Egypt, whereupon they would cross the Sinai Desert and be smuggled into Hamas-held territory in Gaza, Israeli aircraft carried out the attack[/quote] The Jerusalem Post could not confirm the report The IDF Spokesperson's Office said on Thursday morning that "Israel does not respond to publications such as

Is the US dollar about to go into freefall?

Surprisingly the crisis that was initially generated by the US hasn't affected the value of its dollar Now however it seems a threshold has been crossed and the outcome of the Fed printing its own money will lead to inflation and devaluation of the currency, just the factors the Chinese were worried about While nearly every facet of America’s economy has been devastated over the past six months, our national currency has thus far skipped through the carnage with nary a scratch Ironi

Obama says he will take the blame for AIG bonus problem

This one of the most mature and dignified statements I have seen from a President ever He gets my applaud for coming up to bat for his administration while everyone else runs the other way I thought this was a joke from the Onioncom when I first read it COSTA MESA, Calif -- President Barack Obama said he will take the blame for bonuses being paid at American International Group Inc if it will settle an intense finger pointing under way over how such payments were possible at a company

Whats the true American unemployment level? Try 14.8%

The publicly released unemployment figures deliberately omit entire populations of people who are unemployed, or underemployed For example when you add people who are unemployed and NOT looking discouraged the rate climbs from 81% to 85% Now, how about "marginally attached workers" "Marginally attached workers" include those who are not currently looking for work, but have attempted to look for a job sometime in the recent past and would take a job if offered "Marginally

The Daily Show: CNBC Gives Financial Advice

Jon Stewart put together a montage of CNBC's market manipulating "news" and advice, juxtaposed with actual subsequent market movements I f you think CNBC's analysts have two neurons to rub together when it comes to interpreting the market or the meaning of its movements, you deserve to take money and invest it according to their advice http://wwwthedailyshowcom/video/indexjhtmlvideoId=220252&title=cnbc-gives-financial-advice Follow that with the attempt to blame the marke

Sensitive information about the Presidential Helicopter found in Iran

A Cranberry company that monitors peer-to-peer file-sharing networks discovered a potentially serious security breach involving President Barack Obama’s helicopter I guess this is partly why Obama is getting a new helicopter Tiversa employees found engineering and communications information about Marine One at an IP address in Tehran, Iran Bob Boback, CEO of Tiversa, said, ”We found a file containing entire blueprints and avionics package for Marine One,which is the president's helico

Traders complain about paying off others mortgages - forget who saved their banks

Capitalism at its raw greed expressed by share traders complaining that they shouldn't have to pay off their neighbors mortgages It seems its not the 'American way' They seem to forget that their own businesses and banks have been rescued by the government that have helped stabilize the share market and give them jobs So its bad to help your neighbors but its OK when it serves to help yourselves This attitude is what screwed the country in the first place http://wwwcnbccom/id/1

The coming East European crash may take out the European financial system and cause world wide financial collapse

Another perfect storm is on the horizon Europe's struggling banks are up to their necks in East European debt, and chances of getting them repaid look very slim Get ready for round two of the world wide financial crash, it could be worse than the first round Austria's finance minister Josef Pröll made frantic efforts last week to put together a €150bn rescue for the ex-Soviet bloc Well he might [i]His banks have lent €230bn to the region, equal to 70pc of Austria's GDP[/i] "A fa

So just what is purpose of the stimulus plan? - Spend like mad then devalue the currency?

We have all seen the stimulus plan and the rational behind it, spend to create jobs But we have also seen that much of the spending allocated doesn't seem aimed at creating jobs at all, it just seems to be spending for spending sake In this article which looks at the possibility of banks being nationalized by Autumn in 6 months comes an interesting comment on what one person thinks might be the underlying motive of the stimulus Indeed as the writer mentions China is squealing har

Americans may soon be able to freely travel to a small impoverished island

Thats right, Cuba, a small impoverished island off the coast of the USA, may soon be able to have Americans visit freely This tiny poverty stricken island is no longer considered an ideological threat to the security of its incredibly huge neighbor It is thought that instead of twisting visiting Americans into socialist monsters, that instead the tourists just might stimulate a free economy and lead to a more open Cuban society While most of the nation focused on the stimulus bill

The coming American collapse, the most indebted people on earth just took on more debt

This article looks at the current state of the American economy and provides some very unsettling figures The light at the end of the tunnel in Obama's stimulus package, is just another train coming towards you For the most indebted people on earth the party is over and cleaning up is horrendous Although we are sick of doom and gloom economic articles, the data in this article is frightening extracts below http://wwwthecuttingedgenewscom/indexphparticle=1070&pageid=37&

American banks lay off US workers, try to import 21,800 foreign workers for the same jobs and pay them less

Hows this for a cynical outrage, banks fire workers to cut costs, and try to import foreign workers for the same jobs that they pay a lower rate for! Ever get that stabbed in the back feeling Major US banks sought government permission to bring thousands of foreign workers into the country for high-paying jobs even as the system was melting down last year and Americans were getting laid off, according to an Associated Press review of visa applications [b]The dozen banks now receiving

Obama diplomacy works - Russia and America pull back from missile deployment

At last some sane diplomacy is emerging as Russia stops deploying its nuclear-capable Iskander missiles, after America suspended the controversial missile defence shield in central Europe Europe breathes a little easier as brinkmanship is replaced by pragmatism Nice to see Obama living up to the hype Russia today announced it was abandoning plans to deploy nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in its European Kaliningrad outpost – a sign that Moscow wants improved relations with the new US

Morgan Stanley betting oil prices will rise soon

Do you think the oil crisis is over and you can buy that fuel guzzling SUV Well others are betting its going to rise again soon Morgan Stanley hired a supertanker to store crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, joining Citigroup Inc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc in trying to profit from higher prices later in the year, two shipbrokers said The ship is the Argenta, capable of carrying more than 2 million barrels, Paris-based Barry Rogliano Salles and Athens- based Optima Shipbrokers said in repo

Honda threatens to leave and cripple Japan unless the Yen is lowered

Honda is dropping dark hints about its future as a Japanese domestic industry In fact, if the Japanese government doesn’t reduce the strength of the Yen, HoMoCo may up stakes and move The head of Honda Motor Co warned the strong yen could cripple Japanese industry and spur massive layoffs, and said the automaker would be forced to take more production overseas if the dollar persisted below 100 yen Honda, Japan's No2 automaker, this week slashed its operating profit forecast by two-t
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