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Ancient Egyptian city discovered in Israel

A 3,200-year-old round bronze tablet with a carved face of a woman, found at the El-ahwat excavation site near Katzir in central Israel, is part of a linchpin that held the wheel of a battle chariot in place This was revealed by scientist Oren Cohen of the Zinman Institute of Archaeology at the University of Haifa [quote]Such an identification reinforces the claim that a high-ranking Egyptian or local ruler was based at this location, and is likely to support the theory that the site is Ha

Cloning Tutankhamen using 3D imaging - video

Tutankhamen's mummy is being safely kept in KV62 in the Valley of the Kings It's hard to imagine his body would ever leave Egypt, yet thousands of visitors to the touring King Tut exhibition at New York are being offered the chance to see an exact replica of the boy-king's mummy based on CT scans of him The process of creating the replica – the subject of this short video – is highly impressive, and has a nice sci-fi touch to it A short answer to 'how did they do this' is 3D printi

D Day assault 1944 - The speech wrtten by Eisenhower if it had failed

Today with the benefit of hindsight it is easy to underestimate the seriousness of the final decision to go with the Normandy Invasion A small insight into the pressure Eisenhower was under in the final days prior to the landing might best be summarized by the contents of a short speech that Eisenhower had written in advance, should the landings have failed Long after the successful landings on D-Day this never-used second speech was found in a shirt pocket by an aide It read: [quote

The Honda Point Disaster - The largest peacetime loss of U.S. Navy ships that you never heard of

On the evening of 8 September 1923, seven destroyers, while traveling at 20 knots 37 km/h, ran aground at Honda Point, a few miles from the northern side of the Santa Barbara Channel off the California coast Two other ships grounded, but were able to maneuver free of the rocks Twenty three sailors died in the mishap The area of Honda Point / Pedernales Point is extremely treacherous for Central California mariners in that it features a series of rocky outcroppings one of which is t

Pompeii snack bar reopens after 1931 years serving mostly original food

In AD79 it was Pompeii's most popular hang out, where locals would partake in a snack of baked cheese smothered in honey Now, nearly 2000 years after the Italian city was buried under ash and rubble by the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius, its favorite snack bar has re-opened For the first time the thermopolium, as it is called in Italy, will be open to tourists after having undergone and excavation and restoration process over the past few months Customers will enjoy a taste of Ro

10 great battles that changes the course of war

A great writeup of 10 great battles that changes the course of war 10 The Battle of Stirling Bridge 9 The Battle of Gibraltar 8 The Battle of Leyte Gulf 7 The Ludendorff Offensive 6 The Battle of Salamis 5 The Battle of Gettysburg 4 The Battle of Britain 3 The Battle of Trafalgar 2 The Battle of Midway 1 The Battle of Stalingrad http://listversecom/2010/03/12/10-battles-that-turned-the-tide-of-war/

Survey finds 12 intact shipwrecks up to 1000 years old in the Baltic Sea

A dozen previously unknown shipwrecks, some of them believed to be up to 1,000 years old, were discovered in the Baltic Sea during a probe of the sea bed to prepare for the installation of a large gas pipeline, the Swedish National Heritage Board said Monday [quote] We have manage to identify 12 shipwrecks, and nine of them are considered to be fairly old We think many of the ships are from the 17th and 18th centuries and we think some could even be from the Middle Ages They used sonar

A full catalog of Sumerian literary compositions

This catalog shows all the compositions which will be included in the Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature The catalogue is thematically arranged and each composition has a number whose first element reflects the broad category to which it has been assigned This arrangement reflects modern perceptions and may raise misleading expectations concerning the nature of a composition and its relationship to other compositions and to other genres http://etcslorinstoxacuk/catalogue

Argentavis magnificens - the largest bird ever found

Argentavis magnificens literally "magnificent Argentine bird" is the largest flying bird ever discovered, larger in every aspect than any other flying aves, This bird, sometimes called the Giant Teratorn, is an extinct species known as of 2009 from three sites from the late Miocene 6 million years before present of central and northwestern Argentina, where a good sample of fossils has been obtained The humerus upper arm bone of Argentavis is somewhat damaged Even so, it allo

Oldest English ever found needs deciphering

It was written half a millennia ago and its message was serious enough to be painted carefully on the wall of England's finest cathedral But now it seems no one can quite decipher exactly what the inscription on the wall of Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire actually says It was hidden for 350 years behind a monument to a local aristocrat who was 'martyred' in the English Civil War for his support of King Charles I but rediscovered in January by astonished conservators And baffled exp

New poignant amateur video of the Challenger launch explosion in 1986

On a chilly morning in 1986, Jack Moss captured one of the darkest moments in space exploration What he didn't know, was that the crew were alive, right until the Challenger cockpit hit the sea In the videotape, a stream of white smoke behind the climbing shuttle shoots into view but Moss, his wife and a neighbor noticed immediately that something was amiss when the channel separated into two streams "Thats trouble of some kind, Moss can be heard saying That didn't look right"

Rare color film of London in the 1920's

London is the last stop in an epic trip across Britain filmed in remarkable early color, as a series of cinema travelogues Pioneering filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene brought these picture-postcard scenes to life with a specially-devised colour film process and some remarkably contemporary dialogue [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/TwahIQz0o-M&hl=en_US&fs=1&[/flash]

Treasured manuscript of the Gospel of Mark is a modern fake

A clever bit of detective work by US scholars and scientists has proven that one of the jewels of the University of Chicago’s manuscript collection is, in fact, a skilled late 19th- or early 20th-century forgery Although speculation as to the authenticity of the Archaic Mark codex has been rife for more than 60 years, prior to this definitive research many believed it was an early record possibly as early as the 14th century of the Gospel of Mark and the closest of any extant manuscript t

Visual animation showing the decline in empires over the last 100 years

British, Portuguese, Spanish, and French empires are shown in this animation as they grow and decline over the years Its well made, if a little hard to read the text Its a pity it didn't start 100 years earlier showing the rise of the French empire But worth watching non the less From: http://vimeocom/6437816 [flash=601x338]http://vimeocom/moogaloopswfclip_id=6437816[/flash]

Spartacus - Behind the myth - excellent 5 part video series

The real history of Spartacus, an excellent video series on the times and the slave revolt Spartacus c 109 BCE-71 BCE, according to Roman historians, was a slave and a gladiator who became a leader or possibly one of several leaders in the major slave uprising against the Roman Republic known as the Third Servile War Spartacus was trained at the gladiatorial school ludus near Capua, belonging to Lentulus Batiatus Finally in 73 BCE, Spartacus and some seventy followers escaped fro
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