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Reporters and truth

When being bad writing and excuses are taken as truth Reporter Kiki Munshi lets us know about conditions on the ground in Baqubah, Iraq while sunning in California Turns out they are brutal and at war, and far too dangerous for journalists to visit And yet all last week Michael Yon, reporter and writer, who is actually in Baqubah as this happens, is near boredom! A good read, reporters are sometimes just making it up http://wwwblackfivenet/main/2007/07/kiki-munshi-meehtml

Olmert and Abbas - two weak leaders in trouble

The future looks very dark for Abbas and Olmert It seems much more conflict lies in the near future, according to the end of this great Spiegel article Olmert and Bush now pledge to support and promote the West Bank "moderates," and prove to the Gaza "extremists" that moderation pays off But this policy of separate treatment is unlikely to succeed Hamas and its regional allies are not going to sit still and wait for Israel and the United States to overthrow them Moreover, fo

Gaza running out of food

The closed borders are cutting off the food supply to Gaza What is the obligation for Israel to accomodate the government of an avowed enemy If Gaza wants Hamas then it surely should be prepared to pay the cost of it There are the Egyptian border crossings that they can use as well, or their smugglers tunnels Looking at Google maps for the Egyptian border there is rail and major road networks right to the border http://mapsgooglecom/ie=UTF8&ll=31259183,34290047&s

Iran attack - delayed yet again

A very thought provoking article outlining the possible attack dates on Iran and the implications of them on America Military and intelligence sources continue to tell me that preparations are advancing for a war with Iran starting possibly as early as mid-to-late February The sources offer some differences of opinion over whether Bush might cite a provocation from Iran or whether Israel will take the lead in launching air strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities But there is growing

Civil war erupts in Gaza

No longer can the violence be called isolated incidents Hamas are determined to take control of Gaza from Fatah, and with hundreds of men on both sides in combat its nothing less than civil war The fate of the increasingly powerless Palestinian national unity government was hanging by a thread last night after another day of brutal fighting between the two main factions in Gaza brought the two-day death toll to at least 36 Hamas said it had seized control of the northern Gaza headquar

Fatwa forbids Palestinians to leave for the West

If Gaza is the "blessed land" then why are so many trying to flee it Renaming it the "cursed land" might be more accurate Alarmed by the growing number of Palestinians who are emigrating from the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Authority's mufti has issued a fatwa [religious decree] forbidding Muslims to leave Sources in the PA Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that some 10,000 Palestinians have filed requests to emigrate from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip sinc

rockets launched into Israel as Hamas leaders hide

Israeli leadership has finally had enough Either because it is beginning to understand that the idiots in Gaza are not going to stop or because the people of Sderot and the surrounding communities are putting intense political pressure on them, but for whatever the reason, the Israeli government is finally responding to the continued attack by the Palestinian nutjobs in Gaza Shortly after PM Sharon handed over Gaza to the Arab Palestinians and removed all Jewish people, both living as well

The civil war in Gaza - Video

Hamas and Fatah fight it out in this short video documentary Vast amounts of explosives and weapons are available to anyone wishing to pay the price The Palestinian Authority is incapable of restoring law and order to the streets, allowing anarchy to prevail, and gunmen rule the streets On Sunday, five Palestinians affiliated with Hamas and Fatah were killed and scores wounded An Egyptian brokered truce only lasted a few hours and by Monday morning renewed clashes erupted in the ci

Hamas threatens to kill Gilad Schalit

AS I am sure you recall, the abduction of Corporal Gilad Schalit from his post at the Gaza border last year sparked an IDF incursion into Gaza last year Because of the continuous barrage of rockets, the Olmert administration is weighing its options, including an extended military campaign into the Gaza strip In response to the mulling of options to stop the continuous assault against civilian targets, Hamas's armed wing, Izzadin a-Kassam, has threatened to kill Gilad Schalit Is the

Rocket attacks a Palestinian right, says Hamas leader

Just to make it clear for anyone who hasn't paid attention to the last sixty years of Middle East onsgoings, the whole reason Israel occupies any land other than that little piece the British finally said they could have A pityful, incontigious piece in an huge sea of underpopulated land alloted to the Arabs is because the Arabs attacked Israel upon her conception Two other times Israel was attacked for no other reason but being the Jewish Homeland Each time Israel successfully defended

The Nimitz is headed out of San Diego

A friend just sent me an email, it seems the Nimitz is departing San Diego and heading for the Persian Gulf It could be headed that way to relieve one of the two that are there already, or it could be there as an augmentation force The official word is that it is there to relieve the Eisenhower and join the John C Stennis strike force Of course, time will tell, but there are those who are predicting a war this summer Personally, I am sticking to my believe that we will not do anyt

Hezbollah posing with fake qassam missile

Look at the front of that missile, its made of tape and paper : boy thats going to scare people

Tsunami of sewage in Gaza kills four

Despite the initial hilarity of the situation upon refelction this is really sad, that infrastructure is so run down events such as sewage killing four people actually happens The people must have lived witht eh smell and disease on a daily basis At least four Palestinians drowned in a tsunami of raw sewage on Tuesday when a water treatment reservoir burst, flooding a village in the northern Gaza Strip The deluge, triggered by the collapse of a septic system aid organisations had

Great news from Kurdistan

In a part of the world starved of good news, this report on the emerging country of Kurdistan is a good read with good pictures Nice to see that an oppressed people are building their own country so successfully in the shadow of Iraq The first time I drove from the airport into Erbil I felt that I had arrived in a dodgy and ramshackle backwater This time I felt – properly, I must say – that I had arrived in the capital of a serious and rising new power in the Middl

I Miss Iraq - I Miss My Gun - I Miss My War

Great article, really shows how addictive war, power, and guns can become to people A good read Much more on the link [url=http://menmsncom/articleesaspxcp-documentid=3042293&page=1]msncom[/url] extract I've spent hours taking in the world through a rifle scope, watching life unfold Women hanging laundry on a rooftop Men haggling over a hindquarter of lamb in the market Children walking to school I've watched this and hoped that someday I would see that my presence h
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