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Absolutely spectacular - film crew almost get wiped out in stunt crash - video

Not often a video of a crash makes you go wow, but just watch this one The crew are lucky to be alive I don't know where it was meant to go, but it sure wasn't where it ended up

Guy accidentally starts fireworks upside down, blows up deck - funny

It seems that they had just finished making or repairing it I guess their hard work was wasted Funny

A Chinchilla, a cat and the dopiest dog - video

So the Chinchilla and cat are just hanging out, when in comes this dog with the dumbest expression, like a real life Odie from Garfield All in all a satisfying video

Woman can't work out what side her car is filled on at petrol station - hilarious video

You can't help but laugh at this, along with the guys who are watching A lady driver just can't get her petrol cap on the correct side to fill her car The puzzlement and effort she goes through are really funny

Great Sportsmanship - MMA fighter taps out when winning his match lets the opponent win - video

An 'ordinary' MMA match takes a turn for the difference when the guy winning suddenly taps out, and lets the 'loser' win Why Because he knew he was better and there was no sense in beating up the opponent when there was no reward Talk about a great sportsman

Jihadi workplace accident - funny? video

On one level this is sad, as all deaths are, on another there is satisfaction in the events Karma is a bitch Islamic terrorist party goes bang when the suicide belt explodes in the middle of singing

The most underwhelming commentary to an amazing hole in one golf shot - video

So this guy hits a hole in one that he achieves by his ball bouncing off another players ball To the announcer, that and winning a $50K car is just another day of golf

3 Olympian fencing masters VRS 50 fencing opponents - great video

What a great idea, a Japanese TV program had the genius idea to pit three Olympic fencers against 50 amateurs Do they beat them all Watch and see

The most amazing 'drop off a cliff' downhill mountain biking track ever - video

There is amazing,and then there is just batshit crazy How can you not look over those edges and not quietly crap yourself

Amazing video of an entire bridge self destructing - video

I am not sure that bridges are supposed to do that Its not a good design strategy that when one span fails that it takes down all the other spans

Hal Douglas the Movie Trailer Narrator dies, heres a funny video to remember him by - video

Hal Douglas, a voice-over artist who narrated thousands of movie trailers in a gravelly baritone heard by “audiences everywhere,” as he might have put it, “thrilled by images never before seen until now!,” died on Friday at his home in Lovettsville, Va He was 89 The cause was complications of pancreatic cancer, his daughter, Sarah Douglas, said Mr Douglas was known for a generation in the voice-over industry as one of the top two or three go-to talents, along with Don LaFontaine,

Nascar champion pranks victim as a deranged taxi driver - awesome video

What would you do if your taxi driver got into in a high-speed police chase with you in the back seat Last year, American Nascar motor racing champion Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi MAX to put out a prank video, which quickly went viral on YouTube In that prank, Gordon disguised himself and went to a car dealership to take the unsuspecting car salesman on a wild test drive But motoring journalist Travis Okulski was sceptical of the prank, and accused Gordon and Pepsi of using actors

Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere chasing a lady for snacks. - video

Amazing video of a heap of tame bunnies after a lady with some snacks

How to park in Russia- amazing video

Is this deliberate or an out of control car Whatever the reason the driver crosses two lanes of traffic and stops in a car park directly in front of an SUV that was about to take it Parking level: Russian!

Excellent New Zealand Road Safety Advert - video

How rare to see something that is really innovative Well worth watching
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