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Its not an oil spill its an oil river

To understand the gravity of the danger facing Louisiana's coast from the oil that began washing ashore Thursday, pollution clean-up veterans offered this starting point: Forget the word "spill [quote]This isn't a spill, this isn't a storage tank or a ship with a finite amount of oil that has boundaries This is much, much worse It's a river of oil flowing from the bottom of the Gulf at the rate of 210,000 gallons a day that officials say could be running for two months or more If th

Condition 1 weather at McMurdo Antartica - video

Filmed at McMurdo Station, where it is relatively sheltered by the surrounding hills The weather is classified as being Condition 3 nice weather, Condition 2 not so nice, or Condition 1 crazy [flash=640x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/qz2SeEzxMuE&hl=en_GB&fs=1&[/flash]

Yet another climate scare debunked - NASA finds the Atlantic Conveyor Belt is not slowing

Climate scientists have loudly proclaimed that the Atlantic Conveyor belt, the circulation system that pumps warm water north to keep the Northern Hemisphere warm was slowing down The fear was that if it stopped temperatures could plummet over Europe and the Americas This fear was the premise behind at least one disaster movie in the last 5 years Scientists had released data showing that the AtlanticCconveyor belt was indeed slowing down, and it was only a matter of time until it stopped

Strange sky seen over Chile before earthquake

Sometimes before earthquakes people talk of seeing strange patterns in the sky An earthquake light, is an unusual luminous aerial phenomenon, that reportedly appears in the sky at or near areas of tectonic stress, seismic activity, or volcanic eruptions According to these reports this happened during the recent Chile Cecelia Lagos, a Chilean reporter, was interviewed and described seeing the sky change colors outside her window as her house shook Here's an MSNBC video of her and the

Global warming good for Africa? The Sahara is greening

Scientists are now seeing signals that the Sahara desert and surrounding regions are greening due to increasing rainfall If sustained, these rains could revitalize drought-ravaged regions, reclaiming them for farming communities My thought is if the climate is changing to bring rain to the Sahara, does that mean that rain to other part of the world are lessened We have seen how slight changes in climatic conditions push rain bearing clouds off their usual course There have been problems

Climate change website with opposing views

This really handy site has both views in the climate debate, with great links to current articles http://climatedebatedailycom/

The Great Lakes have a drain hole that must be plugged

Humans playing around on the edge of the great lakes have managed to create a hole that has dropped the lake level by 60cm since 1970 Thats a serious amount of water There's a "drain hole'' in the Great Lakes basin that's hemorrhaging almost 95 billion litres of water a day and must be patched up by the Canadian and American governments, environmental groups said Tuesday Navigation dredging, riverbed mining and shoreline alteration on the St Clair River near Port Huron, Mich, a

So how were your temperatures for last month - world climate anomalies

This shows the changes in temperature baseline of 1990 for the month of March to May 2007 Looks like it might be a hot summer for Northern Europe From http://wwwncdcnoaagov but I can't find the actual article this pic comes from

Chinas Three Gorges Dam changing the weather

Its going to do a lot more than that, from other books I have been reading, millions of people downstream will be affected as the water flow to the Mekong and other rivers decrease Two years before its completion, the world’s largest dam is already changing the local weather Both modeling and actual meteorological data suggest that the reservoir is cooling its valley, which is causing changes in rainfall "In China there are a lot of people who complain because of the constru

Spring in the Arctic is two weeks early

Spring-time in the Arctic is arriving two weeks earlier than it did a decade ago, say ecologists working in Greenland Processes that mark the beginning of spring, such as flowers blooming and birds laying eggs, are now happening an average of more than 14 days earlier in the calendar than they did as recently as 1996, as a result of rising temperatures The discovery adds to the litany of changes to ecosystems that are occurring in response to changing climates around the world But the

The Yangtze river is irreversably polluted

The Yangtze river, which supplies 35 percent of China's total fresh water resources is irreversably polluted Just wait a few year to see the health effects for miliions of Chinese people This will affect people for genations A sad indication of economic growth overwhelming the health of the people BEIJING --China's massive Yangtze river, a lifeline for tens of millions of people, is seriously polluted and the damage is almost irreversible, a state-run newspaper said Monday More tha

Beetles will destroy 90% of American pine forests

With the litany of man made disasters on our news every day come a natural disaster which may change the face of the forests in Western American pine forests Colorado's distinctive lodgepole pine trees are under attack from a beetle infestation described by scientists as a "perfect storm" which could destroy 90% of the western American state's pine forests The bark beetle outbreak was responsible for the death of 48m lodgepole pines in Colorado last year, up from 1m in 2005 The i

Inuit complain that the sun is changing - global warming blamed

The Inuit are worried about changing actions of the sun, it appears to be rising earlier and faster than usual Scientists see this as an optical effect owing to rising temperatures in the north Its interesting to see that so called 'primitive' people are aware that something is not right with the weather and the climate as well as 'educated' scientists Some Inuit say they hope scientists coming to Nunavut for research as part of International Polar Year can help shed light on chan

Biggest snow in New York since 1966

Global warming changes, or just naturally occuring fluctuations MEXICO, NY AP - Ray DeLong took advantage of a break from the snow to use a blower to forge a path to his driveway as two contractors pushed streams of snow from the roof of his home The brief reprieve Friday ended early Saturday as snow fell at a rate of 2 to 3 inches per hour, further burying a region already tested by nearly record snowfalls "Have to move fast Want to at least get it off my roof," DeLong said, ju

Record CO2 levels may lead to record temperatures and mass extinctions

Global warming over the coming century could mean a return of temperatures last seen in the age of the dinosaur and lead to the extinction of up to half of all species, a scientist said on Thursday Not only will carbon dioxide levels be at the highest levels for 24 million years, but global average temperatures will be higher than for up to 10 million years, said Chris Thomas of the University of York [url=http://newsyahoocom/s/nm/20060907/sc_nm/environment_life_dc;_ylt=AkH0KZ6RdfGZ
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