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Tornados Blow Through New Orleans

[quote]KENNER, La - Tornadoes early Thursday tore through New Orleans neighborhoods that were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina just five months earlier, collapsing at least one previously damaged house and battering the airport, authorities said Roofs were ripped off and utility poles came down, but no serious injuries were reported "Don't ever ask the question, `What else could happen'" said Marcia Paul Leoni, a mortgage banker who was surveying the new damage to her Katrina-floode

Wind gusts to 200 mph in mountains

[quote]Workers at Grandfather Mountain described "an unreal" scene early Wednesday when record wind gusts of at least 200 mph battered the North Carolina tourist attraction in the northwest mountains "Our workers who were inside the Visitor Center said it was like a tornado -- a whirlwind -- inside the building after the windows broke," said Crae Morton, president of Grandfather Mountain and grandson of Hugh Morton, who developed the tourist site Morton said staff members don't kno

Blair: Global Warming Is Advancing

[quote]LONDON - The threat posed by climate change may be greater than previously thought, and global warming is advancing at an unsustainable rate, Prime Minister Tony Blair said in a report published Monday The government-commissioned report collates evidence presented at a conference on climate change hosted by Britain's Meteorological Office last year It says scientists now have "greater clarity and reduced uncertainty" about the impacts of climate change In a foreword, Bla

Augustine's Ash Plume Stretches 5 Miles

[quote]ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Ash from a steadily erupting volcano in south-central Alaska wafted slowly toward the southern Kenai Peninsula and grounded flights to and from Kodiak Island on Monday Scientists reported that hot, gaseous pyroclastic flows were seen coursing down the volcano's slopes Augustine Volcano's eruption at 6:48 am marked the fourth straight day of eruptions and generated an ash plume reaching almost five miles into the skies above Cook Inlet The ash was moving

Deep-Sea Drill Set for Climate Research

[quote]The CHIKYU is studded with superlatives Completed last year, the ship houses the world's biggest deep-sea drill, sports a high-tech floating laboratory and boasts a $500 million price tag The Japanese boat has an ambitious agenda to match: uncover the secrets of climate change, find microbes that help explain the origin of life, and clarify the causes of earthquakes The 210-yard ship underwent its first major test run in November, drilling deep into the ocean floor off norther

Hurricanes Shape New Natural Order

[quote]OVER THE NORTHERN GULF COAST - Last year's record hurricane season didn't just change life for humans It changed nature, too Everywhere scientists look, they see disrupted patterns in and along the Gulf of Mexico Coral reefs, flocks of sea birds, crab- and shrimp-filled meadows and dune-crowned beaches were wrapped up in — and altered by — the force of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Dennis "Nothing's been like this," said Abby Sallenger, a US Geological Survey oceano

Earth magnetic field gone in a few centuries

No kidding, just another thing to worry about I think I will leave this one to the next few generations : http://wwwpbsorg/wgbh/nova/magnetic/abouthtml Like the plot of a sci-fi B movie, something weird is happening deep underground where the constant spin of Earth's liquid metallic core generates an invisible magnetic force field that shields our planet from harmful radiation in space Gradually, the field is growing weaker Could we be heading for a demagnetized doomsday that

Undersea quake rocks eastern Indonesian 7.7 mag

[quote]The earthquake occurred in the Banda Sea about 120 miles south of Ambon city, the USGS said It occurred at a depth of 212 miles The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said no destructive tsunami threat existed There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago, is prone to seismic upheaval because of its location atop a volcanically active region known as the Pacific "Ring of Fire" [url=http://wwwcnncom/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/01

2006 is the warmest year on record

Horray, something good is happening, errr maybe not http://wwwmsnbcmsncom/id/11009001/ A surprising Arctic warm spell is responsible for a 2005 that was likely the warmest year since instrument recordings began in the late 1800s, a leading researcher said Tuesday in describing a new federal analysis James Hansen, director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said the analysis had to estimate temperatures in the Arctic from nearby weather stations because no direct data

Wildfires continue to rage across Oklahoma (USA)

Fires continue to rage across Oklahoma in the USA Posted 1/16/2006 11:10 AM [quote] OKLAHOMA CITY AP — Fueled by high winds and dry conditions, wildfires across Oklahoma scorched more than 2,700 acres and destroyed at least one home on Sunday, fire officials said Eighteen fires were reported Sunday to the Oklahoma Fire Response command center in Shawnee, the largest a blaze north of Stillwater that had consumed 580 acres, said Tracy Farley, an information officer at the center

U.N. agency looks back at 2005 extremes - Global Warming?

[quote][size=4][b]UN agency looks back at 2005 extremes[/b][/size] 12:09 pm ET Dec 15, 2005 GENEVA - Catastrophic storms like Hurricanes Katrina and Stan took weather extremes to new levels in 2005, with flooding and heatwaves touching almost every continent, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization said on Thursday But in an annual review, WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said that while high temperatures and heavy rains could probably be linked to global warming, this phe

Weather and Quake Prediction Thread

[b]Post Famous Earth Changes Predictions or your own [/b] When will Mount St Helen Erupt When will California fall into the ocean I feel we will see a big quake in California this year

Catastrophic collapse in the Pacific Ocean

More evidence of the changes in the world A tragic situation developing http://newsindependentcouk/environment/article326752ece [b]A catastrophic collapse in sea and bird life numbers along America's Northwest Pacific seaboard is raising fears that global warming is beginning to irreparably damage the health of the oceans [/b] Scientists say a dramatic rise in the ocean temperature led to unprecedented deaths of birds and fish this summer all along the coast from central Califor

Cloud shapes may predict earthquakes

Ujjain-born Varahamihira 505-587 AD is best known for Pancha-Siddhantika The Five Astronomical Cannons, a compendium of Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Indian astronomy, and Brihat Samahita, which is considered a seminal text on ancient Indian astronomy and astrology One particular reference in the Brihat Samahita translated into English states that one week before a quake, [quote]huge clouds resembling blue lily, bees and collyrium in colour, rumbling pleasantly and shining with flashes

North Pole melt leads to a rush of exploiters

This is a real eye opening article on the exploitation of the North Pole Whats interesting is that the resources tied up there and will be exploited are the same as caused the problems in the first place, oil Much more on the site, worth the read [url=http://wwwnytimescom/2005/10/10/science/10arctichtmlhp&ex=1128916800&en=5da9c78e4db3c539&ei=5094&partner=homepage]New York Times[/url] CHURCHILL, Manitoba - It seems harsh to say that bad news for polar bear
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