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Alzheimers patients improve dramatically with Enbrel - new research

An extraordinary new scientific study, which for the first time documents marked improvement in Alzheimer’s disease within minutes of administration of a therapeutic molecule, has just been published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation This new study highlights the importance of certain soluble proteins, called cytokines, in Alzheimer’s disease The study focuses on one of these cytokines, tumor necrosis factor-alphaTNF, a critical component of the brain’

Massive telescope scans entire sky every 3 days

This is amazing a real warning system to detect near earth objects Such a telescope would also be handy to detect the mysterious objects floating around in earth orbit in another thread : I hope that with Gates funding it its not running on Windows Vista TUCSON, Ariz - A project to build a pioneering telescope in Chile got a $30 million boost Thursday with donations from Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and former company executive Charles Simonyi Simonyi is donating $20 million and

The Sea of mud that never stops flowing in Sidoarjo in Indonesia

Covering 20 square kilometers to the depth of a building A friend has just returned from Sidoarjo in Indonesia and told me about a place he went to that was being covered in mud, not just a little but tons and tons of it never stopping flowing It seems a mining company were drilling a hole looking for oil, but used the wrong type of equipment They hit an area where there was pressureized boiling mud and it just started spewing out the top of their mning hole It never stops, and c

Guy makes GPS for Iphone connects it to google maps

I don't know which is cooler, having made a GPS system for the Iphone, or being able to hack the Iphone to use it Still I want both! [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/RY8OxHeNKfY[/flash]

Forget the LCD or Plasma tv's here come Laser TV's - video

Could this be the future of TVs Forget Plasma or LCD here is the ultimate, Laser Coherent Inc laser optoelectronics will be commercially released next year The colors will be more accurate, have a 50,000 hour life, ultra slim TVs and 50% less weight than plasma/lcd screens I want one : [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/DS6wsJRGqnQ&rel=1&border=0[/flash]

Dopers get big heads from human growth hormones

This is a facinating fact, people who are doping on growth hormones, in particular sports persons, run the risk of getting a physically bigger head Although much of Barry Bonds' testimony dealt with anabolic steroids, he is also charged with having lied about taking human growth hormones And HGH can indeed affect the size of your noggin The hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland, normally stimulates bone and tissue growth throughout the body If there's too much of it, th

Japan develops a robot that understands non verbal communication

Rise of the machines I wonder if the robot can be programmed to respond to rude non verbal communication Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology NICT have developed an autonomous humanoid robot they say can recognize and use body language NICT drew from research in neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology to create an android that relies on body language — ie gestures and touch — to facilitate natural and effec

Big Chunk Of The Universe Is Missing -- Again

OK, who did it it's not funny anymore I blame Google, just because they think they own the internet now they want the universe as well The new calculations might leave the mass of the universe as much as ten to 20 percent lighter than previously calculated[/quote] http://wwwsciencedailycom/releases/2007/11/071102152248htm

Comet Holmes suddenly getting brighter to rival the moon - astronomers amazed

A comet that suddenly brightened earlier this week has astronomers around the globe fascinated And the show could go on for some time Comet Holmes, discovered in 1892, had in recent years been visible only through telescopes until a dramatic outburst made it visible to the naked eye In fewer than 24 hours, it brightened by a factor of nearly 400,000 It has now brightened by a factor of a million times what it was before the outburst, a change "absolutely unprecedented in the annals o

Windfarm in Antarctica investigated

This is a good way to create safe electricity with no environmental pollution, apart from visual pollution A team from Meridian Energy is due to fly south today to conduct feasibility tests around Scott Base, which three years ago was hit by a storm with wind gusts that exceeded 200km/h, and which destroyed the base's wind vane Iain Miller, Antarctica New Zealand's Antarctic services manager, said if the windfarm goes ahead, it would help power Scott Base and also the neighbouring Un

Within 4 years your laptop battery may last for 30 years

A new battery has been developed that could last for 30 years, well beyond the age of the product itself Betavoltaics is an alternative energy technology that promises vastly extended battery life and power density over current technologies What is interesting is the science is being funded by the Airforce Imagine the many applications a battery system like that would aid from sensors to communications, to maybe weapons Your next laptop could have a continuous power battery t

Scottish Smoking Ban Leads to Huge Drop in Heart Attacks

Banning smoking in Scotland has lead to massive health benefits for Scotlands population in just one year A new study provides surprising evidence of the effects of smoking bans: Heart attacks have dropped by 17 percent in Scotland since smoking was banned in public last year The Scots are notorious for their chronically low life expectancy Many drink and smoke too much and their diet often leaves something to be desired -- and so they tend to die a few years before the average Europea

Permafrost melt reveals ancient mammoth poo and ecological crisis

There is the potential here for a good horror story As ancient animal poo thaws and is exposed to the air, it not only creates methane, that may increase global warming, but how do we know that ancient microbes might not be activated as well It could lead to the release of new diseases DUVANNY YAR, Russia Reuters - Sergei Zimov bends down, picks up a handful of treacly mud and holds it up to his nose It smells like a cow pat, but he knows better "It smells like mammoth dung,

Fancy a trip to Mars? It might only take a week

Sometimes you can't be sure is what is acclaimed is really true, or a punt for funding In this case someone has created a new photon thruster engine that would propell a ship from Earth to Mars in one week I like the name "Photon Thruster" sounds really Star Trek "Scotty I need the photon thruster's at 110% "I canna take it much higher captain, its going as fast as it can" An amplified photon thruster that could potentially shorten the trip to Mars from six months to a week

Reverse anthropology documentary in Britian

This is a soon to be released documentary on the experiences of 5 Pacific Island stoneage tribesmen trying to understand how life is in Britian The British do these sort of programs so well, they are totally enjoyable to watch with their unique ideas These tribesmen also have an unusual belief system, they think Prince Phillip is god in flesh : Where do they find these people For centuries, anthropologists have travelled overseas to live among ‘strange’ tribes
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