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NASA to study man who survives on liquids and sunlight

Does this go in the bizzare or the science section : http://wwwsmhcomau/articles/2003/06/29/1056825280652html June 30 2003 An Indian man, who claims to have survived only on liquids and sunlight for eight years, has been invited by NASA to show them how he does it Hira Ratan Manek - also known as Hirachand - a 64-year-old mechanical engineer who lives in the southern state of Kerala, apparently started disliking food in 1992, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported In 1995, h

Europeans are growing taller than Americans blame diet

Why the differing growth spurts This facinating article excerpt explains the ravages of diet on height For centuries governments have kept careful records of their soldiers’ heights, providing a baseline against which modern populations are compared Records for women are much more scarce, but they tend to follow the same trends Looking down these rows of men, four abreast, Komlos could see the shadowy ranks of their ancestors lined up behind them, from West Point cadets and Citadel

Over 4.5 Billion people could die from Global Warming-related causes by 2012

Here's a scarey article on global worming [quote]Hydrate hypothesis illuminates growing climate change alarm Compiled by John Stokes A recent scientific theory called the "hydrate hypothesis" says that historical global warming cycles have been caused by a feedback loop, where melting permafrost methane clathrates also known as "hydrates" spur local global warming, leading to further melting of clathrates and bacterial growth In other words, like western Siberia, the 400

Family found for gigantic flowers

[quote]The 200-year-old mystery of where one of the world's largest flowers sit in the botanical family tree has finally been solved by scientists To their surprise, the plants, which have a one-metre-wide, blood-red, rotten-flesh stinking flower, belong to a family of plants bearing tiny blooms [url=http://newsbbccouk/2/hi/science/nature/6251517stm]BBC Gigantic Flower[/url][/quote] It took them 200 years to figure out what family this big stinky flower belonged to It sure is

MSG: Whats the fuss about !?

[url=http://observerguardiancouk/foodmonthly/story/0,,1522368,00html]Here [/url]is an excellent article that takes us through the history of the 'foreign migrant that has contaminated western kitchens' aka mono sodium glutamate It tries to answer on very good question; If MSG is bad then why don’t all the Asians suffer from headaches Some very interesting facts pop up on how science has conspired with hearsay to propagate fear and how the industry has capitalized on this to dime

Water experiments in the Space Station video

Some experiments with a ball of water in the space station Note the wire loop used to hold the water bubble stationary I imagine that without it it would float around the room and eventually end up on something important I liked the experiment with the Alka Seltser in the water bubble A poster commenting on this video threatened to cut him/her self after hearing the guys voice, so be warned [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/qxk3VqZZBsw[/flash]

Tubbies rejoice - Fat pill works!

THis is actually a big thing, people can eat drink and be merry, and tomorrow they just take a pill : An obesity pill which can help women drop two dress sizes in a year has been hailed by scientists after stunning test results The drug fools the body's metabolism into staying active, cutting weight by 12 per cent in under a year For a 12 and a half stone woman, this would mean shedding 21lb - or two dress sizes The pill, Excalia, is said to work better and faster than existing

Global warming is NOT causing the Pacific islands to sink

The standard political statements around well documented islands in the Pacific that appear to be slowly submerged by rising seas, is that the sea is indeed rising, thus proving Global Warming However reporters don't mention that the islands are built on Coral bases The coral is decaying and the land itself is sinking back into the oceans In many cases the land has been sinking for centuries, and for non coral islands is just the nature of living on volcanic cones that break down What

Giant Squid finally caught off the coast of Japan

Researchers finally caught a giant squid off the Japanese coast I can imagine the joy Japanese fishers will experience knowing now that there is another species of fish that can be pillaged to extinction just off their coast TOKYO, Japan AP -- A Japanese research team has succeeded in filming a giant squid live -- possibly for the first time -- and says the elusive creatures may be more plentiful than previously believed, a researcher said Friday The research team, led by Tsunemi

A Virgin birth is occuring this Christmas!

With a Komodo dragon that is LONDON, England Reuters -- Flora, a pregnant Komodo dragon living in a British zoo, is expecting eight babies in what scientists said on Wednesday could be a Christmas virgin birth Flora has never mated, or even mixed, with a male dragon, and fertilized all the eggs herself, a process culminating in parthenogenesis, or virgin birth Other lizards do this, but scientists only recently found that Komodo dragons do too [quote]Nobody in their wildest d

No Winter for Europe warmest in 500 years

Not fair darn it The summer in New Zealand has been poor, looks like all our warm weather moved north Yet Australia has been suffering from massive bush fires from the drought and the heat Central Europe is experiencing its warmest winter in 500 years and the Alps haven't been this warm in over a millenneum Ski resorts are suffering, as are the bears Only two weeks before the official start of winter, Europe is sweating An unusually warm autumn -- which was last week credited for G

RV bus converted to run on vegetable oil, costs $47 to travel across USA.

Not only is this a great idea, but the writing style is great as well I recommend the read : A cross-country road trip in a RV for a mere $47 of diesel fuel sounds like a bit too much fun to pass up That's exactly the adventure the Adler family undertook this year, and while the $100k+ spent on the RV and waste vegetable oil conversion doesn't make the whole undertaking an exact steal, we've still got mad love for the project http://wwwliquidsolarpowercom/defaulthtm

Nasa plans permanent base on Moon for 2024

NASA's deputy administrator Shana Dale has made the declaration early this week [quote] WASHINGTON, Dec 4 — NASA announced plans on Monday for a permanent base on the Moon, to be started soon after astronauts return there around 2020 The agency’s deputy administrator, Shana Dale, said the United States would develop rockets and spacecraft to get people to the Moon and establish a rudimentary base There, other countries and commercial enterprises could expand the outpost to develo

Feel like a coke?

Look what happens to your body when you drink a can In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system 100% of your recommended daily intake You dont immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down 20 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat Theres plenty of that at this particular moment 40

Scientists have now levitated small live animals using sound

Wow the dawn of a new sport levitating animals I thought levitating beings with sound happened automatically at heavy metal concerts anyway Scientists have now levitated small live animals using sounds that are, well, uplifting In the past, researchers at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi'an, China, used ultrasound fields to successfully levitate globs of the heaviest solid and liquid—iridium and mercury, respectively The aim of their work is to learn how to manu
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