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Crazy guy gets arrested tazered and then runs away

Some nut gets arrested, apeals to God, angels, and other deities, and when the police try to taser him into submission manages to run away Funny [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/1K7anSAw0II&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

The amazing expandable round table

Talk about a work of art, this table must have taken someone ages to make, well worth watching the video [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/9bc_1174451201[/flash]

Pen trick has a near fatal end

This guy is great at pen tricks, watch how he spins them around his hands until one pen launches off with disastrous results : Funny [flash=425x344]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/LbittLn84cY&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Two orcas have a picnic on a beach - video

Isn't it great to see orcas enjoying themselves However the seals seem to be party poopers, only one stayed to play the others aren't as friendly [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/pNnx_X5ue2c&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Parking disaster - persistent parking failure video

This extremely persistent female driver takes over 10 minutes to park You have to admire her determination - video speeded up [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/irYHMDBf4t0&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Attach explosives to sledgehammer - hit ground - chaos ensues - video

Bored Tape some explosives to a sledgehammer, find a metal plate, hit plate Looks like a popular sport as many people seem to be doing it! San Juan De La Vega carnival Mexico The celebration is called "Hammer of Thor" Originally designed to celebrate the Greek God Thor, now used to celebrate the saint of the community in San Juan de la Vega Celaya in Guanajuato Mexico The Carnival of St John of the valley, in honor of the saint of the same name, is unique in that all day people

How to make baby pigs ears move in unison - video

Some visitors to a pig pen, at a show, have worked out how to make sleeping baby pigs move their ears in unison, funny [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/FIWf_hc1_TM&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Chinese car - Cherry Amulet - crash video - is your life worth this little?

This crash test video of a Chinese car, the Cherry Amulet, at a mere 65kmh shows how unsafe the cheap imports are Surely your life, and that of your family is worth more than the money saved on one of these vehicles [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/g5SRyG6UR2A&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Automatic dog washing machine

Romain Jarry has just invented the Dog' O' matic, a machine that cleans household dogs Wonderful idea, I wonder if it does a spin dry or a soak The dog doesn't seem to be overly impressed with it From http://wwwtimecom/time/picturesoftheweek/0,29409,1895117_1877064,00html

When even Australians have trouble understanding themselves

Investigative reporter follows up a story about a man selling his house who doesn't want any 'asians' around Funny He also hates sax and violins on the telly [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/0YM9Ereg2Zo&hl=en&fs=1[/flash] Comments here

Genesis Energy Pukeko advert videos

Over the last few months there have been a delightful series of adverts featuring the local swamp hen called a Pukeko Pukekos, are endearing personalities and beautiful colors Well worth watching [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/Hw8QJWdC650&rel=1[/flash]

Fedor Emelianenko MMA Highlights

Fedor Emelianenko is considered the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world Just check out the man monster Hong Man Choi he fights at 2:27 [flash=560x340]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/KBsZkxlgoRk&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Don Frye VRS Yoshihiro Takayama.- Amazing MMA

Watch this amazing MMA match between Don Frye and Yoshihiro Takayama A fuselage of fists start it off, and then it gets better, one of the most amazing fights I have seen [flash=425x344]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/EJOV1yY0g7w&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Mugger gets taken out with a rear choke hold

The victim is trying to purchase a ticket at a train station when the mugger tries to steal his money The victim takes him on and chokes him unconscious with a rear choke hold Nice going [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/h7FcMi85OCQ&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

Did the Chinese fake their space walk? - video evidence

Video evidence that the Chinese faked their space walk, and instead filmed in in a water tank! What sort of evidence How about bubbles rising to the surface, reflections of studio lights, and an earth backdrop that never moves Watch it and see [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/39e_1240521483[/flash]
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