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Top archaeology discoveries of 2007

What a facinating year for archeology Hardly week goes by without a major archaeological discovery or the publication of a radical new theory about the human past Reducing a year's worth of these stories to the 10 most important was a tall order, especially since our intent was to go beyond the headlines and select those we thought made a significant impact on the field--ones that will be talked about for decades With that in mind, here are our picks for the 2007's most importa

The Russian land battleship - KV-VI Behemoth tank

Read this fascinating tale of state power over commonsense military design Stalin wanted a land battleship, and he was going to get one no matter how impractical it was Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, new facts have surfaced about the secret weapons developed by the Red Army during WWII One of the most fascinating of these was the KV-VI Behemoth In July 1941, Stalin learned of a single KV-II that had held off the entire 6th Panzer Division for more than a day With the incre

WW2 P32 fighter found after 65 years

For 65 years, this Second World War fighter had lain hidden under the surface of a beach where it crash-landed The downed WW2 fighter P-38 found on a popular beach 65 years after being lost Just a short distance above it, holidaying families have built sandcastles, strolled and swum, all unaware of its existence But now the P-38 Lightning has re-emerged after freak weather conditions caused the sands to shift and expose its rusting frame The US aircraft - with its distinct

One marine and one ship survived to change the war in the pacific

Sixty five years ago the battle of Guadalcanal was fought, with the war turning to the American favor by one marine defending a hill, and one Ship against numerous enemy A must read A few thousand lonely American Marines had been put ashore on Guadalcanal, a god-forsaken malarial jungle island which just happened to lie like a speed bump at the end of the long blue-water slot between New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago — the very route the Japanese Navy would have

Nazi era tanks to be scrapped on Bulgarian border

Now here is a strange article, it seems there are still 40 Nazi era German tanks guarding the Southern border of Bulgaria Around 40 German World War II tanks are still situated on Bulgarian-Turkish border, but will be scrapped in the autumn of 2007 Instead of scrapping the German tanks after World War II, the communist regime in Bulgaria used them to guard the southern border of the Warsaw Pact against the neighbouring NATO member, according to Deutsche Welle The tanks continued

The fall of the Swiss at the hands of Caesar

This is an amazing story In 58BC the Swiss Helvetti tribes, all 368,000 people decided it would be nicer to live in what is now called France So they all upped sticks and moved enmass, one huge convoy of tribes Naturally the French were not impressed by this and asked Caesar to come and deal to them Caesar had skirmished with the Helvetti and was withdrawing to find a better place to battle Here is where the story picks up The legions had turned away from the Helvetii column

The pilot who came home, Quentin Aanenson's experiences during WW2 article and video

A gripping story of Quentin Aanenson's experiences in WW2 as a pilot trained to fly the P-47, and the lethal Thunderbolt in operations over Germany For some reason I seem to be on a WW2 theme at the moment This is a great read on the link below [quote]We went out as a bunch of kids, and we came back maybe looking the same But inside we were different Nobody can really know, nobody can really understand it[/quote] During training at Harding Field in Baton Rouge five of Quen

Auschwitz holiday snaps

Guess where the photos of these happy people are taken Workers at the Auschwitz concentration camp enjoying blueberries and fun SS auxiliaries sit on fence railing in Solahütte, an SS resort located 30 kilometers south of Auschwitz, where they enjoy blueberries given to them by Karl Höcker, the camps adjutant camp commander The Solahütte retreat was used to provide a relaxing atmosphere for SS officers working at the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz http://wwwspiegelde/international

Ancient excape tunnel in Jerusalem found

Archeologists have found an ancient drainage tunnel used to excape from Jerusalem They have only uncovered part of it, but it might be about 1/2 a mile long It would be facinating to see it Under threat from Romans ransacking Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, many of the city's Jewish residents crowded into an underground drainage channel to hide and later flee the chaos through Jerusalem's southern end The ancient tunnel was recently discovered buried beneath rubble, a monument to one of

The amazing Project Jennifer - recovery of a Russian submarine

After a Russian sub sank in 1968 the CIA created a secret ship named the Glomar Explorer that could recover the front section of the sub to examine the construction and obtain any cypher equipment Howard Hughes was secretly contracted by the CIA to design and build the massive special-purpose ship that would be used to salvage the sunken Soviet submarine from the ocean floor The Russian K-129 sub was photographed at a depth of over 16,000 feet, and thus the salvage operation would be

The Sudarium of Oviedo - The head cloth of Jesus?

Debate rages about the authenticy of the Shroud of Turin But what about the cloth that covered Jesus's head, the "Sudarium of Oviedo" Suprisingly there is quite strong proof for its authenticity In the city of Oviedo, in northern Spain, in a small chapel attached to the city’s cathedral, there is a small bloodstained dishcloth size piece of linen that some believe is one of the burial cloths mentioned in John’s Gospel The Sudarium presents a better provenan

Ancient marble head of Hadrian found

Pieces of a huge 13 foot stature of Roman Emperor Hadrian have been found in a archeological dig in Turkey A huge, exquisitely carved marble statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian is the latest find from [url=http://wwwarchaeologyorg/interactive/sagalassos/]Sagalassos[/url], an ancient Greco-Roman city in south-central Turkey Archaeologists estimate that the figure was originally between 13 and 16 feet in height four to five meters It is, says excavation director Marc Waelkens, one o

Assassins castle restored In Syria

The Assassins were so feared that their castle was not often attacked, not because it was so strong but because the attacker's leader was afraid of getting a knife in the ribs during the night Nestled at the foot of Syria`s coastal mountains, an ancient citadel has been put on the tourist map by restoration and excavation that revealed mysteries of the medieval Assassins sect, once based in Masyaf Saladin, the great Muslim leader, laid siege to Masyaf castle in the 12th century But

Flood stories from around the world

Just how many cultures out there have stories of a great flood 1, 2, 5 How about over 100 stories from around the world This amazing work of complilation is worth investigating further Can they all be coincidence http://homeearthlinknet/~misaak/floodshtm Masai East Africa: Tumbainot, a righteous man, had a wife named Naipande and three sons, Oshomo, Bartimaro, and Barmao When his brother Lengerni died, Tumbainot, according to custom, married the widow Nahaba-logunja, w

Napoleons sword for sale

This sword is also important as it came from a time when France actually won its battles : After more than 200 years in the family, the gold-encrusted sword Napoleon carried into battle in Italy will be auctioned off Sunday, across the street from one of his imperial castles The intricately decorated blade is 32 inches long and curves gently — an inspiration Napoleon drew from his Egyptian campaign, auctioneer Jean-Pierre Osenat said "He noticed that the Arab swords, wh
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