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Welcome Wireless Electricity !!

No this is not Nicolas Tesla shooting lighting bolts at machines but something that is as revolutionary as wireless telephony because of the shear scope of practical applications From [url=http://wwwsciamcom/articlecfmarticleID=07511C52-E7F2-99DF-3FA6ED2D7DC9AA20&chanID=sa007]Scientific American[/url] : [quote] If you thought wireless Internet made life convenient, try wrapping your mind around wireless power Researchers have successfully lit a 60-watt light bulb by transferr

Hypertrophy - the genetic disorder many men would long for

Like a baby superman, this kid with hypertrophy has the body and the ability of an athlete and bodybuilder, all at 18 months OMG the child is adopted, is his father Jor-Ell ROOSEVELT PARK, Mich -- Liam Hoekstra was hanging upside down by his feet when he performed an inverted sit-up, his shirt falling away to expose rippled abdominal muscles It was a display of raw power one might expect to see from an Olympic gymnast Liam is 19 months old But this precocious, 22-pound boy

Morgellons - the disease that no one believes

Are we seeing the emergence of a new disease, that even now, physicians don't belive in Or is the medical establishment the victims of deluded complainants and hoaxes People with fibres growing out of their skin have been trying to get medical help only to be turned away with the condition described as merely psychological issue The illness involves disorientation, multi-colored fibers bursting from sores, and the sensation of bugs crawling under the skin Is this an age-old delusion

New Jaguar transmission selector puzzles journalists

Jaguar has a new transmission selector called Jaguardrive, spy photos show something of it, but no one knows just yet how it works [quote]Exactly how the shifter works isn't clear, but the flat face contains a round dial that we think will somehow raise into the palm of the driver's hand when the car is started In fact, the dial may not so much rise up as the rings around it retreat so that surface remains flat A turn of the dial, it would seem, selects the PRND of your choice T

Amazing - Giant holes or caves found on Mars

Now this is where the first mars landings should be located, right next to a handy cave This is amazing, forget investigating craters on mars, these 7 holes may be the openings to underground complexes, and the prime place to search for life out of the harsh environment of the surface This black spot is one of seven possible entrances to subterranean caves identified on Mars in a paper presented at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in March The image below is the first one of

Fanta and Pepsi Max may mess with your DNA

The preservative in Fanta and Pepsi max may cause DNA damage and lead to cirrhosis of the liver and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's This is a problem just now discovered, I wonder what other common foods have additives that cause genetic problems I guess only our children will be able to tell us A new health scare erupted over soft drinks last night amid evidence they may cause serious cell damage Research from a British university suggests a common preservative found in drink

Study Confirms Virgin Birth

Scientists have solved the mystery of how a baby shark appeared in a tank of females without the help of a male: it was a virgin birth The bonnethead shark was born through "parthenogenesis", a process where an egg develops into an embryo without being fertilised by sperm Virgin births, possible in some birds, amphibians, reptiles and bony fishes, are extremely rare It had never before been confirmed in cartilaginous fish, such as sharks and rays The birth, in 2001, astonished scientis

Comet destroyed cavemen and mammoths and triggered ice age

New evidence suggests a comet exploded over the Earth nearly 13,000 years ago, creating a hail of fireballs that set fire to most of the northern hemisphere and led to a 1000 year ice age Primitive Stone Age cultures were destroyed and populations of mammoths and other large land animals, such as the mastodon, were wiped out The blast also caused a major bout of climatic cooling that lasted 1,000 years and seriously disrupted the development of the early human civilisations that were emerg

Earths magnetic field about to cease get ready for the next world destruction theory.

in the next few hundred years that is Won't affect us too much compass wise, as the world will be GPS enabled by then But what else does the magnetic field protect us from Dangerous radiation Besides directing compasses, the Earth's magnetic field reaches out into space to direct the flow of the solar wind around the planet forming a structure called the magnetosphere When the wind hits this field it creates a shock wave known as the bow shock Most of the protons and electro

Identical twins who are not identical

Despite being identical twins, these two have a condition where all the nutrients went from one baby to the other Because it endangered their lives they had to be born early Here is one pair of twin brothers that few will have any difficulty telling apart For although Byron and Lincoln Ryman were born within a minute of each other, firstborn Byron - at 3lb 6oz a small baby himself - was precisely three times bigger than his sibling Eleven weeks premature, both boys were given a s

The amazing running sea lilly plant - video

Fancy meeting sea lilly running past when out for a swim Its a pretty creepy looking "plant" A relative of the starfish, crinoids are neither abundant nor well understood Also known as "sea lilies" or "feather stars" the strange creatures consist of a mouthpart, feeding arms and generally have a stem that connects them to the sea floor Scientists have long known that crinoids were capable of moving themselves, albeit at a very slow pace, to outmaneuver predators such as sea ur

Microwave buttered popcorn is killing workers

The butter in the microwave buttered popcorn is killing the workers Can you ever really enjoy it again A group of California food-flavoring workers have been recently diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans, a rare and life-threatening form of fixed obstructive lung disease Also known as [b]popcorn workers lung[/b], because it has turned up in workers at microwave-popcorn factories, the disease destroys the lungs A transplant is the only cure Since 2001, academic studies have shown

Apples new iPhone cellphone

Whats the iPhone like It's a stunner Where can you get information on the new iPhone Hopefully we can get some IPhone information in this thread Here is the official iphone demonstration video on it [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/ZcVz70PeIKo[/flash] Here is the seond iPhone video, its a darn pretty looking phone! [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/52iD3VdAiwc[/flash]

Fully jointed dinosaur fossil found

Unfortunatly there are no pics, but this is the first totally complete 150 million year old dinosaur body yet discovered Paleontologists unearthed a flesh-eating dinosaur some 150 million years old in southern Argentina with all its joints in place, the first time such a beast has been dug up so intact, one of the finders told AFP on Friday The seven-meter 23-foot tall, two-legged dinosaur, dubbed the Condorraptor, was found fossilized with parts of its jaw and head showing in rock

NASA testing methane engines for space

The replacement for the existing liquid hydrogen fuel may be methane, a fuel abundent in the solar system and easier to transport On January 16, 2007, a dazzling blue flame blasted across the sands of the Mojave desert In many respects, it looked like an ordinary rocket engine test, but this was different While most NASA rockets are powered by liquid oxygen and hydrogen or solid chemicals, "we were testing a methane engine," says project manager Terri Tramel of NASA's Marshall Space Fl
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