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How programmes on a project see each other - image

Those SysAdmins, they just don't give a F

Wanting to learn to code is admirable, but this video is appallingly cringeworthy

Watch the interview with the empty headed woman at 5:34 who thinks you can learn to TEACH coding in one day Talk about pulling stats out of thin air

The heart of your Toyota has code so bad its embarrasing, and potentially life threatening

You would imagine that the code that runs your car, and controls all the safety functions would be meticulous After all lives, money and reputations depend on it Not so say NASA programmers who examined the code in a 2002 Toyota Camry Its awful Think of that when you are commuting to work next For example a global variable is any piece of software anywhere in the system can get to that number and read it or write it The academic standard is zero Toyota had more than 10,000 global Mi

Seoul tears down motorway builds park with river instead

A wonderful example on how to return a city to the people Two years ago several million people headed to a park in the centre of Seoul, the capital of South Korea and seventh largest city in the world They didn't go for a rock festival, a football match or a political gathering, but mostly to just marvel at the surroundings, to get some fresh air and to paddle in the river that runs through it But this was no ordinary park or river The very old people of Seoul still remember how, more t

Lightsail spacecraft goes dead because programmers appended a data file instead of replacing it

A new spacecraft that was going to test out new technologies went dead soon after launch because the data file it sent back was being added to, and not replaced, every time it was sent So it progressively grew larger until it crashed the system Such a small issue with such a huge outcome The Planetary Society’s LightSail test mission is paused while engineers wait out a suspected software glitch that has silenced the solar sailing spacecraft Following a successful start to the mission la

An epidemic of myopia is affecting up to 90% of youth in Asia - now they know why ...

East Asia has been gripped by an unprecedented rise in myopia, also known as short-sightedness Sixty years ago, 10–20% of the Chinese population was short-sighted Today, up to 90% of teenagers and young adults are In Seoul, a whopping 965% of 19-year-old men are short-sighted Other parts of the world have also seen a dramatic increase in the condition, which now affects around half of young adults in the United States and Europe — double the prevalence of half a century ago By some

The Equation Group - The most advanced cyber attackers the world has seen - Guess who they are

For several years, Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team GReAT has been closely monitoring more than 60 advanced threat actors responsible for cyber-attacks worldwide The team has seen nearly everything, with attacks becoming increasingly complex as more nation-states got involved and tried to arm themselves with the most advanced tools However, only now Kaspersky Lab’s experts can confirm they have discovered a threat actor that surpasses anything known in terms of complexi

Amazing WebGL fluid webpage.

Click and drag to see the effects Its great! https://haxiomicgithubio/GPU-Fluid-Experiments/html5/

The 3rd Industrial revolution is about to hit - Rise of the machines - insightful article.

Its easy to dismiss fearful writings about the future as scaremongering, however this is no mere hack, Nouriel Roubini is famous for his economic predictions coming true Read the article, its important for your kids http://wwwroubinisedgecom/nouriel-unplugged/rise-of-the-machines-downfall-of-the-economy [quote] I decided to speak about the microchip—because the microchip may well replace the human race Yes, I’m being intentionally provocative here: but it isn’t just becaus

Teachers still believe and practice myths about the brain

Myths like left brain/ right brain are hard to die, even now educational institutions still use them I encounter these myths masking as science all the time Myths about the brain and how it functions are being used to justify and promote teaching methods that are essentially “ineffective”, according to new research The study, published today in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, began by presenting teachers in the UK, Turkey, Greece, China and the Netherlands, with seven myths about the brain

Whats your ranking as a programmer? Check out this matrix

Programming is such an enormous field that its hard to determine where you are in relation to other programmers You may be 'expert' in one area yet a total newbie in another, but still working well Its a skill where you learn what you need However its good to get an overview of what are the fundamental areas you might encounter, and this matrix rates them in an interesting and informative manner http://sijinjosephcom/programmer-competency-matrix/ Here is a good article on how to impr

Google knows where you have been - interesting Android tracking

If you have a Google account and have it connected to your android phone it records where you have been, even when you don't specify it Its handy to see https://mapsgooglecom/locationhistory/b/0/

Humans need not apply- an insight into the future we face with the rise of computerized automation

Interesting and insightful video on the rise of the machines, and the coming obsolescence of humans

The two wheel drive all terrain floatable motorcycle - video

The Russian Taurus 2×2 All-Terrain Motorcycle is on a league of its own The two-wheel drive system coupled with super chunky tires allows it to transverse across the toughest terrain imaginable, going where four-wheel drive vehicles can’t At a mere 47 to 74 kilograms means it is lightweight enough to be picked up and carry over, or at least drag, to where you want to go

Popular cheap Chinese smartphone found to contain extensive spying software

On a cheap copy of the Samsung Galaxy S4 factory installed spy software has been discovered that can copy all the personal data of the user and eavesdrop on calls translated from German This is the phone on Amazon http://wwwamazoncom/Generic-Star-N9500-Android-MTK6589/dp/B00C3UYRYA Security researchers from G Data have discovered pre-installed malicious code in the firmware of smartphones Star N9500 The Trojan allows to spy on the user of the mobile phone comprising: personal data c
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