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How to catch a turtle - the Turtleman video

You don't want to get near these biting jumping turtles, unless you're the Turtleman, he just stands on them Great video [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/Gn8EQ0azXpQ&hl=en&fs=1&[/flash]

Sea lampreys flee the smell of death - video

A repellant for sea lampreys could be the key to better controlling one of the most destructive invasive species in the Great Lakes, says a Michigan State University researcher Scientists have seen the effect alarm cues have on lampreys When scents from dead sea lampreys are poured into a tank of live ones, the lampreys’ efforts to escape are dramatic In the past, these reactions were simply dismissed as novel But Michael Wagner, MSU assistant professor of fisheries and wildlife, sees th

Aussie guys go Great White shark fishing off the beach - great video

Life can be boring in a small Australian beach community, so some fellas do a little catch and release of Great White Sharks So far they have caught and released over 110 sharks They get the bait off the beach out to the sharks using a surfboard, and apparently one guy can't surf, so falls off occasionally In the video they had caught a shark before the surfer had got back to shore, he must have dropped the bait on its head Its plainly obvious why there aren't any swimmers in the w

Portal - mini movie - video

A great little movie about a prisoner who gets a gun, but not just any gun watch it [flash=640x390]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/4drucg1A6Xk[/flash]

The enormous Lockheed P-791 airship - video

Fascinating, the enormous Lockheed P-791 airship The P-791 is an experimental aerostatic/aerodynamic hybrid airship developed by Lockheed-Martin corporation The first flight of the P-791 was made on 31 January 2006 at the company's flight test facility on the Palmdale Air Force Plant 42 The P-791 is an example of a hybrid airship In such designs, part of the weight of the craft and its payload are supported by aerostatic buoyant lift and the remainder is supported by aerodynamic

Combat sheep! - funny video of guy getting attacked by a sheep.

Cameraman laughs as sheep attacks someone else, then it came for him [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/hu57AM5Yansfs=1&hl=en_US[/flash]

The Spaghetti fork - an invention who's time has arrived - video

A simple yet fun invention that no one seems to have thought of before is the Spaghetti fork Bob Balow, inventor of the The Original Pasta Fork, demonstrates how easy it is to wind up spaghetti with his specially designed eating utensil [flash=640x390]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/aYV3alDTaGI[/flash]

Soviet N1 moon rocket explosion - video

Now this would have been a huge loss to the Russian Space program Soviet N1 moon rocket exploding N1 or N-1 was the secret Soviet rocket intended to send Soviet cosmonauts to the Moon, preferably ahead of the Americans It is also known in the west as the G-1e or SL-15 It was underfunded, undertested, and started several years after the Saturn V; all four launch attempts failed, and the project was officially cancelled in 1976 [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/m79UO4HOQmc[/fl

25 famous unscripted movie scenes - video

“Take the cannoli”, a signature line from The Godfather, wasn’t in the original script R Lee Ermey’s rant from Full Metal Jacket was something that he made up from his experiences in the Marine Corps Mewlists compiled these and other wonderful unscripted moments from famous movies in the above video Warning: foul language [flash=640x390]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/cTFQBHBeleE[/flash]

Boat sinks and fishermen end up in the sea- out of sight of land - all videoed on a helmet cam - video

Boat sinks at sea after bilge pump fails, caught on camera and narrated by fisherman Its amazing how what looks like a normal day can turn so disastrously wrong in such a short time There is a lesson here for guys in boats about complacency Three fisherman got into a dangerous situation off the coast of Martha's Vineyard Their boat sank, leaving them uncertain of when, or if, help would arrive With time to only grab a life vest and a helmet video cam, Buffalo native Mitchell Buck a

Real flying fish - radio controlled floaters are really entertaining - video

Air Swimmers is the collective name of radio-controlled toys that comes in the shape of a shark and a clownfish Remote controlled balloon shaped like a shark "swim" in the air with smooth and life-like motion you control Fill with helium you get at any party store, florist shop, or grocery store [flash=640x390]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/vIJINiK9azc[/flash]

Real or Fake? Baseball bounces off nets back to batter - video

A series of nets bounce a baseball back to the hitter creating a circular rhythm of re-hitting the same ball The minute-long clip - believed to have been created for eastonbaseballcom - starts off by showing a baseball player hitting a ball towards a formation of pitch-back nets After hitting the first net the ball then appears to bounce between the three other perfectly aligned nets before returning to the hitter who whacks it into the nets again and again It looks good, after all th

When Batman met Captain Kirk: Alexander the Great - video

William Shatner and Adam West, two giants of their time, came together to star in an unsold television pilot based on the life of Alexander the Great What a great loss to TV entertainment! [flash=640x510]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/eR14SH5tby4[/flash]

Desert spider flees by turning into a wheel and rolling away - video

The Golden Wheel Spider Carparachne aureoflava is truly a unique and amazing creature of the beautiful Namib Desert It builds burrows that extend 40-50cm deep into the sand dunes The burrow generally gives it sufficient shelter from its predators and especially its archenemy: Pompilid wasps However, sometimes their burrow collapses and they have to build a new one, which can take a few days The new burrows are initially not very deep and this is the time for the wasp to attack Th

The Panzer bike - a motorcycle with a T-55 tank engine - video

Yes this is as awesome as it sounds, a motorcycle with a sidecar running a panzer tank engine The Panzerbike is a German-built motorcycle with the engine of a T-55 tank inside That’s a diesel V12 with 620 HP The bike is 19 feet long, 9 feet wide, and weighs nearly 5 tons Actually, it’s more like a tractor than a motorcycle, since the sidecar is built-in and it takes two people to steer Still, Tilo Niebel and his friends at the Harzer Bike company created quite an impressive piece of
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