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In WW2 pilots carried metal spheres in case they ditched in the ocean

During World War II, American pilots were given hollow metal spheres to be used when their planes went down over water Metal, as you probably know, tends to be quite heavy and quite useless as a flotation device So why were these pilots given chunks of metal Well, they were told that if they dropped the sphere into the ocean, their current position could be worked out by allies in the region, and they would be rescued However, as foreign intelligence was soon to find out, the sphere

37000+ skeletons lie underneath London streets

Information like this remind you show how old and populated London has been for centuries Tens of thousands of skeletons that lie hidden beneath the streets, houses and offices of London have been revealed for the first time on a map, in a collaboration between the Museum of London and The Times The electronic map allows readers to zoom in on streets to see how many bodies they walk over on the way to work It pinpoints the location of many of the 37,000 skeletons the museum found in th

128 year old British Martini-Henry rifles found in Afghanistan

British soldiers serving in Afghanistan have recovered weapons looted from the bodies of their Victorian forebears Rare Martini-Henry rifles lost in the bloody defeat at Maiwand in July 1880 have been retrieved 128 years later by troops fighting the Taliban and al-Qa'ida in Helmand province Two of the rifles, dated 1874 and 1878, are currently on sale in a Sussex antique shop for 1,100 apiece Mark Hawkins, co-owner of The Lanes Armoury, Brighton, said: [quote]When we first fought

Stonehenge was originally built as a cemetery

At least part of the mystery of Stonehenge may have now been solved: it was from the beginning a monument to the dead Like the Pyramids in Egypt Stonehenge was build by a ruling dynasty as a place to bury their dead Researchers estimate that up to 240 people are buried there, all as cremation deposits New research shows that Stonehenge was used for more than 500 years as a cemetery The burials were initially uncovered in a pit around the edge and in the nearby ditch surrounding the monu

Famous ancient theatres around the world

Here are some famous ancient Greek and Roman theatres that still remain I have visited a few and am amazed at the construction of such immense works The rooms underneath the theatre are often up to 20 feet high with immense stone blocks On the web site the famous theatre in Ephesus is shown, however I found that because Ephesus was substantially rebuilt by the archeologists or workers it reminded me of a Hollywood set rather than an authentic site You could see that some parts just did

The greatest WW2 raid of all time - The St. Nazaire Raid

A BBC documentary presented by Jeremy Clarkson on the St Nazaire Raid carried out by Royal Marine Commandos Great video in 5 parts Some excellent historical footage as well Fantastic interviews with surviving commandos and actual dock scenes [b]Was this the greatest suicide mission of all time[/b] It included 1 Destroyers, 18 motor boats, and 611 Commandos The St Nazaire Raid also called Operation Chariot was a successful British seaborne attack on the heavily defended docks of

Genuine WW2 Spitfire for sale

Got a spare million This wonderful authentic aircraft is for sale, one of only 50 in the world left They were one of the greatest planes of WW2 saving England in the Battle of Britian Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire is offered for saleYou have the opportunity to own one of WW11's most famous fighters In the 15-years of front-line service was unequalled by any other Allied fighter Aircraft All together 20,351 Spitfires were built,no fewer than 50 are flying in the world todayThis Sp

World wars as seen with food fight - great video

Take the food item as representing a country and watch this great animated food fight Go the hamburgers!!! If you get confused over which food represents which country, read the following list The beef stroganoff had got me confused And the sneeky little falafel's are Al Quaeda or similar http://wwwtouristpicturescom/foodfight/cheathtm Here is the main website http://wwwtouristpicturescom/foodfight/indexhtm [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/e-yldqNkGfo[/flash]

Animated 5000 year old history of the Middle East

Facinating shockwave presentation of the last 5000 years of civilization in the Middle East http://wwwmapsofwarcom/images/EMPIRE17swf

The famous stolen Amber room may have been found

Nazi loot containng the famous Russian Amber room may have been found according to treasure hunters This will be amazing to see if its true, its expected to be worth over $100 million dollars See the videos at the end Has the Amber Room, the 18th-century chamber decoration the Nazis stole from the Soviet Union in World War II, finally been found German treasure hunters say they may have solved the decades-old mystery Treasure hunters in Germany claim they have found hidden gol

Air America's black silent helicopter -Hughes 500P- in Vietnam.

Fascinating article on a subject I never knew existed Black helicopters - the Hughes 500P- were used in Vietnam for surveillance operations Black helicopters are a favorite fantasy when conspiracy theorists and movie directors conjure a government gone bad, but in fact, the last vehicle a secret organization would choose for a stealthy mission is a helicopter A helicopter is a one-man band, its turbine exhaust blaring a piercing whine, the fuselage ski’s vibration rumbling

Ancient glass mosaic found in Israel

An ancient glass moasic found in a ruined palace in Caesarea has been restored after years of painstaking work I am always reminded of the saying of Jesus that goes along the line of "Caesarea will you go up to heaven No you will go down to the depths" And it did, in an earthquake that sank most of the city under the waves Experts have restored a one-of-a-kind 1,400-year-old glass mosaic glowing in gold, recovered from a site next to the Mediterranean Sea, the Israel Antiquities Au

Sir Edmund Hillary one of New Zealands greatest adventurers has died at age 88

Hillary was an amazing persron not only because he was the first person to summit Everest, but for his humanitarian actions in building schools and hospitals for the people in Nepal He's so famous he was the only non royal living person to be on a currency note The tall, gangly beekeeper seized world headlines when he and Tensing Norgay, on May 29, 1953, became the first to scale the summit of Mount Everest He was 88 when he died Sir Ed – as all New Zealanders knew h

Amazing pictures of WW2

Many of these I have never seen before Some are graphic but all with the accompanying text are worth seeing http://wwwww2incolorcom/forum/showthreadphpt=5819 Sprawled bodies on beach of Tarawa, testifying to ferocity of the struggle for this stretch of sand November 1943

Xrays were used in the early part of the century to remove hair!

This great article looks at the history of hair removal using medical Xrays Now an unwanted byproduct of procedures such as chemotherapy, back then it was seen as a beauty technique to remove unwanted hair from the body I wonder what we are doing to ourselves now that will shock the future generations FOLLOWING Wilhelm Roentgen's discovery of X-rays in 1895, doctors around the world turned their primitive X-ray machines on everything from their own hands to patients with cancer and tu
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