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Scientists Say Mars Had 3 Distinct Eras

[quote]WASHINGTON - Today's cold, dry climate on Mars evolved about 35 billion years ago, ending a period when that planet had seen moist conditions, research indicates An international team of scientists developed a timeline for Mars' geological evolution, reporting in Friday's issue of the journal Science that the planet had three distinct eras If Mars had been hospitable to life, it would only have been in its early, wet years, according to the researchers led by Jean-Pierre Bib

Octopuses have trick elbows

[quote]You might never expect to tell a wobbly-armed octopus to keep its elbows off the dinner table, but new research reveals the creatures stiffen their arms to form humanlike joints to guide food to their mouths A three-jointed human arm has only seven degrees of freedom, which are defined as the types of movements each joint can perform Your shoulder and wrist each have three degrees of freedoms—each can tilt up and down, turn left and right, and can roll in a circular motion Your e

50,000 Volt Tesla Coil Experiments

[quote]The guys over at GadgetMadness show us how not to use a 50,000 volt capacity Tesla coil Video clip after the jump [url=http://wwwtecheblogcom/indexphp/tech-gadget/50000-volt-tesla-coil-experiments]Video[/url][/quote] Watch the video, it's pretty neat

Watching the brain 'switch off' self-awareness

Your self-awareness shuts down when you concentrate on something Self-awareness, regarded as a key element of being human, is switched off when the brain needs to concentrate hard on a tricky task, found the neurobiologists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel The team conducted a series of experiments to pinpoint the brain activity associated with introspection and that linked to sensory function They found that the brain assumes a robotic functionality when

Mobile phones with built in video projector

The next generation of phones are going to be amazing, already I have seen some with live TV ability Now you can use them as projectors http://timeshankookicom/lpage/tech/200604/kt2006041317401711780htm A South Korean company developed a coin-size laser video projector module that can fit into portable gadgets such as mobile phones and digital cameras Iljin Display Thursday demonstrated various prototypes of mini-size projectors, which use its Single LCD Panel technology Usin

Nasa researching anti matter spaceship engines

When science fiction becomes science fact Much more on the site http://wwwnasagov/centers/goddard/news/topstory/2006/antimatter_spaceshiphtml The NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts NIAC is funding a team of researchers working on a new design for an antimatter-powered spaceship that avoids this nasty side effect by producing gamma rays with much lower energy Antimatter is sometimes called the mirror image of normal matter because while it looks just like ordinary matter,

Full color pic of Mars

This sharp view of the martian surface from the HiRISE camera includes image data with a full resolution of about 25 meters per pixel - recorded from a range of 2,500 kilometers 47meg size its big http://antwrpgsfcnasagov/apod/image/0604/marscolor1_hirise_fjpg small version below

Geologists Find Ancient Worm Feces

[quote]STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Swedish geologists have found fossilized feces from a worm that lived some 500 million years ago, media reports said Wednesday The tiny piles of feces were found embedded in rock-face near Malmo in southern Sweden by geologists Mats Eriksson and Fredrik Terfelt, newspaper Sydsvenskan reported Eriksson told the newspaper they examined the level of phosphorus of the samples and that "we realized pretty soon that it could not be anything other than coprolites,

Total Eclipse As Seen by Astronauts on the ISS

[quote][b]Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006[/b] The International Space Station ISS was in position to view the umbral ground shadow cast by the Moon as it moved between the Sun and the Earth during the solar eclipse on March 29, 2006 This astronaut image captures the umbral shadow across southern Turkey, northern Cyprus, and the Mediterranean Sea People living in these regions observed a total solar eclipse, in which the Moon completely covers the Sun’s disk The astronaut photo

11 Million Year Old Rat is not Extinct - Photo

[quote][b]A rodent that "came back from the dead" after supposedly going extinct millions of years ago appears to be more common than previously thought [/b] The Laotian rock rat, known locally as the kha-nyou, was identified as a species new to science in 2005 It was spotted at a hunter's market in Laos by researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society WCS A return visit has uncovered more specimens, suggesting the squirrel-like animal may not be that rare The creat

Penguins Survived when Dinosaurs Died

[quote]New analysis of the world's oldest fossil penguins confirms some birds survived the mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, researchers say The penguins once lived in shallow seas off New Zealand's east coast 60 million years ago Now a molecular study, published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, links them closely to modern penguins Co-author Associate Professor Ewan Fordyce from the University of Otago says penguins are specialised bir

Everest Expedition Uncovers Exotic Species

[quote] Scientists from Conservation International and Disney's Animal Kingdom recently launched a two-month scientific expedition into six regions of the Tibetan "Sacred Lands" in the mountains of Southwest China and Nepal Today they announced the discovery of a pocket of the world rich in extraordinary flora and fauna "The fact that we found so many new species in such a harsh environment, as well as documented several rare and endangered species is good news for these two

Unuasually bright soil on Mars

This is an interesting article from Nasa What is this bright soil on Mars Several times while rolling across Mars, the treads of the robotic rover Spirit have serendipitously uncovered unusually bright soil Spirit uncovered another batch unexpectedly last month while rolling toward its winter hibernation location on McCool Hill The physics and chemistry instruments on Spirit have determined the soil, shown above, contains a high content of salts including iron-bearing sulfates

Black Holes Bound to Merge

[quote]Two supermassive black holes have been found to be spiraling toward a merger, astronomers said today The collision will create a single super-supermassive black hole capable of swallowing material equal to billions of stars, the researchers said Mergers between black holes are thought to be one way they grow A handful of similar setups have been observed in which black holes appear inevitably on a merger course This pair, at the center of a galaxy cluster called Abell 400, was

Scientists Get Clues on How Planets Form

[quote]LOS ANGELES - Scientists think they have solved the mystery of how planets form around a star born in a violent supernova explosion, saying they have detected for the first time a swirling disk of debris from which planets can rise The discovery is surprising because the dusty disk orbiting the pulsar, or dead star, resembles the cloud of gas and dust from which Earth emerged Scientists say the latest finding should shed light on how planetary systems form "It shows that plane
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