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WW2 dogfight activity report - Mustang vrs FW190 - image

An incident report from a Mustang pilot of an encounter with a German FW190 A small slice of history I was flying Blue 4 We were flying at 5,000 feet when I saw a lone FW 190 long-nosed at 1 o'clock low, and at approximately 4,000 feet altitude, climbing to attack I dropped my nose and started for him The FW 190 saw me coming so he turned to the right trying to get a head-on shot at me I pulled in and opened fire from approx 300 yards, with a 30 degree deflection shot giving the e/

Nail from the time of Christ found hidden with Knights Templar swords

Beat that Da Vinchi code! The four-inch long nail is thought to be one of thousands used in crucifixions across the Roman empire It was buried with three skeletons and three swords, including one with the religious order’s cross on its blade, on the tiny island of Ilheu de Pontinha, off Madeira Archaeologists believe it dates from either the first or second century AD The nail was found last summer in a decorated box in a fort on the tiny isle of Ilheu de Pontinha, just off the coast of M

70 years after it crashed a P40E Kittyhawk has been found in the Egyptian Desert - images

A Polish team out in the Western Desert in March came across a p40 aircraft which had apparently made a forced landing in which the undercarriage collapsed The aircraft identity has yet to be confirmed but is believed to be from 260 Squadron RAF and it's location suggests was lost during the battle of El Alamein Until the planes identity is confirmed, the pilot's fate remains unknown, although an unused parachute pack was found alongside the wreck, very strongly suggesting he at least w

Mural of Henry VIII discoved during renovations in 15C house - image

The priceless picture, which shows the monarch, Henry VIII, sitting on his throne wearing his crown and holding a sceptre, is thought to have been painted shortly after the house was built at the turn of the 15th century At the time it was the home of Thomas Cranmer, the Archdeacon of Taunton who went onto become the Archbishop of Canterbury and helped Henry break from the Catholic Church and set up the Church of England Though the artist is unknown, it is thought to be unique Michael

Jack the Signalman - The baboon that ran the railway station

When the Cape Government Railways opened the first railway line to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town during the later part of the 1800’s the town Uitenhage was established The railway station became world renown when the local railway guard James Edwin Wide had a working baboon Jack the Signalman that assisted him in his daily tasks James Wide, better known amongst the locals and friends as Jumper Wide due to his habit to jump from one railway truck to the other and sometimes also swinging fro

Medieval Scribes left complaining notes in the margins - here are some - image

The history of bookmaking hasn’t been without its challenges, but never was its craft as painstaking as during the era of illuminated manuscripts Here is a collection of complaints monks scribbled in the pages of illuminated manuscripts Hairy parchment and thin ink are something we will never know again From: http://wwwbrainpickingsorg/indexphp/2012/03/21/monk-complaints-manuscripts/

Did this ever seem like a good idea? - monorail train from 1907 - image

Apparently the gyro stabilized monorail train had a lot going for it, however ungainly it looks in a static image [quote]On 15 October 1909, the railcar ran under its own power for the first time, carrying 32 people around the factory The vehicle was 40 ft 122m long and 10 ft 3m wide, and with a 20 hp 15 kW petrol engine, had a speed of 22 mph 35 km/h The transmission was electric, with the petrol engine driving a generator, and electric motors located on both bogies This g

Perfectly preserved 300 Million year old forest found in coal mine - image

A 300 million year-old forest has been discovered in a coal mine in Wuda, northern China The 10,000 square-foot forest was preserved by ash from a volcanic eruption, and researchers are now studying it as a fossilized “snapsnot” of ancient plant life Scientists found six different groups of plants, ranging from short ferns to 80-foot-tall trees One of the most interesting finds was an extinct group of spore-bearing trees called Noeggerathiales, which had previously been identified in Nort

Russian T34 tank pulled from lake after 56 years. Still runs - video

14 September 2000, a Komatsu D375A-2 pulled an abandoned tank from its archival tomb under the bottom of a lake near Johvi, Estonia The Soviet-built T34/76A tank had been resting at the bottom of the lake for 56 years According to its specifications, it's a 27-tonne machine with a top speed of 53km/h From[url=http://wwwmilhiiumaaee/2000_09_14_kurtna_T-34-36/]milhiiumaaee[/url] - more pictures on the site From February to September 1944, heavy battles were fought in the narrow

Archaeologists find the Queen of Shebas gold mines

A British excavation has struck archaeological gold with a discovery that may solve the mystery of where the Queen of Sheba of biblical legend derived her fabled treasures Almost 3,000 years ago, the ruler of Sheba, which spanned modern-day Ethiopia and Yemen, arrived in Jerusalem with vast quantities of gold to give to King Solomon Now an enormous ancient goldmine, together with the ruins of a temple and the site of a battlefield, have been discovered in her former territory Louise Sc

Operation Hardtack 1958 8KT nuclear explosion video

Operation Hardtack was a series of 72 nuclear tests conducted by the United States in 1958 With test moratoriums on the horizon, American weapons labs rushed out many new designs Hardtack I was carried out in the Pacific Ocean, at Bikini Atoll, Enewetak Atoll, and Johnston Island One of the tests conducted was named "Umbrella" Test: Umbrella Time: 23:15 8 June 1958 GMT 11:15 9 June 1958 local Location: Enewetak lagoon Test Height and Type: Underwater, -150 feet Yield: 8 kt

Photos of war effects post WW2 - images

At the end of World War II, huge swaths of Europe and Asia had been reduced to ruins, borders were being redrawn, homecomings, expulsions, and burials were under way, and the massive efforts to rebuild had just begun When the war began in the late 1930s, the world's population was approximately 2 billion In less than a decade, the war between the nations of the Axis Powers and the Allies resulted in some 80 million deaths -- killing off about 4 percent of the whole world Allied forces b

WW1 trench warfare color video

Haunting and dramatic color video of WW1 trench warfare from both sides Very good quality In hindsight was there actually any alternative to this type of warfare [flash=650x534]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/63e_1244406814[/flash]

Stalin wanted to breed half man half ape soldiers

Life gets more like the movies every day In the mid 1920s, Josef Stalin noticed that communist Russia was missing something Respect for individual human lives No! An army of half-man-half-ape super-warriors You betcha This may have been the first attempt to breed Orcs THE Soviet dictator Josef Stalin ordered the creation of Planet of the Apes-style warriors by crossing humans with apes, according to recently uncovered secret documents Moscow archives show that in the mid-1920s Rus

Roman wine 1650 years old - image

The glass bottle, thought to be at least 1,650 years old, was found in a Roman grave near Speyer in 1867 and put on display at the museum Since then, it’s been handled extremely carefully, and been on display in the exact same spot in the museum for 100 years Museum directors fear that a moment's carelessness could shatter the bottle, destroying its priceless content Though scientists would like to test it to figure out exactly how old the wine is and where it comes from, as well as perh
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