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Watch Sophie the dog sense an earthquake 4 seconds before it happens. video

Amazing she feels the vibrations and then takes off Sophie is seen 15 seconds prior to the start of the earthquake, looking sharply at the floor and dismissing it About 15 seconds later she again looks sharply at the floor and bolts to the other end of the room when the rumble starts, trying to locate her owner -- who is not the first person out the door, but the third person out, Jessica Sophie can be seen directly behind Jessica as her back and tail graze the lower right-hand corn

Dr Hooks song "Sylvia's Mother" was based on a true story, here it is - video

The tearjerker song "Sylvia's Mother" of a young guy trying to connect to his ex girlfriend, was actually based on a true event and is recounted in this video

Australians invent a new sport - Stadium Supertrucks! - video

So take some 4WD utes, with huge tires race them around a track and make them jump ramps Its awesome! Skip to the end for an amazing finish

Landrover buys an old Landrover, fixes it up and returns it to the last owners - video

Four university friends from New Zealand had listed their beaten and broken 1957 Series I Land Rover, christened ‘The Landy’, for sale on an auction site, following 15 years of ownership The listing told the story of their many adventures and their sorrow at parting with their beloved Land Rover While Will Radford, Jeremy Wells, Anthony Dawson and James Shatwell thought they were closing a chapter with the sale, fate intervened when the team at Land Rover New Zealand read the ad and hatche

Amazing video of a virtual house by next generation Unreal 4 Game Engine - video

The shading, the detail, the textures, if you saw this video without an explanation you would think it was a real place Maybe the lack of reflection in the mirror might trigger a question But its all virtual Amazing Couple it with Occulus Rift, and you have a new addiction

Is this the ultimate worst parking video?

This video isn't for the faint of heart There's nothing that dramatic, but it only takes a few seconds before the question of how someone could be so incompetent at simply backing out of a parking space becomes almost too much to bear I love the part where the car she is trying to avoid actually drives away and she never notices! The 97-point turn by a woman in a BMW X3 captured last week in Calgary, Canada, takes four minutes to complete and results in damage to one nearby car, all b

Is this the ultimate best parking video?

There are always amazing parking videos where someone slides into an impossibly small space, but this guy walks away from flipping his car over a concrete wall and parking nicely [img]http://iimgurcom/UgVTgFJgif[/img]

How they made the 'Tunnel of Hands' for the movie Labyrinth - video

100 pairs of latex hands were created for this vertical shaft into which a young girl falls Something somewhat Jungian about it all, but fascinating to watch So much work for such a short scene

Great surfing video with a catchy soundtrack Mapusa by Mashti - video and music

This looks like the perfect holiday to dream about, sun, surf, music, and water Well worth watching Here is the song Mashti - Mapusa https://wwwfacebookcom/MashtiProject More tracks from this great record here http://wwwreverbnationcom/madsnordheim

Patrick Otema, 15 was born profoundly deaf. In the remote area of Uganda where he lives there are no schools for deaf children,

Patrick Otema, 15 was born profoundly deaf In the remote area of Uganda where he lives there are no schools for deaf children, and he has never had a conversation Raymond Okkelo, a sign language teacher, hopes to change all this and offer Patrick a way out of the fearful silence he has known his whole life Heartwarming

The biggest pickup in the world - the massive Dodge powerwagon

The largest pickup truck in the world is modeled on the 1950s era Dodge Power Wagon and is precisely 64 times larger than the original It contains a full suite of rooms with the master bedroom in the cab, and can actually drive, sort of The question is why [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/1XUEvkMZHno&hl=en_US&fs=1&[/flash]

Deer and dog race each other up and down a fence line - video

A dog and a deer race up and down a fence line both obviously enjoying the experience Great to see interspecies sports However a smart dog would open the gate just as the deer was about to run passed it

The luckiest cyclist ever? Amazing accident video

He's not wearing a helmet, but watch this idyllic scene turn into near tragedy in an instant

Edge of Tomorrow: Behind the Scenes - Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt video

Real sets, real explosions, and rockets, and real stunts, are they trying to put CGI animators out of a job Great to see Now all I have to do is watch the movie

Man rapels down to the edge of a volcano - amazing video

Like a giant pulsing open wound on the earth this huge volcano heart is amazing to see Especially with a puny human as a size comparison
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