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Ancient lost Persian army found in desert - video

The remains of a mighty Persian army said to have drowned in the sands of the western Egyptian desert 2,500 years ago might have been finally located, solving one of archaeology's biggest outstanding mysteries, according to Italian researchers Bronze weapons, a silver bracelet, an earring and hundreds of human bones found in the vast desolate wilderness of the Sahara desert have raised hopes of finally finding the lost army of Persian King Cambyses II The 50,000 warriors were said to be b

Hiroshima, why they had to drop the bomb

60 years on from Hiroshima it seems very PC to criticize the dropping of the bomb, but released transcripts of the messages between the Japanese leaders shows that they would have "unleashed hell" had America tried to invade Japan [url=http://wwwweeklystandardcom/Utilities/printer_previewaspidArticle=5894&R=C62A29C91]Weekly Standard[/url] Read this to argue against the touchy feely new age wusses who love to critisize the the actions of the past, to boost their own ego's

47 years later they are still hunting the Alcatraz escapees

It was called The Rock — the country's only escape-proof prison The federal penitentiary at Alcatraz was a cell house built on an island surrounded by the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay Only the worst of the worst were sent there, lifers like Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin But from the moment the three men arrived, it was clear they did not intend to stay On June 12, 1962, they vanished, launching the largest manhunt of its time, one that has continued to this day

World War 2 - an unusual definition - funny

Germany invades Czechoslovakia Germany invades Poland Russia also invades Poland from the other side: everybody forgets this Britain & France declare war This is the 'official' kick-off Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, & Romania all join the German side Everybody forgets the last three Axis forces go through Europe like vindaloo through a colostomy Nazis exterminate Jews, gays, gypsies, & the disabled everybody remembers the jews but forgets the rest UK holds out

Huge 1BC cave found in Israel

An artificial underground cave, the largest of its kind in Israel, was discovered in the Jordan Valley during excavations by the Haifa University's Department of Archaeology Imagine the amazement of the archeologists at finding a huge man made cave with inscriptions in it I hope that they release some better photos soon Prof Adam Zertal, who headed the dig, assessed that the cave was used as a quarry in the Roman era Various carvings were found on the cave's walls, including some o

The Commander who proved Russian subs were in the Atlantic

Fifty years ago Ted Davis and his 80-member crew made history, forcing a Soviet sub to the surface and proving the Soviet presence in the Atlantic It all started as a sporting argument between Adms Arleigh Burke and Jerald Wright Wright, who commanded the Atlantic Fleet, claimed there were Soviet subs operating in sea lanes off the US coast Burke, then chief of naval operations, said, "Prove it" So the offer came down: The crew that forced a Soviet sub to the surface would win a

Herefordshire woman keeps digging up treasure in her garden

Since moving into an old farmhouse Jan Long has unearthed hundreds of antiques worth thousands of pounds from under her lawn, flower beds and vegetable patch Retired Jan, 57, first hit a stash of hundreds of Victorian bottles at her new home near near Ledbury, Herefordshire And she raked in more relics every time she moved a bush or put in a plant Jan's most recent discovery was a stash of coins, including Victorian pennies, an Austrian crown dated 1780 and a King crown from 1935 the

8 million year old trees discovered that are not fossils but still wood

Is this possible To be still organic after 8 million years What does this say about finding other non fossilized materials Hungarian Environment Minister Gabor Fodor told reporters in Budapest Friday the government will contribute millions of dollars to preserve the trees, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported Fodor said the cypress trees, believed to be 98 to 131 feet tall, were found in the Bukkabrany lignite mine, near the town of Miskolc, 100 miles northeast of Budapest The

Stunning old pictures of England in the 1890's

These are amazing to see, who would have imagined that they existed from a time when England really did have an empire [url=http://wwwold-picturecom/england-index-001htm]Old-Picturecom[/url] You are viewing an unusual image of Harbor, Portsmouth, England This color photochrome print was taken between 1890 and 1900 in Portsmouth, England The image shows Harbor, Portsmouth, England

3800 year old Egyptian ship rebuilt and sailed

An international team of archaeologists, shipwrights and sailors recently built a full-scale replica of a 3,800-year-old ship and sailed it on the Red Sea to re-create a voyage to a place the ancient Egyptians called God’s Land, or Punt Many people, including my fellow archaeologists, think of the Egyptians as tied to the Nile River and lacking in the ability to go to sea For 25 years, my research has been dedicated to showing the scope of their ability and now, to proving their indepen

The British nearly made giant floating ice ships during WW2

One of the most amazing ideas we never saw Ice so strong that it could be made into ships and floating islands In late 1942, Lord Louis Mountbatten — the British military's Chief of Combined Operations — paid a visit to Winston Churchill at his official country home, Chequers Mountbatten had with him a small parcel of great importance A member of Churchill's staff apologized that the Prime Minister was at that moment in his bath "Good," said Mountbatten as he bounded up the stai

Volunteers wanted in WW2 to be sealed alive in a tunnel for one year

Imagine being sealed a live in an observation cave only to be released in a year if their side won the war in that time Operation Tracer was a top-secret spying mission that was only to be implemented if Gibraltar was captured by the Axis Powers Six men were to be sealed in a cave and left with only enough supplies for a year The volunteers —two doctors, three signalmen and their leader— would run an observation post with two 12-inch 300 mm by 6-inch 150 mm slits, one looking due

The Vikings, misunderstood fashion setters

They were vain, wore baggy pants, washed and cleaned themselves fastidiously, and were style crazed trend setters Nope not today's teenagers, but Vikings Cambridge University has launched a campaign to recast Vikings as "new men" with an interest in grooming, fashion and poetry Academics claim that the old stereotype is damaging, and want teenagers to be more appreciative of the Vikings' social and cultural impact on Britain They say that the Norse explorers, far from being ob

Possibility the oldest human footprints found - 345,000 years old

Well technically its official that the oldest human footprints ever found are 345,000 years old, however as the last paragraph notes the dating system can have errors Still interesting though Known as the "devils' trails", they have been preserved in volcanic ash atop the Roccamonfina volcano in Italy The prints were first described to the world by Paolo Mietto and colleagues of the University of Padova in Italy in 2003 after amateur archaeologists pointed them out Now, Stépha

WW1 soldier sketched tree under fire replaced it with fake

Camera technology must have been pretty bad back then A soldier in WW1 sketched a dead tree so well it was copied and replaced with a steel replica and a solider inside it In the days before satellite surveillance provided detailed images from the sky, Private Smith would creep behind enemy lines - and draw His sketches were so accurate they could identify exact enemy numbers, the type of weapons used and the geography of the land ahead [b]In one mission, the sapper with the Roya
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