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Mythbusters - Are elephants afraid of mice? - video

This mythbusters experiment follows the old tale that elephants are afraid of mice They get some surprising results [flash=425x256]http://wwwdailymotioncom/swf/65Z16uatBOiNYp5vk[/flash] From http://wwwneatoramacom/

Indoor model plane precision flying

There is an hypnotic quality to this amazing precision flying of a model plane Its a facinating sport, and well worth watching [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/playerswfautostart=false&token=970_1195709696[/flash]

When New Zealanders get mistaken for Australians - Video

New Zealanders are the most disliked people in America! [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/DAub94aLp3s&rel=1[/flash] Oh the shame! Getting mistaken for Australians is a curse that New Zealanders overseas have to endure That New Zealanders endure the insults so stoically is a testament to superior breeding [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/zs_rXxi0zhM&rel=1&border=0[/flash]

How to get FREE McDonald's hamburgers and food -video

You have to admire the guy for the sneeky way of getting a free McDonald's meal, but I think I would just wimp out and buy mine Is this the ultimate in "Freedom" fries [flash=400x325]http://www5mincom/Embeded/4186[/flash]

Bollywood meets the wild west music video - Muqabala Muqabala

A strangely appealing Bollywood song set in the American Wild West, maybe These guys are really into their dancing Movie: Kadhalan Actor: Prabhu Deva Song: Muqabala Muqabala This may be an English language version but it doesn't sit right for me [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/ccpnF_Ewc58&rel=1[/flash]

Amazing little indestructable robot

This is a neat little robot, the curved legs seem to really get it around easily I wonder if they could strap food or cameras ont he body [quote]RHex is a man-portable robot with extraordinary rough terrain mobility RHex climbs over rock fields, mud, sand, vegetation, railroad tracks, telephone poles and up steep slopes and stairways RHex has a sealed body, making it fully operational in wet weather, in muddy and swampy conditions, and it can swim on the surface or dive underwat

Electric drag bike does 0 to 60mph in 1 second

Meet the killercycle - a cordless drill on wheels : [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/qCpk58mBq1k&rel=1[/flash] From http://polidicscom/energy/alternative-energy/0-to-60-in-1-second-electric-drag-bikehtml

American Football crazy play - video

On October 27th, Division III Trinity University was losing to Millsaps College 24 to 21 with two seconds left on the clock With 61 yards to the end zone, Trinity was clearly out of field goal range, so they performed what must be one of the craziest and greatest last-second plays ever According to [url=http://wwwneatoramacom/2007/11/03/an-incredible-football-comeback-play/#comments]neatorama[/url], and the excited announcer this is an amazing play However as I have never seen

TV reporter does a live report from his own burning house

Larry Himmel in front of his destroyed home This must have been hard to report on your own house burning down Its a mark of professionalism that he did it so well [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/zKGF2bbxQ6E&rel=1[/flash]

Bike or car? Who cares it looks great fun

Another wonderful Top Gear video on the Carver, a 3 wheeled bike / car thingiee Its been around a while, but in typical Top Gear fun the video is worth watching [flash=450x345]http://wwwmetacafecom/fplayer/528385/bike_or_carswf[/flash] Here is a link to the website http://wwwcarver-worldwidecom/Home/Indexaspnc=1 The Carver at full 45 degree tilt

Blaming Halo 3

A funny video about Halo 3 http://wwwbreakcom/index/blame-halo-3html

So what are you scared of?

After he goes through his new rules, Bill Maher takes aim at the nonsensical and uniformed statements and ads from the GOP presidential candidates about Iran Very well done! Has America become the most insecure paranoid superpower ever Great comments on Dumblebum as well! [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/ttEFsp5QGsQ&rel=1[/flash]

Prank - fake page of paper painted on to wall

These guys paint a fake piece of paper onto a wall so it looks real As a prank its a little lame, as an art exercise its amazing That guy has got great skills [flash=425x366]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/3D34MtQz_80&rel=1&border=0[/flash]

The dancing cockatoo

Cute video of a cockatoo parrot dancing to Backstreet Boys music He really gets into it : [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/sV5bxaLDG-w&rel=1[/flash]

Russian police take out mafia hit

Those guys had no idea what was happening I wonder if it solves anything as their friends and fellow mafia mates would be pretty pissed off This footage was recently released on Russian television A Nikolaev, Russia businessman tipped off the police that he was about to be hit and/or robbed by the mafia The police set up cameras inside and outside the businessman's apartment [flash=450x350]http://wwwliveleakcom/playerswfautostart=false&token=868_1192540876[/flash]
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