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Original undeleted beginning to Iron man 2 - video

The original beginning of Iron man 2 opened with Tony Stark puking down a toilet, and then progressed to some bickering, this however was cut from the released version Maybe the initial beginning was a metaphor for the rest of the movie that was too obvious The original, and vastly superior, opening is now online It begins with our hero, Tony Stark, on the plane, hung-over, bent over a toilet As a rule, every Iron Man movie should begin with a hung-over Tony Stark bent over a toilet A s

Chinese rocket launch failure destroys a village - video

A Long March rocket launch in China in 1996 failed during launch and resulted in an estimated 500 casualties The rocket veered severely off course right after clearing the launch tower and landed in a rural village Following the disaster, foreign media were sequestered in a bunker for five hours while, some have alleged, the Chinese military attempted to 'clean up' the damage Officials later blamed the failure on an "unexpected gust of wind" Xinhua News Agency eventually reported

Worlds scariest job? - Man climbs huge tower - video

A climbers headcam view as he goes up a 1768 foot tower Don't look down, and don't drop your lunch Its even more stomach lurching when he exits the ladder and climbs to the very top on the outside with no safety harness [flash=640x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/5pwK31L0S-Ufs=1&hl=en_US[/flash]

Some idiot Kiwi or Canadian jumps an old car over a stream - video

What looks like a giant fail, and the potential for some serious injuries, some idiot jumps his car over a a stream Turns out surprisingly well People include American/Canadian semi-pro skiers in New Zealand According to comments this was taken in the South Island of New Zealand [flash=651x431]http://vimeocom/moogaloopswfclip_id=14875755[/flash] Debate on the video http://wwwredditcom/r/videos/comments/dcezd/dumbass_jumps_a_car_over_a_river_turns_out_better/

How the introduction to Blade Runner was created - video

In a time before sophisticated computer graphics, the opening sequence of Blade Runner is a masterpiece in design and miniaturization Its all made by hand Doug and his Entertainment Effects Group team created thousands of acid-etched brass miniatures lit from below with hundreds of bundles of fiber-optic lights, shot in forced-perspective through layers of smoke to create layers of light refraction, creating depth Doug reveals how the explosions visible in the sequence were projected

CAT digger climbs into railcar - video

Now here are some digger skills A digger climbs into a railcar unload crushed rock [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/Q1CMSV81_wsfs=1&hl=en_US[/flash]

Guns and Roses booed off after appearing 90 minutes late in Dublin - video

"We are trying to get Axl back on stage kindly refrain from throwing things at him" The crowd shows its extreme disapproval [flash=640x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/e9IEjFlN8MAfs=1&hl=en_US[/flash]

Videos of boat collisions

This video shows a boat colliding with a bridge Afterwords the boat catches fire, which must have been the end of it [flash=640x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/AwitV6VWUYU&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0[/flash] What is crazy about this collision is that there seems to be people on both boats watching the inevitable collision [flash=640x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/D-_ftG7CXfc&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0[/flash] This small sailboat is about to cut in front of a

Demolition of the Athlone Cooling Towers - video

The Athlone Cooling Towers, a long-time fixture of Cape Town's skyline, were demolished on August 22 to much fanfare [flash=650x534]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/94b_1282617447[/flash]

Great video of two guys out doing parkour - or acting like real ninjas

Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment It is a non-competitive, physical discipline of French origin in which participants run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way possible Skills such as jumping and climbing, or the more specific parkour moves are employed The goal of a practitioner of parkour, called a traceur if male, or traceuse if female, is to

RC plane gets diced by a real plane - video

A half-scale remote-control airplane collided with a real aircraft over a Colorado airport and exposed the growing tension between pilots and model aircraft enthusiasts and their ever-larger RC aircraft The collision between the real and $8,000, 46% giant-scale remote-control aircraft occurred on August 14th at a small airport in Brighton, C outside Denver As you can see in the video below, the RC plane is hovering above the runway ten to 30 feet from the ground in a vertical position, wi

Ship in a storm - great video

Video of a ship pounding through the waves in a storm Worth watching [flash=650x516]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/3b8_1282493547[/flash]

Tae Kwon Do girl beats up criminal in lift - video

So this girl gets in a lift seemingly dressed in a Tae Kwon Do uniform and is attacked by a guy She beats him up, and when the lift doors open and he tries to escape, she drags him back in and beats him some more A great video that shows just how handy self defense can be [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/OLnYUr7ekh0fs=1&hl=en_US[/flash]

Bosnian Rambo terrorizing a quarry near you - macho video

Someone looking for an role in a B grade Stallone action movie shows off his muscles and snake in this promo However the snake is harmless and he closes his eyes while firing [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/RhJ-x4CE5Dkfs=1&hl=en_GB&rel=0[/flash] More comments [url=http://wwwredditcom/r/youtube/comments/d35sv/bosnian_rambo_born_for_action/]here[/url]

Subaru flips in rally, gets flipped back and goes on to win - video

Hows this for dedication Subaru rally car flips at high speed in the woods, the car ending up on its side amidst the trees Instead of giving up the driver shouts "Push, push, push!" and the spectators get it back on the road The co-pilot doesn't even lose his pen The footage comes from the Canadian Rally Championship, and shows Rally BDC driver Pat Richard and co-driver Alan Ockwell as they roll their Subaru rally car during the 2010 Rallye Baie-des-Chaleurs, which was held July
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