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Interdimensional Photography

[quote]Welcome to another year of Interdimensional Photography In the latter part of 2005, I began to notice new phenomena in my images, as well as in the images of others, who shared theirs with me What became noticeable primarily were electromagnetic energies and bizarre frequencies of light Without a knowledge of physics, per se, I can only surmise that these energies and light aberrations are perhaps qualities of the Earth changes we are now experiencing I also began to wonder if these

UFO buffs say official denial is alien to us

[quote]SHEFFIELD, England Reuters -- Last month, the British Ministry of Defence made public a top secret report on UFOs, concluding that three decades of sightings had failed to produce evidence of visiting extraterrestrials Case closed for alien aficionados Not so Far from alleviating UFO buffs' suspicions that governments are concealing what they know, the report has intensified them "I just e-mailed the MoD explaining my disgust at their latest UFO report," an Internet UFO

Crop Circle Shows 3-D Hyperdimensional Geometry

[quote]What we see in the above diagram is completely incredible For what appears to be the first time, we have an image depicting an "unwrapped" octahedron in a "Crop circle" of truly epic size, now more appropriately called a "crop formation" If any of us decide to trace out this pattern on paper, cut it out and fold the edges as shown, we will indeed have a scale model of an octahedron The numbered triangles in the crop circle diagram all fit together as shown on the three Davi

Crop Circle History

Here is a very nicely laid out history of crop circles There may be some hoaxes out there but most are made from an energy source, beams of lights and white glowing balls are seen occassionly Magnetism is also a part of crop circles [quote][b]So it's all done with planks and bits of string, is it![/b] or what the skeptics haven't told you Crop circles are organized harmonic forms that manifest around the world, the result of an energy interacting with the physical world - i

UK says UFOs caused by natural forces, not aliens

[quote]LONDON Reuters - Hopes -- or fears -- that the Earth has been visited by alien life forms have been dismissed in an official report by British defense specialists The Ministry of Defense confirmed Sunday a secret study completed in December 2000 had found no evidence that "flying saucers" or unidentified flying objects were anything other than natural phenomena The 400-page report, released under freedom of information laws to an academic from the northern city of Sheffield,

Famous alien autopsy video a hoax.

Some people have all the fun!! [url=http://wwwtimesonlinecouk/article/0,,2087-2136617,00html]timesonline[/url] THE creator of Max Headroom, a 1980s television cyber-presenter, has claimed he was one of the hoaxers behind the Roswell film, the grainy black and white footage supposedly showing a dead alien being dissected by American government scientists after a UFO crash Alien Autopsy, a movie about the footage, is currently on release across Britain It stars real-life televisio

Area 51

Here is a source site for area 51 [quote]Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, is a secret military facility about 90 miles north of Las Vegas The number refers to a 6-by-10-mile block of land, at the center of which is a large air base the government will not discuss The site was selected in the mid-1950s for testing of the U-2 spyplane, due to its remoteness, proximity to existing facilities and presence of a dry lake bed for landings Groom Lake is America's traditional testing ground for

Chiropractor Claims He Can Go Back in Time

[quote]COLUMBUS, Ohio - A chiropractor who claims he can treat anyone by reaching back in time to when an injury occurred has attracted the attention of state regulators The Ohio State Chiropractic Board, in a notice of hearing, has accused James Burda of Athens of being "unable to practice chiropractic according to acceptable and prevailing standards of care due to mental illness, specifically, Delusional Disorder, Grandiose Type" Burda denied that he is mentally ill He said he poss

The search for Terrestrial Intelligence - Project SETI

[quote]Project SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, began life as a government-funded project to eavesdrop on outer space in hopes of hearing encoded messages suggesting the presence of intelligent life After concluding it was wasting tens of millions of dollars, the government handed the project over to a privately funded research group SETI's mission was to seek out intelligent life by distinguishing between blind chance patterns and intelligent information on the

The Gospel of Judas emerges

http://wwwcsmonitorcom/2006/0307/p01s02-lirehtml sigh a fake that will stir up the sort of people who liked the Da Vinchi code Despite the enticing name, experts say it was written at least a century after Judas Iscariot died, so it's apt to be most interesting to academics who concentrate on second-century gnosticism, Robinson says When the Gospel of Judas first surfaced in Geneva in 1983, scholars wondered if the mysterious text could trigger a reappraisal of history's most

Islamic prophecy

Now this is interesting, prophecy by Muslims about what they expect to happen http://wwwislamtc/prophecies/ We are fortunate to have been given so much knowledge of the coming events as the Last Day Qiyamah draws closer http://wwwislamtc/prophecies/jesushtml http://crystalinkscom/islamic2html The ground will cave in: one in the east, one in the west, and one in Hejaz, Saudi Arabia Fog or smoke will cover the skies for forty days The nonbelievers will fall

An Introduction to Ceremonial Magic

[quote]Magic, or Magick as it is known by Thelemites and neo-religions, is a melange of disciplines; principle of these is curiosity Magic follows a similar line to Gnosticism in that it is the search for ‘gnosis’, or knowledge Secondary skills include: astrononomy/astrology, mathematics geometry, trigonometry, calculus and algebra, linguistics – modern French, German and Italian, and classic Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic; calligraphy and penmanship, artistry and copying; memory, lat

Flying Discs Are Back (UFO's)

[quote]This week; Files cover the Top Ten List of Habitable Planets, Moon and Mars have artificial structures and Atmospheric 'sprites' captured Photos of discs from Ohio, Washington, and Mexico Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia UFOs were seen in Argentina

Evidence of Children’s UFO and Extraterrestrial Encounters

[quote]Perth, Australia PRWEB February 22, 2006 -- A former registered nurse who has worked with hundreds of clients, including many children, will be revealing evidence of their encounters with extraterrestrial beings at an upcoming conference in Montreal, Canada After a decade of research as a professional counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, Australia’s Mary Rodwell says that there is now enough evidence to conclude that these “beings” appear to come from other planets and other dim

Life Goes On: Scientists proves the existence of a soul." (study of near-death experiences}

[quote]Cardiologist Pim van Lommel did a monumental study of near-death experiences—which raises fascinating questions about life after death, DNA, the collective unconscious, and everyone’s karma When the The Lancet published his study of near-death experiences, Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel couldn’t have known it would make him into one of the world’s most-talked-about scientists It seems everyone wants to know about the man who managed to get his study of this controversial topic
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