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Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Hits Mozambique

[quote]WASHINGTON - An earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 75 struck Mozambique, the US Geological Survey said Wednesday There was no immediate word on injuries or damages The quake hit at 12:19 am Thursday local time Its epicenter was 140 miles southwest of Beira, on Mozambique's Indian Ocean coast, USGS spokeswoman Clarice Ransom said She said the initial reading had been 69 but was adjusted upward The quake was felt as far away as Durban, South Africa, and Harare

Storm drops dark brown snow in Colorado, USA

[quote]FRISCO, Colo AP — Snow that some residents described as dark as chocolate brown was reported across parts of Colorado Thursday, a result of a wind storm in northern Arizona that kicked up dust that fell with the snow overnight, officials said Greene said it's not unusual to see plumes of reddish dust from the desert Southwest drop on the Rocky Mountains in the spring Exceptionally dry conditions in northern Arizona contributed to the dust, Greene said [url=http://wwwu

Mount St. Helens, USA (volcano Update)

Mount St Helens, USA Growth of the new lava dome inside the crater of Mount St Helens continued during 8-15 February, accompanied by low rates of seismicity, low emissions of steam and volcanic gases, and minor production of ash Comparison of photos taken between 17 December and 7 February showed that the base of the active lobe of the lava dome enlarged by about 100 meters A series of photographs taken during the week of 5 February showed that the active part of the new lava dome conti

Winter storm a 'Category 3' (new national winter storm rating system)

[quote]Federal weather officials ranked this past weekend's Northeast winter storm as a Category 3, utilizing the new national winter storm rating system for the first time The winter storm dumped more than two feet of snow on parts of the East Coast and New England Saturday and Sunday Meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climatic Data Center say the weekend storm rated as "Major" Category 3 on the newly developed Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale N

High Winds Move Into Northeast; Two Killed

[quote]ROCHESTER, NY - A fierce storm swept across the Midwest and into the Northeast on Friday, causing temperatures to plummet and generating winds up to 77 mph Two people were killed by falling trees Mexico from 6 Midwest Cities, Roundtrip $99-$199 Mr Travel Las Vegas Hotel w/FREE Upgrade, 50% OFF $79 Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip Bermuda from Boston or NYC Roundtrip! $49 TNT Vacations St Martin Getaway w/Air from 20+ Cities $399 Fare Deals

Philippines Landslide Death Toll at 1,800

[quote]GUINSAUGON, Philippines - Rescue workers held little hope Saturday of finding survivors from a devastating landslide, saying this farming village was swallowed whole by a wall of mud and boulders Lt Col Raul Farnacio, the highest-ranking military officer at the scene of Friday's disaster, estimated the death toll at about 1,800 — nearly every man, woman and child who lived in Guinsaugon "Out of a population of 1,857, we have 57 survivors and 19 bodies," a grim Farnacio said

Australian scientists say they were silenced on climate change

[quote][b]Three scientists who worked at the Australian science agency say they were pressured to keep their views on climate change to themselves to avoid clashing with government policy[/b] The government has denied muzzling the scientists, whose claims follow those of a top NASA scientist who last month accused the administration of US President George W Bush of trying to silence him The three, who worked for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO,

Record-Setting Snow Buries Northeast

[quote]NEW YORK - A record-breaking storm buried sections of the Northeast under more than 2 feet of snow on Sunday, marooning thousands of air travelers and making even a walk to the corner store treacherous The National Weather Service said 269 inches of snow had fallen in Central Park, the most since record-keeping started in 1869 The old record was 264 inches in December 1947 Wind gusting as high as 60 mph blew the snow sideways and raised a risk of coastal flooding in New E

Heat Wave of the Millennium

[quote]As the planet gets warmer, various places are setting temperature records A new analysis of climate history suggests that's not all Higher temperatures are more widespread now than they have been in 1200 years The last time a considerable swath of Earth heated up was about 1000 years ago A rise in temperature allowed forests to expand across Russia and thawed out Greenland enough for Vikings to settle Scientists infer these kinds of climate changes from tree rings, isotope ratio

Winter Returns With a Vengeance to Moscow

[quote]18-1-2006 The Russian winter tightened its grip on the capital this week sending temperatures down below minus 25 Celsius after weeks of relatively mild weather Even before the long-expected Epiphany frosts finally set in officials began to panic, remembering the sinister warnings of Russia’s notorious energy chief about possible power cuts if temperatures plummeted that low City hall assured the public, however, that energy supplies would continue uninterrupted to residents, sch

Web Site Lets Public Track Alaska Volcano

[quote]ANCHORAGE, Alaska - From his home in Nanwalek, Vince Evans can stare across the water at Augustine Volcano as it pumps out clouds of ash and steam, but like many residents in the isolated village, Evans prefers to check the Internet for the latest on the erupting island mount The Alaska Volcano Observatory's popular Web site lets the public track Augustine's activity, from live earthquake data to hourly updates on the blasts of ash and rocky pyroclastic flows that have rumbled dow

Fewer Deaths than 2004, but Earthquakes Still Kill Nearly 90,000 in 2005

[quote][b]Fewer Deaths than 2004, but Earthquakes Still Kill Nearly 90,000 in 2005[/b] January 16, 2006 Although there were fewer deaths worldwide in 2005 due to earthquakes, more than 89,353 casualties were reported, according to the US Geological Survey USGS and confirmed by the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA Nearly all of the fatalities for the year, more than 87,000, occurred when a magnitude 76 hit Pakistan on Oct 8 In 2004, the third

Earthquake Update Thread

[size=4][b]World Quake Map[/b][/size] Red Circles=Today Orange Circles=Yesterday Yellow Circles=Last 2 Weeks http://wwwirisedu/seismon/ Increase in earthquake activity over the last 50 years and a possible cause [quote] A trend started, at the turn of the century, where the earthquake numbers were doubling every 20 years After 1985, however, the number skyrockets In 1990 alone 68 major earthquakes over 65 on the Richter scale were recorded and, between 1977 to 1991, a t

Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic

[quote]ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Scientists on Monday painted a gloomy picture of the effects of global warming on the Arctic, warning of melting ocean ice, rising oceans, thawed permafrost and forests susceptible to bugs and fire "A lot of the stories you read make it sound like there's uncertainty," said Jonathan Overpeck, a professor of geosciences at the University of Arizona "There's not uncertainty" The questions scientists continue to address, he said after his presentation at

La Nina's return threatens more hurricanes

[quote]Climate experts on Thursday confirmed the start of a mild cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean known as La Nina It's too early to tell how that will affect spring and summer weather, they said, but often La Nina conditions coincide with stronger and more numerous hurricanes, wet weather in the Pacific Northwest and dry conditions in the South [url=http://wwwcnncom/2006/WEATHER/02/02/ninaap/indexhtmleref=yahoo]Continue Here[/url][/quote] La Nina has returned, they expect
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