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Programming nirvana! Microsoft to buy Xamarin?

As a programmer, this is amazing news Microsoft is in the final stages of negotiations that could lead to either an acquisition or major investment in Xamarin, a mobile startup whose tools make it possible to code iOS and Android apps using Microsoft development tools, sources with knowledge of the discussions told CRN recently It's not clear whether the talks are ongoing or if a deal has been finalized But with Microsoft holding its Build conference next month in San Francisco, acquiring

Can't wait till April? Windows 8.1 Update 1 Leaked

If you want to download and install the new user friendly Windows update, you can get it before the rest of us from this interesting legitimate looking site http://wwwdataguysnet/windows-8-1-update-1-leaked/

Massive 400Gbps DDOS attack affecting world wide users

We have been impacted by this attack and this interesting article explains it Monday's DDoS proved these attacks aren't just theoretical To generate approximately 400Gbps of traffic, the attacker used 4,529 NTP servers running on 1,298 different networks On average, each of these servers sent 87Mbps of traffic to the intended victim on CloudFlare's network Remarkably, it is possible that the attacker used only a single server running on a network that allowed source IP address spoofing

When you sleep your brain gets flushed out

A good night's sleep may be the key to preventing brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, a study has found The research, published in the journal Science, found the brain's cleaning activities increased 10-fold during sleep, helping to remove the day's toxic clutter Scientists had long speculated that one of the functions of sleep was to restore and repair the brain, but whether that was the core purpose of sleep remained controversial The researchers, led by Maiken Nedergaard of the U

Gettiing your body to kill cancer by itself - new breakthrough

Not only has this been successfully done, its also easy to implement and quick to administer Who knows, it might be a revolution in medicine http://editioncnncom/2013/12/07/health/cohen-cancer-study/indexhtmlhpt=hp_t2

What sort of sleeper are you and does it matter

Sometimes I wonder if scientists really have enough to do Whats the matter have they cured cancer, solved the oil problems and other pressing issues Instead some guy has been studying how people sleep and supposedly been able to make some personality judgements about it Strikes me as just another form of pop psychology like "find your real self by the way you pick your nose" type tests Personally I sleep and snore unfortunatly on my back and sometimes on my side, often with my fe

Grasshoppers are actually Locusts and can morph back and forth at will. Why can't we morph into cows?

Every Locust is a Grasshopper and if the situation arises they can morph between the two via the expression of their genes 80% of human genes are the same as cows genes, is evolution not developing new genes but about changing the expression of existing genes An excellent article to read Transforming the hopper is gene expression — a change in how the hopper’s genes are ‘expressed’, or read out Gene expression is what makes a gene meaningful, and it’s vital for distinguishing one speci

All humans can see ultraviolet, however the lens of the eye filters it out - people without a lens see the wavelength

People without a lens in their eye are reported to be able to see ultraviolet wavelengths 400 nm - 300 nm that are normally excluded by the lens They perceive this light as whitish blue or whitish violet This is probably because all three of the eye's color receptors are stimulated when a person sees ultraviolet wavelengths which also happens when a person sees a combination of red, green, and blue light Some animals, by contrast, have a fourth color receptor for ultraviolet wavelengt

LG Smart TV's record and send back data of your viewing habits and file names

In a world where invasions of privacy seem to be commonplace, yet another beach has been found Your TV may be spying on you This blogger discovered his LG Smart TV was sending back data to LG about his viewing habits and files When confronted with the information they basically told him to get over it A good read http://doctorbeetblogspotru/2013/11/lg-smart-tvs-logging-usb-filenames-andhtml

Is your brain just a receiver, and not a transmitter of consciousness?

Are brains receivers of consciousness like a TV is a receiver of a TV signal, rather than transmitters If the brain dies or is faulty, does the signal still exist An interesting discussion on consciousness Nothing in the present state of knowledge of neuroscience rules this possibility out True, if you damage certain areas of the brain, certain areas of consciousness are compromised, but this does not prove that those areas of the brain generate the relevant areas of consciousness

Windows 7/ 8 - How to see your battery stats on your laptop and what the Full Charge Capacity of your battery is.

Here is a neat way to check how your battery is going in your laptop Handy to see how much capacity it has left, and if it needs to be replaced This may be only for Windows 8, I haven't tested it on other machines Create a text file on your desktop Open it and add the following code, just cut and paste it in cd %TEMP% powercfg /batteryreport battery-reporthtml Change the name to batterybat, so it becomes a bat file [b]Right click on the file and run as administrato

Self Driving car goes 33 miles without incident - video from inside the car - video

An autonomous Cadillac SRX built by Carnegie Mellon drove itself autonomously 33 miles from Cranberry to the Pittsburgh International Airport flawlessly on September 3, 2013 The next day, it took Bill Shuster, Chairman of the US House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, and Barry Schoch, Secretary of PennDOT, along for the same ride See http://rtmlececmuedu/Shuster for more information Watching the video you are suddenly aware of how complex driving is and how many factors are a

Virgin Galactic's Second Rocket Powered Test Flight - video

Amazing, at least someone is still developing space technology, assuming of course that you classify this 'space' However the technology and potential is great, small steps in a long road

How to freak out a herd of cows - just launch a SpaceX rocket - video

I'd be running around madly as well if I saw this live This is the first time I have ever seen a rocket leave the launch pad, hover, and return That is simply amazing Apparently they've been doing this for a while--the plan is to eventually land Falcon 9 first stages on a concrete pad and thus save 90% of the rocket engines and most of the fuel tanks from loss The upcoming launch of the Falcon 9 v11 is planned to perform a larger-scale test of the proposal by 'soft-landing' a stage in t

Japans first Mag Lev train get a trial run - hits 500kmh - video

The five L0 Series cars zipped along the 266-mile track in nine minutes, hitting 311 mph within the first three miles The reporters on board the futuristic vehicle couldn't feel or hear any disturbance, except for the odd blown mind Outside, however, watching members of the public felt a shockwave followed by a deafening roar as the duck-billed train zoomed past Using results from this trial, the company will be assessing the platypus-like train's potential environmental impact and look
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