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Dinosaur tracks found and analysed

Giant dinosaur footprints have been found and analysed by computers to determine the anatomy of the giant beasts Paleontologists spotted the giant footprints in the early to mid-1980s at the Fumanya site, in central Catalonia in the eastern Pyrenees Because the sediment is so delicate, however, they couldn’t get close enough to examine the impressions “We are very interested in studying tracks of dinosaurs that walked on two legs, given there is no modern analog

The tomb of Herod the Great has been found in Israel

This will be interesting, King Herod is notorious for his killing of the children in the Gospel of Matthew The retaining wall for the seond temple that he build is now used as the "Wailing wall" by the Jews The tomb is at a site called Herodium, a flattened hilltop in the Judean Desert, clearly visible from southern Jerusalem Herod built a palace on the hill, and researchers discovered his burial site there, the university said The university had hoped to keep the find a secret unt

Did the volcanic eruption of Santorini equate with the bibical Exodus

I was reading the National Geographic article below on the discovery of a layer of ash and rock from Santorini that seemingly destroyed Egyptian coastal cities, and it occurred to me that this might provide evidence of the biblical plagues and devastation that Moses enacted upon the Egyptians Sure enough as you can see below the destruction of the cities related to the departure of the Hyksos Who are the Hyksos [quote]Semitic people who invaded the eastern Nile Delta, initiating the S

The second door in the pyramid will be opened soon

What behind the second door in the pyramid We shall soon find out Doors will soon open to reveal one of the mysteries of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Dr Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Discovery News in an exclusive interview Hawass, one of the world's leading Egyptologists, said he will show what lies behind secret doors inside the 4,500-year-old pharaonic mausoleum by the end of this year "Finally, people all over the world will know what is

The strange tunnels of Malta and tales about them

Apparently Malta has a massive complex of mostly unexplored tunnels, some with spooky tales to tell Tunnel pictures are on the link at the bottom The story goes much "deeper" however, than the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article indicates Other sources say that ABOUT 30 CHILDREN vanished in these catacombs on the study tour, and that when the "Hypogeum" was first discovered nearly 30,000 human skeletons of men, women and children victims of ancient sacrifice to the "underworld gods", perfo

The Guiness Book of records in the ancient world

As our civilization slides into decadence we see ahead of us the sort of things that entertained the Romans I give it about 20 years till our society starts compiling some of these 'greats' Not long after the birth of Christ, when the most debauched phase of Roman history began, the wife of Emperor Claudius -- Messalina, 34 years his junior -- made a name for herself by challenging the city's best known whore to a sex marathon Who can keep going for longer, the licentious wife wanted t

The crash of the airship Hindenburg

One of the most gripping commentaries of all time, the crash of the Hindenburg was so damaging that it decimated public trust in the possibility of a "Zeppelin Era" - a world where travel was dominated by flying air balloons Here is the recording of the accident as it was coming in to dock after crossing the Atlantic [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/xiAT9xvTVKI[/flash] Much more on this event here http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Hindenburg_disaster

Priestess with a golden eye found

The 5000 year old skeleton of a 6 foot priestess with a false golden eye found in Iran Now she would have had an imposing presence The body of a strikingly tall 5,000-year-old woman with an artificial golden eye has been discovered in Iran Archaeologists said the woman was a female soothsayer or priestess and would have transfixed those around her with her eyeball, making them believe she had occult powers and could see into the future The 25-30-year old Persian woman, who was a

Eyewitness testimony of the Hiroshima bomb

These "Voice of Hibakusha" are eyewitness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima Very sobering and terrible accounts of the actual event of Hiroshima nuclear bombing I think we negate the reality of the suffering that occurs during war and when discussing the use of nuclear weapons, instead wanting a bomb to just solve our problems http://wwwatomicarchivecom/Docs/Hibakusha/indexshtml

Ancient human footprints found in Welsh peat bed.

Not only did they find 8000 year old footprints but the British channel was originally a huge valley covered in forest A BEACHCOMBER claims he has found ancient human footprints dating back 8,000 years, embedded in an ancient Welsh peat bed Steve Maitland Thomas was walking on Kenfig Beach, Porthcawl, with his friend John Blundell, when they found a number of ancient size-eight footprints He said, [quote]We found the first on January 19, the day after storms had whipped up the sand

Archaeologists find Roman emperors treasure

Oh for some photos of this article Something that that would be great to bea apart of when they found it Archaeologists in Rome have discovered the lost treasure of the last pre-Christian Roman emperor, Maxentius Imperial standards, lances and glass spheres were found buried on the Palatine Hill Archaeologists believe that the emperor hid his treasure before his battle with Constantine in AD312 at Milvian Bridge However, with his death, the deaths of his closest aides, the locat

New ancient gladiator marble reliefs found

Italian police have recovered ancient Roman marble reliefs depicting stunningly lifelike gladiators locked in mortal combat after unearthing the hidden cache of grave robbers I saw a Galdiators trident, a three pronged fork, recovered from the harbor in Ephesis, it was a mean serious looking instrument, as wide as the span of a fully open big hand It would certianly be lethal if it got you in the chest The 12 panels were found buried in the garden of a private home near Fiano Romano,

The terrified mummy

Amazing photo, but how did she die The remarkable mummy was found in a hidden burial vault in the Amazon It is at least 600 years old and has survived thanks to the embalming skills of her tribe, the Chachapoyas or cloud warriors Eleven further mummies were recovered from the massive cave complex 82ft down The vault - which was also used for worship - was chanced upon three months ago by a farmer working at the edge of northern Peru's rainforest He tipped off scientists who

Ancient warrior found in Russian permafrost

I hope we get more information on the discovery of an ancient warrior Sounds like its an Otzi, the ancient frozen body found in the Italian Alps As as an aside, when Otzi was first broadcast on the internet yeah I was on the net then as well, a story came out from the news that when the body was found, and still in the ice, a helicopter arrived at the site with scientists who removed the scrotum of the body, to preserve the sperm I never heard any more on that topic RUSSIAN archae

Clapham North Deep Level Shelter

A rare look at the deep level bomb shelters built during WW2 All eight Deep Level shelters built during 1941-1942 under existing London Underground stations remained under the ownership of the British Government for many years after the cessation of hostilities Boy the place looked really big, with tunnels going off into the distance beyond the range of the torches [url=http://wwwunderground-historycouk/claphamnphp]http://wwwunderground-historycouk[/url]
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