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How to tell if someone is lying? Watch and see if they blink less (maybe)

Traditionally to see if someone is not telling the truth people are meant to blink more, however scientists found that when under pressure the work of trying to keep your story straight means you blink less, as your brain is working overtime However this sort of pop psychology needs to be taken with a degree of skepticism Sure a person my blink less when under interrogation and trying to hold his story straight, but less than what, or whom In this study they had two groups of individu

More soft tissue fossils found, this time with liquid ink 150 million years old

Palaeontologists have drawn with ink extracted from a preserved fossilised squid uncovered during a dig in Trowbridge, Wiltshire The fossil, thought to be 150 million years old, was found when a rock was cracked open, revealing the one-inch-long black ink sac A picture of the creature and its Latin name was drawn using its ink Dr Phil Wilby of the British Geological Survey said it was an ancient creature similar to the modern-day squid "The structure is similar to ink from a mo

Inter-species cooperation between the honeyguide bird and humans - David Attenborough video

In a mutually benificial cooperation man and bird work together and share the spoils Tough on the bees however The Kenyan honeyguide bird has an unusual and very remarkable behavior: it engages in an inter-species collaboration with humans to locate African bee colonies In exchange for their guide service, the birds then share the harvest of the recovered honey Sir David Attenborough explains in this very interesting BBC clip titled Talking to Strangers [flash=640x505]http://wwwy

Super capacitors to change the face of electricity generation and supply available within months?

Scientists have developed a super capacitor that can be used to power vehicles, weapons, and just about anything In an audio conversation that was recorded and then lost / removed / deleted Dick Weir talks about his invention, and how the next source of power will be from Barium mines, instead of the Lithium mines It seems that Lockheed Martin has bought into the research, after all they are looking to mount their huge lasers in aircraft, and any system that cuts down the electricity costs

Cure for radiation sickness found?

Medication that can protect humans against nuclear radiation may have been developed The medication works by suppressing the "suicide mechanism" of cells hit by radiation, while enabling them to recover from the radiation-induced damages that prompted them to activate the suicide mechanism in the first place The ground-breaking medication, developed by Professor Andrei Gudkov Chief Scientific Officer at Cleveland BioLabs - may have far-reaching implications on the balance of power in t

Bizarre medical events - the Lazarus Reflex - when the brain dead raise their arms

Imagine seeing a brain dead patient suddenly raise his or her arms, and then cross them across their chest Is this where zombie stories began The Lazarus sign or Lazarus reflex is a reflex movement in brain-dead patients, which causes them to briefly raise their arms and drop them crossed on their chests in a position similar to some egyptian mummies The phenomenon is named after the Biblical character Lazarus of Bethany, whom Jesus is described as raising from the dead in the Gospel

The human body glows with visible light

The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal Maybe its not just symbolism that famous religious leaders and saints are drawn with a glow of light around their body Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought t

What is it ? Scientific or electrical

I found this at a yard sale and have no idea what it is Would appreciate any help

Why Humanity won't go to Mars any time soon - its too hard

Fifty years ago, space experts thought we'd be there by now Here's why we're not This great article outlines the reasons that we are unprepared, technologically, socially, economically to even consider an attempt to reach Mars in the next few decades In other words, the physical, technical, and economic demands of a Martian mission are too great to be overcome in a decade long, Apollo-like sprint The only solution is to chip away at the problems Well worth reading if you at all in

New moon landing pictures show the Apollo landing sites and even footprints

Goodbye moon conspiracy theories, new photos from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has returned its first imagery of the Apollo moon landing sites The pictures show the Apollo missions' lunar module descent stages sitting on the moon's surface, as long shadows from a low sun angle make the modules' locations evident Below is the Apollo 14 landing site, and you can see where the lunar surface was disturbed by the astronauts bootprints Some of that may also be tracks from a wheelbarr

Massive biological slime/algae found floating in the Arctic

Is biological slime/algae , the most primitive organism, starting to recapture the worlds oceans Its been predicted for years Biological spawns have been recorded elsewhere, now something big and strange is floating through the Chukchi Sea between Wainwright and Barrow Hunters from Wainwright first started noticing the stuff sometime probably early last week It's thick and dark and "gooey" and is drifting for miles in the cold Arctic waters, according to Gordon Brower with the North S

Ford to use Lasers instead of spark plugs in cars

Ford really are being innovative Scientists at Liverpool University and engineers at car giants Ford have developed a new ignition system which uses focused beams of laser light to ignite the fuel The researchers claim the technology is more reliable and efficient than current spark plug technology and will enable cars to start more easily in cold and damp conditions It is understood that Ford hopes to put the laser ignition system into their top of the range vehicles within the next

A new fibre-optic cable no wider than a garden hose has enough bandwidth for 20 million people

The cable runs between New York and London and is the latest in fibre optics Flashing through the eight fibre-optic lines bundled inside its narrow confines, each just the width of a single human hair, is enough bandwidth for 20 million people Every second, 32 terabits of data can fire down the cable, each single piece taking 000072 seconds to complete the 7,600-mile return journey from here to the US To put this almost incomprehensible data-transfer speed into perspective, it's almost

How to make your home wireless signal stronger - wrap the cable around your cell phone

This neat trick shows you how to make the range of your wireless transmitter stronger, using your cell phone Is this a hoax It might be like putting margarine on your network cable to make signal run faster [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/LY8Wi7XRXCA&hl=en&fs=1&[/flash]


Okay, this is something I think you'll all enjoy You all are probably very familiar with the red laser pointers you can buy just about anywhere nowadays right And some of you are probably even familiar with the green "sky pointer" lasers that science fans and astrologists use to specifically point at a single point in the sky, since the beam of a green laser is visible at night Well, I found out something incredible last week High power laser pointers some more than 300x-700x more
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