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Life on a production line: Working in an Android Tablet factory in China - video

Interesting video of a production line building cheap Boxchip A13 Tablets It looks like an official tour and the workers were dressed up for it as well as being silent The 10 taps that the person who was booting up the screens had to do was interesting like a human timer Sad to see so much young potential wasted doing machine work, but it has always been so [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/AfyAjkPIYyc[/flash]

New tech GPS bicycle tracker - video

What a great idea, a GPS tracker that is embedded in the stem of the bike and activates when the bike is stolen It runs off a SIM card and rechargeable batteries Its a practical tool especially if the GPS only activates when the bike is stolen thus consuming very little power Smartphones and bikes are being integrated constantly With this device, everything is made seamless Spybike is a GPS tracker that hides in the steer tube It uploads coordinates both to your phone and a website i

Kaspersky discover a new espionage virus 20 times more complicated than stuxnet

A massive, highly sophisticated piece of malware has been newly found infecting systems in Iran and elsewhere and is believed to be part of a well-coordinated, ongoing, state-run cyber espionage operation The malware, discovered by Russia-based anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab, is an espionage toolkit that has been infecting targeted systems in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, the Israeli Occupied Territories and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa for at least two years Dubbed

Shine a laser through a drop of water and project the image on your wall -video

A laser pointer, a dirty drop of water, and a wall, make an awesome projection Someone decided to shine a laser through a drop of dirty water and project the results on the wall This simple technique made an amazing projection of living beings in the drop of water The cat sure enjoyed it! [quote]After witnessing the image of a mosquito in a laser beam outside, I decided to investigate the phenomenon further I started by locating scuzzy water Ponds lacking, I decided to take water out of

The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol - video

The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol comes as the very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol of all times The original idea came about ten years back to Swiss armourer Vivian Mueller, who at the time experienced cutting and welding together multiple parts of the famous Sig P210: the result was a long slide, double barrel 9mm, highly decorated collector piece, which indeed shot very well Our idea took the challenge further: to commemorate the legendary Colt 1911-A1 in the Centen

Orange and Blue are everywhere in movie advertising - image

Have You Ever Noticed: Movies lately have decided the only two colors they need are teal and orange and it's usually unnaturally orange-tinted skin tones against blue skies: Since most movies are about humans, you simply find the closest thing to a human's skin tone on the color wheel somewhere on the upper right and then make everything else the opposite, most contrasting color that is, the color on the opposite side of the wheel, or lower left Teal and orange From the beginning

Wind turbine condenses 1000 liters of water a day from desert air

If you live in or travel through a desert region, having access to clean water is always going to be an issue If you canít carry enough for your journey, you have to ensure your route allows for a few water bottle refills But the lack of water in deserts and other arid locations may soon be a thing of the past if a new wind turbine system is implemented on a large scale Marc Parent, founder of Eole Water, realized that he could extract water from the air after noticing how much water an a

Bee colony collapse solved - GM corn syrup fed to bees contains insecticide

GM corn bred with an insecticide is converted to high-fructose corn syrup that bee keepers use to feed their bees The insecticide disorientates the bees and they get lost and die Scientists with the Harvard School of Public Health HSPH have re-created the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder in several honeybee hives simply by giving them small doses of a popular pesticide, imidacloprid Bee populations have been dying mysteriously throughout North America and Europe since 2006, but the

Humanoid robot modeled on human skeleton and muscles - video

High on the creep you out scale this robot with a face that will haunt your dreams is based on the human body's design with muscles and skeleton I am sure its looking for Sarah Connor [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/1dpB1yHxkuA[/flash]

All 1.3 billion cows on the planet today come from just 80 cows

There are about 13 billion cows in the world today That makes just a bit of a change from 10,500 years ago, when the first population of domesticated cattle was likely just eighty head That's the new finding from a team of British, French, and German researchers, who extracted DNA from cow bones found at an Iranian archaeological site that dates to not long after the domestication of cows They discovered that the differences between these ancient DNA sequences and those of modern cattle

Sand Flea robot jumps over 30 feet - video

The Sand Flea Robot can jump atop a 30-foot building with a single bound Developed by Boston Dynamic as a tool to obtain information for the US military, the Sand Flea, aptly named because of its incredible jumping ability, will hopefully aid soldiers in war zones by revealing potential threats, CNET reported The robot has four wheels and weighs 11 pounds It can jump up to 30 feet high when not actually in a forward moving motion by using CO2 fired from a piston And it can jump 25 time

Is it an Android or is it a Condom? - image

Sure sex sells any product the but names of Android cell phones are becoming a bit too Freudian at the moment

Brain scans of Nasa astronauts reveal serious deformities

Movie plots of astronauts going mad might become real in the future Brain scans of Nasa astronauts who have returned to Earth after more than a month in space have revealed potentially serious abnormalities that could jeopardise long-term space missions Doctors examined 27 astronauts who had flown long-duration missions with the US space agency and found a pattern of deformities in their eyeballs, optic nerves and pituitary glands that remain unexplained The problems are similar to

Extract your own DNA with simple kitchen materials - video

Ever wish you could see the strands of genetic material that make youyou You can, and there's no fancy lab equipment required In this NOVA video short, learn how to extract your own DNA using just a few common household items The three steps are pretty much exactly what scientists do when extracting DNA in the lab First, you collect cells in salt water, which is similar to buffer solutions used in labs Then, break them open with soap in the lab, a detergent like Triton-X, which di

The brain is sensitive to light sent through the ears

The winter season sometimes comes along with depression and lack of energy and this is called seasonal-affective disorder SAD It is thought that the reason why people develop this disorder is shortage of natural light and so the obvious treatment for these patients is light therapy This consists of exposing the patient to a bright, full-spectrum light at certain times of the day The effectiveness and exact mechanism of this light-treatment was not fully understood until now, until rese
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