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EU supports Syria's desire for the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights overlooks Israel, limbing to a height of 1,700 feet As has been demonstrated in the past, the Golan Heights is the perfect place from which Syria can launch an invasion of Israel Artillery and rockets could rain on Israel like a metallic thunderstorm of cordite and shrapnel, yet the EU thinks that Israel should give back the land Israel captured in a [i]defensive[/i] war Anyone ever notice how the Europeans prefer to hold Israel to a different set of rules than it doe

Outlook Is Dark For Israeli Defense Minister!

Amir Peretz has found something even better than rose-colored glasses! [img]http://wwwfoxnewscom/images/264531/0_61_022307_peretz_binocularsjpg[/img]

Is Syria preparing for a move against Israel?

Syria seems to be bolstering troop strength along its border with Israel and is moving closer to that border What is Syria up to Would it be better to say, what is Syria and Iran up to No, wait; what is Russia, Syria and Iran up to http://wwwhaaretzcom/hasen/spages/828914html

The al-Aksa mosque contrived uproar continues

This is becoming remeniscent of the protests over the cartoons last year The new extreme has been an Eqyptian politician wanting to nuclear attack Israel [quote]A member of the Egyptian Parliament from President Hosni Mubarak's ruling party said Monday that nothing short of a nuclear bomb would "work" with Israel "That cursed Israel is trying to destroy Al-Aksa Mosque," Mohamed el-Katatny of Mubarak's National Democratic Party NDP told the Egyptian Parliament, adding "nothing

Rice confronted over Iran evidence of Nuclear Weapons

[quote]Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, has been confronted in congress over the US administration's failure to provide firm evidence for Iran's alleged nuclear weapons development Ron Paul, a Republican congressman, said: "Unproven charges against Iran's nuclear intentions are eerily reminiscent of the false charges made against Iraq" [url=http://englishaljazeeranet/NR/exeres/193267D2-4A3D-4833-B953-7F6C95B337DBhtm]Continue Here[/url][/quote] Again we may have the

Mysterious well armed, well trained force emerge in Iraq

Is Iraq so dysfunctional that a small army of well trained and well armed people can suddenly emerge without anyone noticing them before Who must have been backing, arming and training these fighters Iran I hope we get to hear more on this topic A mysterious group of religious zealots who fought a fierce battle with American and Iraqi troops on Sunday were armed with AK-47 assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and five anti-aircraft machine guns rigged on tractors - [b]raisin

Palestinian W. Bank residents: 'We don't deserve a state'

What can you say, maybe such self realisation will be engaged by their leaders, before its too late As the fighting between Fatah and Hamas continues in the Gaza Strip, many residents here said Saturday that they were concerned that the international community would turn its back on the Palestinians Although the street battles remain restricted to the Gaza Strip, tensions are mounting in the West Bank between supporters of the two parties, particularly in the aftermath of the abduction

Israeli newspaper releases green promotional balloons

Lebanese government declares it to be an "attack" Get this - citizens inhaling the Helium gas in the balloons were hospitalized who the heck inhales gas from balloons An Israeli promotional campaign involving balloons caused panic among Lebanese civilians Saturday when the wind carried them over the border into southern Lebanon The Lebanese media reported that some civilians were hospitalized after inhaling the gas in the balloons However, the photographs published o

Suicide Bombing in Eliat!

The names of the casualties in Monday's terror attack in Eilat were cleared for publication by Israel Police Eilat residents Michael Ben Sadon, 27, Emil Almaliach, 32, and Israel Samoliya, 26 were killed in the suicide bombing Ben Sadon and Almaliach were business partners who owned the bakery in which the bombing took place Samoliya was an employee of the bakery Ben Sadon left behind a wife and an 8-month-old son Almaliach left behind a wife and two daughters aged two and four

Russia sells advanced AA missiles to Iran

Iran is developing nuclear weapons Eventually, someone is going to have to stop them It's either going to be the US or it's going to be Israel http://wwwdefense-updatecom/products/t/torhtm [img]http://wwwdefense-updatecom/images/tor-grjpg[/img] By the way, my fellow Americans on this board, when Bush looked into Putin's eyes he liked what he saw What an idiot child! [url]http://wwwjpostcom/servlet/Satellitecid=1167467749197&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FSho

Absolutely no need for history books

Wow!!!! Just Wow Used to treat citizens Millennia ago Do you want to know how Read on You only need a plane ticket to Iran via a temporal time rip to see how immoral And savage we were Well itís either a temporal time rip or perhaps a stargate like in sg1 Iíve read on ats Thatís apparently located in Iraq The reason I propose this is I cannot fathom in This day and age that us as human beings could treat women in such a low and Demeaning ways You know what the sad thing is

Israel secretly plans to nuke Iran

According to "secret plans" Israel is going to drop nuclear bombs on Iran's nuclear weapons projects Although I don't blame them, afterall Iran has threatened multiple times to destroy Israel totally, I wonder just how real this plan is Firstly the "secret plan" was released to the media by the Israeli military Why If its a secret then why tell the world Because its a bluff, or a threat, or posturing to achieve a peaceful end, or to encourage a less dangerous type of war, su

Second strike group despatched to the Gulf

Seems that the preparations for the attack on Iran are still quietly proceeding, with a second strike group despatched to the Gulf The plans from November for an arial attack on Iran don't seem to be shelved, but just postponed WASHINGTON Reuters - The Pentagon will send a second aircraft carrier and its escort ships to the Gulf, defense officials said on Wednesday, as a warning to Syria and Iran and to give commanders more flexibility in the region Officials, speaking on condition

Massive Pro-Hizbullah crowd chants "Death To America" !

Well I wont say that these slogans are something suprising but what I do find suprising is the size of the crowd given that; just a few months ago they suffered a bloody war against Israel for the actions of the Hizbullah :worm [url=http://switch5castupnet/frames/20041020_MemriTV_Popup/video_480x360aspai=214&ar=1337wmv&ak=null]Massive Beirut Crowd- Memeri TV [/url]

Alleged progress to the release of Gilad Shalit

Ok, if you are holding out hope, here is a possibility: [quote]Palestinian sources said earlier Sunday that Israel and Hamas have agreed on the details of a deal that will see the release of the kidnapped Israel Defense Forces soldier, who was snatched from his base near the Gaza Strip on June 25[/quote] For those who might have forgotten, Gilad is a young corporal who was kidnapped after the Arab Palestinians dug a tunnel and snatched him while he sat at a post back lst June [url]
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