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World CO2 levels at record high

From the OMG something's happening but we don't know why files Bubbles of air in the 800,000-year-old ice, drilled in the Antarctic, show levels of CO2 changing with the climate But the present levels are out of the previous range "It is from air bubbles that we know for sure that carbon dioxide has increased by about 35 percent in the last 200 years," said Dr Eric Wolff of the British Antarctic Survey and the leader of the science team for the 10-nation European Project for Ice

Scotland has 72 percent more rain than in past years

Global warming is having some unexpected side effects, such as the massive increase in rainfall in Scotland and places in England The Scots are growing webbed feet to cope RAINSTORMS have dramatically increased in intensity over Scotland because of climate change over the past 40 years, according to researchers Experts predict people living near rivers will experience worsening flooding as a result of a continuing trend which has seen extreme rainfall double over parts of the UK sinc

Exotic sea life in Britains seas from warming oceans

Whew! The balmy sunny british Isles, doesn't seem right somehow http://newsindependentcouk/environment/article1204501ece Warmer sea temperatures are attracting a record number and range of exotic sea life to Britain's coastline Global warming and hotter summers mean some unusual species are appearing in Britain's traditionally colder waters, according to leading scientists Dr Simon Vauxhall, a lecturer in oceanography at the University of Southampton, said: "We are seeing

Antarctic temperatures are not getting cooler

Anti global warming scientists and pundits have been using research from 2002 to show that Antartica is actually cooling, and that the scientist who published the findings also was against global warming This cuts the heart out of many anti global warming theories, and further weakens the standing of those researchers [url=http://wwwnytimescom/2006/07/27/opinion/27doranhtmlex=1154145600&en=d6eb1f5b37877b00&ei=5070]New York Times[/url] IN the debate on global warming, the

Death toll in Indonesia tsunami at 86

[quote]CIAMIS, Indonesia - An earthquake sent a tsunami crashing into beach resorts on Java island Monday, killing at least 86 people, leaving scores missing and sending thousands fleeing in an area spared by the devastating Asian tsunami of 2004, officials, witnesses and media reports said Regional bulletins that the 77-magnitude undersea earthquake was strong enough to create a killer wave did not reach the victims, because Indonesia's main island has no tsunami warning system Thou

How long has planet Earth got to live?

I saw a BBC TV program on "global dimming" You still might be able to see it on BBC see here looking for [color=Blue]Global Dimming r where we have polluted the air and it has gone into the clouds and turned them into mirrors, This has caused scientist to miss calculate doomsday on "global warming" in the past few years they have been able reverse the trend on "global dimming" now "global warming" taking off in a faster rate to what it was thought to go[/color] Everyday

Low water in Great Lakes causes worry

[quote]TORONTO Reuters - Several massive vessels have run aground on Michigan's Saginaw River this shipping season, caught in shallow waters a few miles from Lake Huron The river port is as shallow as 13 feet in a passage that is supposed to be 22 feet deep, a sign of low water levels in North America's five Great Lakes -- Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario Water levels declined in 1998 and have remained low, forcing ships to take on lighter loads and sparking concern abo

Arctic sea levels dropping steadily

[quote]Arctic sea levels dropping steadily [b]“It’s the opposite of what we see in the rest of the world” [/b] JANE GEORGE Sea levels in the Arctic have been falling by a little more than two millimetres a year — exactly the opposite of what is happening elsewhere “It’s enough to be significant It’s remarkable that it’s the opposite sign of what we see in the rest of the world,” said researcher Remko Scharroo A Dutch-UK team made the discovery after analyz

Study: San Andreas fault overdue for quake

[quote]LOS ANGELES - New earthquake research confirms the southern end of the San Andreas fault near Los Angeles is overdue for a Big One The lower section of the fault has not produced a major earthquake in more than three centuries The new study, which analyzed 20 years of data and is considered one of the most detailed analyses yet, found that stress has been building up since then, and that the fault could rupture at any moment "The southern section of the fault is fully loaded f

Alaska's Rat Island is Quaking

There has been at least 50 quakes today in alaska's rat island The quakes ranged from 63 to 25, 25 being the lowest listed Something is brewing http://earthquakeusgsgov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_allphp ------------------ June 11th had 11 readings and nothing +3 in Magnitude June 12th had 19 readings and only 1 at 326 Magnitude June 13th had 53 readings and 16@ +3Mag / 4@ +4Mag / 4@ +5Mag / 1@ +6Mag June 14th so far 112 readings and over 50 @ +3 Mag or more

Algae returns to Great Lakes

[quote]TRAVERSE CITY, Mich - Call it the return of the green slime Back in the 1960s, foul gobs of algae along Great Lakes shorelines made swimmers and sunbathers miserable before a crackdown on phosphorus pollution repelled the invasion Now, the algae are mounting a comeback and controlling it may be tougher this time, according to the Michigan Environmental Council, an umbrella organization for a host of environmental and public interest organizations in the state "The nightmar

Awesome Hurricane Simulator

The animation shows typical damage caused by hurricanes at each of the five intensity categories on the saffir-simpson scale [url=http://hostedaporg/specials/interactives/_national/hurricanes/index_categorieshtml]Amazing Hurricane Simulator[/url] Turn your speakers up This animation which goes through each hurricane category, to show you the damages that can be done, includes sound

Polar bears may be turning to cannibalism

[quote]ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea may be turning to cannibalism because longer seasons without ice keep them from getting to their natural food, a new study by American and Canadian scientists has found The study reviewed three examples of polar bears preying on each other from January to April 2004 north of Alaska and western Canada, including the first-ever reported killing of a female in a den shortly after it gave birth Polar bears feed primarily o

Alberto puts Florida on storm watch (USA)

[quote]TAMPA, Fla - Most of Florida's west coast was under a tropical storm watch Sunday as the first named storm of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season spun over the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to bring heavy rain in the next few days In the evening, Tropical Storm Alberto had maximum sustained wind near 45 mph, up 10 mph from early in the morning, but it was not likely to grow into a hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said "We do not have any significant changes," said Lixio

Ground-shaking blamed for aftershocks

[quote]LOS ANGELES - New research suggests ground-shaking from an earthquake, not underground stress, can trigger far-away aftershocks That may help scientists forecast where aftershocks will strike next It also counters the popular view that aftershocks tend to cluster near the epicenter The new theory grew out of an extensive study of data from almost 20 years of California earthquakes Earthquakes occur in clusters A sizable temblor is followed by numerous smaller jolts called
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