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Did Strange Quarks Hit the Earth??

A group of researchers have identified two seismic events that they think provide the first evidence of a previously undetected form of matter passing through the Earth The so-called strange quark matter is so dense that a piece the size of a human cell would weigh a tonne The two events under study both took place in 1993 Other scientists are tantalised, saying that while these seismic disturbances are unlikely to have been caused by strange quark matter, they do not as yet have

Playboy pigs and luxury bedding

http://editioncnncom/2002/TECH/science/11/20/offbeatpamperedpigsreut/indexhtml LONDON Reuters -- Piglets may be happy wallowing in mud, but they get a much better start in life if they are nurtured on a warm waterbed The only time I ever slept on a waterbed it just made me ill

Run Away Black Holes Prove Creation Theory

[b]Black Hole Breakaway: Supernova Gives Birth to Cosmic Monster[/b] A black hole shot from a spectacular cosmic explosion is racing across the Milky Way four times faster than the stars around it, astronomers announced today The discovery is among the best evidence that black holes are indeed the invisible offspring of supernova, the catastrophic and explosive deaths of massive stars The object is at least 6,000 light years away and is headed roughly in our direction but poses no immed
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