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Palestinian and Iraqi children get toy guns for presents

Bring them up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it I guess this is just normalizing violence and weapons in their society I wonder how long we will wait until the news reports children being killed by nervous soldiers reacting to a weapon being pointed at them Mind you a toy RPG would be great in the playground Children traditionally receive money, clothes and toys at the start of the three-day holiday [img]http://img299imageshackus/img299/2854/77313967z

Have you ever noticed that maps of Israel have no cities marked on them?

Look at the google map of Israel and neighbouring countries Isreal has no cities marked on it, not even the capital cities Check out this [url=http://wwwabcnewsgocom/WN/storyid=3695754&page=1]Google Map[/url] pic at bottom As I became aware of it from this [url=http://redditcom/info/2wnyt/comments]thread in Reddit[/url] I also began to notice other maps also fail to show any cities in Israel Look at this one From http://wwwabcnewsgocom/WN/storyid=3695754&page

Israel gets a weapons upgrade with the focus on Iran

How about this, Israel is getting new bombs especially designed for Iranian bunkers Hizbollah also had bomb proof bunkers in the last war and furiously digging more at present, so I imagine they are now being targeted as well DEBKAfile’s military sources report the package, discussed by US Pentagon and Israel defense ministry officials, aims at replenishing the seriously depleted Israel Air Force stocks of missiles, bombs and fuel to their level prior to the 2006 Lebanon war, rea

Russians evacuate Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran

Something is up Russian engineers have left Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor enmass last week and flew back to Russia according to Debka This may be related to the Syrian and Iranain scientists who died following a [url=http://wwwtimesonlinecouk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article2489930ece]mysterious explosion in a secret facility in Syria[/url] in July this year Russia may be withdrawing its people from a potential conflict area The Khorramshar News Agency, which is publi

Did the Israeli jets take out Syrian nuclear stores?

This article seems to tie together a number of disparate information articles recently One that North Korea had sold its nuclear materials to Syria, and the second that Israeli jets had attacked an unknown target in Syria The point raised here is are the two articles part of the same event, that the North Korean nuclear materials were the target of the Israeli jets A facinating read IT was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line O

U.S. prepares for strike against Iran after Germany puts economy ahead of peace.

It seems that the administration is about fed up with the Iranian regime killing our troops in Iraq It's about time Battle plans are being drafted, the best options available are being pondered, and our "allies" are showing their true colors and what they deem more important than a safer world Germany has made it clear that the Merkel administration is not willing to go along with any stricter sanctions against Iran as Chancellor Merkel is afraid that such restrictions will hurt the

Israeli jets find Syria and Iran vulnerable to air attacks

Israeli jets set out to probe the effectivenss of their Russian designed antiaircraft weapons last week What they may have found is that they can effectively jam the radar and leave Syria and Iran vulnerable to air attacks DEBKAfile’s military experts conclude from the way Damascus described the episode Wednesday, Sept 6, that the Pantsyr-S1E missiles, purchased from Russia to repel air assailants, failed to down the Israeli jets accused of penetrating northern Syrian airspa

IDF forces disguised as arabs kidnap top Hamas leader

Way to go Israel nice to see them getting creative I think you would need real balls to not only go in disguised but to mingle with the locals as well in the heart of Hamas territory I wonder if they hid him in the wagon Palestinians report Israeli troops disguised as members of Hamas' security force kidnapped Muhawesh al-Kadi, senior member of group's military wing in Rafah Sources say man involved in abduction of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit A group of undercover Israeli soldier

The arabs are not like us - by an expat working in Saudi Arabia

A very good article on the differences between Western civilization and Arabic civilization Its rare to get such deep observation that is so bluntly honest and at the same time with often humorous observations He notes that "[b] over the long run we are going to have to hammer these people hard to get them to quit messing with Western Civilization[/b] " http://maggiesfarmanotherdotcomcom/archives/6161-Multiculturalism-They-dont-think-like-ushtml#extended Main points 1 They do

Israel: If you must attack, attack Iran, not Iraq!

Israel got wind that Bush planned on whacking Iraq, and that disturbed them They knew that a power imbalance was going to occur in the region and the instability was going to make the place more dangerous than it already was Israel implored Bush, [b]"If you are going to destabilize the balance of power, do it against the main enemy" [/b] [quote]The warning against an invasion of Iraq was "pervasive" in Israeli communications with the administration, Wilkerson recalls It was conveyed

Remains of Second Jewish temple found?

Now this is a reason the Palestinians don't want archeological excavations around the Al-Asqa Mosque The walls of the Second Temple may have been found, substantiating the Jewish claim to the Temple Mount Remains of the Jewish second temple may have been found during work to lay pipes at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in east Jerusalem, Israeli television reported Thursday Israeli television broadcast footage of a mechanical digger at the site which Israeli archaeologists visited on

Arab Palestinians intentionally destroy history

[quote]The Waqf Muslim authority, using heavy tractors, has so far excavated a trench 120 -meters long, 15 meters deep, crushing fragments of monumental building, pottery and glazed tiles in their path The trench runs through the northern and eastern parts of the 2,000-year old Upper Platform of Temple Mount, where the outer courts of the Jewish Temple were situated, including the Women’s Court, until the Roman destruction of 70 CE Today, the Muslim Dome of the Rock stands there

Newspaper editor hopes Iranian missiles hit Israel

[quote]The editor of an Arabic daily newspaper published in London said in an interview on Lebanese television that he would dance in Trafalgar Square if Iranian missiles hit Israel Talking about Iran's nuclear capability on ANB Lebanese television on June 27, Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, said, "If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight"[/quote] What can you say about such bigotry and hat

Shi'ite militia men gun down family, including baby

[size=4]Members of the Mahdi Army broke into the home of 70 year old Khayrallah Salman and opened fire on him and his family He, along with six family members including a baby girl being bounced by her mother, were slaughtered at about 0830hrs [quote]The Mahdi Army, which is nominally loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, has splintered in recent months as the firebrand cleric has taken refuge in Iran Some factions are accused of pursuing a sectarian campaign to rid Baghdad a

Hizballah's defences on the Litani Line

Lots of Iranain sponsored construction north of the Litani river leave analysists wondering just what Hezbollah will unleash in the upcoming war However it seems to be a silly thing to do Fixed defences or equipment only make for easily observable targets for bombs Why not just mark a giant cross on the ground with "Bomb Me" on it On August 14, the anniversary of the end of last summer's Lebanon war, Hizballah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel of a "big surprise" i
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