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Strange tubular clouds - Morning Glory clouds

These long, clouds can grow to be 600 miles long and can move at up to 35 miles per hour, causing problems for aircraft even on windless days Such rolls clouds are best known in northern Australia as the Morning Glory This is one of the world’s greatest weather phenomena Around this time of year, the Morning Glory rolls in near dawn as one or more tubular clouds rapidly advances low across the Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Queensland It can span the entire horizon in a spectacular di

NASA tests its new Lander - video

This video collage provides several views of the robotic lander prototype during its second free flight test The lander is captured in flight from overhead and side mounted cameras in high definition and infrared video The infrared video allows engineers to see how the vehicle is behaving thermally as well as how the thrusters pulse during test since the thruster plumes are invisible to the naked eye NASA’s looking forward to the day it can send these spacecraft to airless bodies and

Tree climbing robot can scale any tree - video

So when the robot revolution you think you can hide in the trees Think again The crawling contraption, which is inspired by worms, is thought to be the first robot that can climb a tree by itself Treebot is the brainchild of the advanced robotics team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong It can climb any tree trunk using two grippers that dig into the bark Its slinky-like body moves its front end first, then pulls its back up to meet it, just like the movement of an inchworm The

Things that happen on the net every 60 seconds

Let's say that it takes you exactly one minute to read through this post Here's what happens on the Internet every 60 seconds Of course these statistics will change over time, so what is the same this week might not be the same next week Search engine Google serves more that 694,445 queries 6,600+ pictures are uploaded to Flickr 600 videos are uploaded to YouTube, amounting to 25+ hours of content 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040

Kiwifruit - the most nutritious fruit in the world

Turns out the humble kiwifruit is the most nutritious fruit in the world! Kiwi tops the list when it comes to SuperFoods From a study of 27 different fruits, kiwi was named one of the most nutritionally dense, says Stephanie Dean, RD, dietitian with Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas It's full of antioxidants, vitamin E, and lutein and can ward off vision problems, prevent blood clots, and lower cholesterol almost effectively as the SuperFood barley Dr Steven Pratt calls ki

Lonely people have longer and hotter showers to compensate for the need for social warmth

Yale University researchers have discovered that feelings of social exclusion are strongly linked with taking more frequent baths and showers, lingering longer in them, and preferring higher temperatures This effect was consistent and highly significant across a variety of experiments with about 400 people ages 18 to 65, with loneliness triggering a need for social warmth that could "be satisfied instead by applications of physical warmth" In other words, instead of a hot bath being

Too Much Coffee Causes Hallucinations

Big coffee drinkers are taking a latte break from reality, with half of them likely to hallucinate or hear things, the Herald Sun reported If the break is supposed to be a stress-buster -- as it often is -- that makes things worse And if a cigarette is involved, you're playing with fire Research at Victorian university La Trobe found that stressed coffee lovers are three times more likely to see or hear imaginary things than everyone else In tests, they heard Bing Crosby singing "White

How does Prozac work? It builds new brain cells and stops the brain from shutting down

Depression is a sign that your brain is shutting down Trapped into a stress related feedback loop it cuts out all but the most important brain functions leading into a spiral down to depression The scientists showed that fluoxetine gave brain cells the ability to take on new roles and form new connections, which erased the symptoms of the disorder Numerous studies had shown that chronic stress damages the brain by suppressing the release of trophic factors In a series of influential pape

From any event all possible outcomes reduce down to 1 owing to its relationship with its environment and that is what we see. So

While most of us simply take it for granted that we should be able to observe our universe, it is a different story for cosmologists When they apply quantum mechanics - which successfully describes the behaviour of very small objects like atoms - to the entire cosmos, the equations imply that it must exist in many different states simultaneously, a phenomenon called a superposition Yet that is clearly not what we observe Cosmologists reconcile this seeming contradiction by assuming that t

Check the radiation level of your Cell Phone - Motorola is the worst

With recent news of a possible link between cell phone radiation and risk of brain cancer, you may have a new-found interest in knowing how much radiation your mobile handset is giving off — or, more importantly, how much your body might be absorbing The FCC's legal limit for mobile phones is 16 Watts of radio frequency energy per kilogram, using a measure called Specific Absorption Rate SAR The Environmental Working Group, which tracks SAR data for more than 1,300 cell phone and smar

Martin Jetpack flying machine in the final stages of development - video

The Martin Jetpack, literally a strap-on personal flying machine, is now in the final stages of development, with the first machines to be dispatched for solo flights by the end of the year However the video of the jetpack shown in the wild, when all other videos have been only indoors, fails to convince that its a safe stable platform for flying In this release its a calm day with no wind, yet the jetpack gently moves across the landscape at a slow speed How would it perform under windy

News media spout crap over Gliese 581d a so called earthlike planet

Pop science and a desire for advertising lead to some pretty stupid articles sometimes, but nothing takes the cake of this one on Gliese 581d, a "planet with a stable atmosphere, comfortable temperatures, and a surface covered in liquid water It's the first planet orbiting another star that could definitely support life, and it's basically next door" Reading the article however brings up another set of reality that has nothing to do with the headlining text What the stupid media s

Map of the world made by Facebook connections - image

This map of the world is drawn using connections between 10 million Facebook friends, is interesting enough in itself until you realize that all of the country borders are entirely drawn using Facebook friend connections too Note the huge holes of Russia, China, Canada and some Middle Eastern countries Even if the world was dark and totally unmapped, Facebook could produce a remarkably good approximation of most of its continents’ boundaries, and even the borders of some countries

The Hexacopter - a 6 propeller helicopter amazing video

The hexacopter is a six propeller helicopter with the ability to carry a payload These are popular in Germany, as you can attach cameras to them and other loads These great video show how fast they can fly and some of the things you can do with them [flash=640x480]http://vimeocom/moogaloopswfclip_id=6194911[/flash] Here is a recently updated version with camera attachments It looks great! It has GPS and waypoints so it will fly to predetermined places via a laptop, as well as a g

Frictionless magnetic levitating toy train

I envy anyone who gets to play with liquid nitrogen This toy train example shows some of the neat abilities of magnetic levitation with superconductors The core of the bearings consists of a magnetic rail and super-conducting bulks, cooled to a temperature of -196°C During the cooling process, the magnetic field of the rail will be written in the superconductors, which are positioned at a set distance from the magnetic rail This enables them to retain a set horizontal position in
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