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WW2 doesn't stop the British from playing golf

One evening in the autumn of 1940 after bombs fell on the Richmond Golf Club in England temporary rules were introduced to allow for players to continue playing while under attack Dr Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, used the Club’s Temporary Rules as the theme of a broadcast by William Lord Haw-Haw Joyce: [quote]By means of these ridiculous reforms the English snobs try to impress the people with a kind of pretended heroism They can do so without danger, because, as everyone k

The War tubas of Japan

Before the advent of Radar, these acoustic listening devices from the 1930's were used to listen for incoming planes For scale see the anti aircraft guns in the background From http://wwwfutilityclosetcom/2006/08/28/japanese-war-tuba/ and http://cominganarchycom/2008/02/28/behold-the-war-tuba/ and http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Japanese_war_tuba

The sad death of a great sea liner - the USS Lafayette

A great sea liner, dies at its berth in New York in 1942 because of a fault from a welder The French Line's Normandie is one of the relatively few legitimate contenders for the title "Greatest Liner Ever" She was a ship of superlatives: the largest ship in the world for five years, more than 20,000 tons larger than White Star's Majestic; the first liner to exceed 1000 feet in length; the first liner to exceed 60,000 tons and 70,000 and 80,000, for that matter; the largest turbo-elec

An unknown 18th century shipwreck found in the Gulf of Finland - video

An unknown ship looms out of the dark looks amazingly untouched by the intervening 300+ years You can see that the cannons are still in place on the ships sides and complete with deck gear and masts Its like something in a museum [flash=649x367]http://vimeocom/moogaloopswfclip_id=22096686[/flash] An unknown 18th century shipwreck with guns onboard has been found outside Helsinki in the Gulf of Finland, at over 60 meters depth The documentary material reveals the wreck remarkably w

Remains of Templar and Crusader army found in Northern Israel

Archaeologists and historians working in northern Israel have discovered the remains of a Templar and Crusader army who were slaughtered by Saladin in one of the major battles of the Crusades The Battle of Jacob’s Ford, which was an intense siege of an important Crusader castle, took place in the late summer of 1179, ended with over 800 Templars and Crusaders being killed, and hundreds more being taken prisoner It is considered one of the most important victories by the Muslim commander S

2,500 year old brain found in skull - image

A 2,500-year-old human skull uncovered in England was less of a surprise than what was in it: the brain The discovery of the yellowish, crinkly, shrunken brain prompted questions about how such a fragile organ could have survived so long and how frequently this strange type of preservation occurs Except for the brain, all of the skull's soft tissue was gone when the skull was pulled from a muddy Iron Age pit where the University of York was planning to expand its Heslington East campus [

The London Blitz - the mistake that cost Germany the war?

A fascinating article on the bad decisions the Germans made in focusing on the attack of London during WW2 The attack on London in fact marked a shift in Hitler's strategy, away from using the Luftwaffe to destroy Britain's air defenses directly, and that shift relieved Fighter Command of the unrelenting pressure and unsustainable losses it had borne In retrospect, then, although Black Saturday signaled destruction and chaos for London, it quite possibly brought Britain’s d

Tragic end in ancient cave drama

Deep under a quiet valley in southern Greece, archaeologists are struggling to unravel a 1,400-year-old tragedy that wiped out a rural Byzantine community Sometime in the late 6th century, a group of at least 33 young men, women, and children sought sanctuary from an unknown terror in a sprawling subterranean network of caves in the eastern Peloponnese Carrying supplies of food and water, oil-lamps, a large Christian cross and their small savings, the refugees apparently hunkered down

Tank Man - The iconic image now seen in an extended video

Extended video of the famous Tank Man - an anonymous Chinese protester with his groceries, who stood in front of the tanks and prevented them from going forward Until recently there was only a short video of the incident, however recently new extended video has emerged Just as brave as Tank Man is the tank driver who didn't attack him or just drive over him Tank Man, or the Unknown Rebel, is the nickname of an anonymous man who stood in front of a column of Chinese Type 59 tanks the

Famous Saigon Execution picture is not what you think

“Saigon Execution” is one of the most recognizable photographs in military history, and it played a contributing role in turning public opinion against the Vietnam War The image—by combat photographer Eddie Adams—captures the moment a uniformed South Vietnamese officer fires a bullet into the head of a man who appears to be a civilian Taken out of context, the photo seems to show a senseless act of brutality, which explains why it was later used in support of the moral argument that protes

Wedding gowns used to be black - pictures

This collection of antique wedding photos shows how wedding gown styles changed from 1890 to 1940 Up until the death of Queen Victoria in 1907, the traditional color for a wedding gown was often black, not white Only the wealthiest could afford a white gown that they would probably never wear again Of course, whenever you had your photo taken, the photographer would say "Don't smile Look serious" You would have to hold the pose for as long as the camera lens was uncovered, which

Remains of Russian WW2 submarine found

The remains of a World War II-era Soviet submarine have been found by a team of Swedish divers in the Baltic Sea The vessel, a Soviet S-2 class submarine, was sunk by mines in 1940, killing all 50 crew members The search for the Soviet submarine wreck began more than a decade ago in April 1999 Documents from the Swedish military archives claim that the S-2 sub was sunk by Swedish mines in Swedish waters, while records in the Finnish military archives say the vessel sank in Finnish wate

What are these? - bombs? - Sea mines?

Here is a facinating picture, It may be of Japanese sea mines all stacked for use Then again it may not No one seems to know for sure Maybe they are just a form of wall structure Here is a link to the [url=http://bp3bloggercom/_XNXLcHFsW1U/RztQuX-FVvI/AAAAAAAAB14/n9Q5vxqqBB4/s1600-h/bombsjpg]image[/url] Here is a link to the reddit [url=http://redditcom/info/60ldt/comments/]comments[/url] who don't seem to have any more ideas either :

How the Longbow changed Britian- -video series

Historian Mike Loades shows the history behind the weapons that helped to forge Britain, as well as demonstrating their use This series of videos focuses on the Longbow a mighty weapon that saw its zneith at teh battle of Agincourt In 1415 King Henry V of England took a small army to France to try to enforce the English claim to the French throne By late autumn things were not going well for the English The weather was poor, and Henry's army was short of provisions, exhausted, and badly

In 1951 the CIA dug a tunnel under Berlin to tap Soviet cables - amazing planning

The tunnel was 1,476 feet in length and consumed 125 tons of steel liner plate and 1,000 cubic yards of grout This was not a small operation! Fifty years ago, the CIA embarked on a project to intercept Soviet and East German messages transmitted via underground cable Intelligence was collected to determine the best place to hit the target, and then concrete planning for a new collection site was begun Early in 1951 when I was working in the Engineering Division of the Office of Co
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