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Tragedy in the Online Games forum

Yep lost the lot, no backup, a stupid mind blank when changing settings Will rebuild :

Draw a stick man - fun animation and interaction

Draw a stick man and watch him have an adventure its really good and creative takes only 5 minutes of your life http://wwwdrawastickmancom/

Create music with this great little game thing

Drag the effects on to the people to get a rhythm going, and add voices Double clicking on the people removes them Double click on the bonuses to show something great fun Kiss goodbye to 20 minutes :- http://wwwincrediboxfr/bigbox_enswf

Don't click the red Button!!!

Really don't start, if you do, you'll regret it I'm not joking, its a bad scene Don't click the red button, please, for your own good, don't click that button The one below, yeah that one, the red one, DON'T CLICK IT!!! [flash=500x400]http://xmbstuffucanusecom/xmb/viewthreadphpaction=attachment&tid=3256&pid=9422[/flash]

Get your sheep home safely game

Shaun the Sheep stars in a cute physics game in which you guide the sheep home You have obstacles to cross, and three sheep of different mass While you figure out a strategy, enjoy the artwork and sound effects http://wwwshaunthesheepcom/games/homesheephome/

Yet another kill the Zombies game

This one uses a physics engine so fire the Bazooka to hit the Zombies Worth spending some time on http://1cup1coffeecom/shooting/flaming-zombooka/

Bob the demolition dude game

Bob is kinda thick, so the best way for him to demolish things is using his head He is in a slingshot which you click and drag to get distance and velocity to take out the targets Its a fun little game http://armorgamescom/play/5388/demolition-dude

Civilization wars - cute online game

Really cute little war game where you build your civilization by destroying the others Fun http://jayisgamescom/games/civilizations-wars/ Here is some background on it http://jayisgamescom/archives/2009/12/civilizations_warsphp Most levels consist of a rustic landscape, replete with uninhabited pieces of ancient real estate, plus an opposing army who feebly stands in your path to conquest You're usually given a humble fort or two at the start which will generate reinforce

English as she is best spoke. How good is your pronunciation?

If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he'd prefer six months of hard labour to reading six lines aloud Try them yourself Dearest creature in creation, Study English pronunciation I will teach you in my verse Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse I will keep you, Suzy, busy, Make your head with heat grow dizzy Tear in eye, your

Gibbs rules from NCIS TV show

NCIS is a lighthearted little show following the usual cop show formula with interesting characters and their interactions being the main focus of the show The lead character is Gibbs, a hardened officer that all obey Here are his rules as compiled by someone with too much time on their hands Gibbs Rules: Rule #1: Never let suspects stay together Rule #1: Never screw over your partner Rule #2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene Rule #3: Donít believe what youíre told Doubl

Monkey kickoff game

Cute little game with simple rules, click to make the monkey kick the ball There is some skill to it and its fun Beat this! http://wwwminiclipcom/games/monkey-kick-off/en/

District 9 movie online game

The viral marketing by Sony Pictures for Neill Blomkampís District 9 continues with the release of a pretty cool free online game I enjoyed it, but the aliens didn't fight back much http://wwwsonypicturescom/movies/district9/game/ Here are the trailers for the upcoming movie http://xmbstuffucanusecom/xmb/viewthreadphptid=6137

Crush the castle game - trebuchet attack

In this game you use a trebuchet machine - like a catapult - to hurl rocks and bombs at a castle Knowing the time to click the release to throw the rock is tricky, but the effects are great to watch http://armorgamescom/play/3614/crush-the-castle

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