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Iran posts fake pics of US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf

Recently on the news Iran showed a photo it claimed came from its sky drones of the US fleet in the Persian Gulf Turns out the planes on the aircraft carrier were retired in Feburary 2006! [quote]Several LGF readers have emailed to say those are apparently F-14s on the port bowand that fighter was retired in February 2006 [url=http://littlegreenfootballscom/weblog/entry=23323_Irans_Unmanned_Drone_Also_Travels_in_Time&only]LGF[/url][/quote] [img]http://littlegreenfootballs

Israel to get F22 stealth bomber?

Looks like America is about to allow sale of the worlds most advanced fighter to Israel for the War on Terror The United States may supply Israel with the most advanced stealth fighter jet in the world – the F22 Raptor – considering the war in Lebanon and the Iranian threat, the Israeli security establishment has assessed The US has not yet exported the F22 to any of its allies Recently, however, the House of Representatives lifted its nine year ban on the sale of

Woman killed in Gaza while shielding gunmen

[quote]GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli forces fired Friday at a group of women who streamed to a Gaza mosque to serve as human shields for gunmen holed up there, killing one and wounding 10, Palestinian officials and witnesses said[/quote] http://wwwfoxnewscom/story/0,2933,227222,00html Hamas called out to the "civilian" Arab-Palestinian women to shield the ones who are actively trying to kill off the Israelis Women responded, brought the gunmen women's clothing and he

War between Syria/Hezbollah and Israel as early as this spring

http://wwwhaaretzcom/hasen/spages/784053html While there is no specific estimate concerning the timing of a potential attack, all preparations are being made to ensure maximum preparedness in advance of summer 2007 Since the lessons of the war in Lebanon have not yet been finalized in reports, it was decided to consider 2007 as an interim period, and to make decisions concerning a multiple-year force build-up only at the end of that year[/quote] http://wwwhaaretzcom/hasen/spages

Rape victim gets 90 lashes in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi court has sentenced a gang rape victim to 90 lashes of the whip because she was alone in a car with a man to whom she was not married The sentence was passed at the end of a trial in which the al- Qateef high criminal court convicted four Saudis convicted of the rape, sentencing them to prison terms and a total of 2,230 lashes The four, all married, were sentenced respectively to five years and 1,000 lashes, four years and 800 lashes, four years and 350 lashes, and one year an

The death of a good soldier.

[quote]Staff Sergeant Kiril Golenshein was killed early Wednesday during an Israel Defense Forces operation in the Gaza Strip Golenshein served in the IDF's canine unit[/quote] The son of Russian immigrants, Kiril told his parents he wanted to join the military His fatehr wasn't too thrilled because he knew that braves soldiers serve the whims of politicians and he didn't trust them This young man, a warrior, could have served in any number of combat units, but his final choice

Jewish Refugees From Arab/Muslim Countries

[quote]Efforts by world Jewry to obtain redress and spread awareness about the eviction of more than half a million Jews from Arab and Muslim countries received a boost last week[/quote] Even though Israel is painted as an illegitmate state that stole land from defenseless Arabs and represses poor refugees, the world seems to want to ignore that other side of the coin While the Arab Palestinians decided to stand against the state of Israel and with the invaders, the want-to-be destroyer

Israel considering allowing Badr Brigade pass into Gaza

[quote]Israeli officials on Saturday were deliberating over Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' request to grant Jordan-based Palestine Liberation Organization troops entry into the Gaza Strip Abbas made his request two weeks ago, in hopes of beefing up his loyalist forces, as rival Palestinian factions bolstered their ranks in anticipation of a feared civil war[/quote] [color=blue]This reminds me of how the US got into so many tangled messes because of the Cold War; in or

CONPLAN 8022 the plan for war with Iran

The future seems to be laid out with accuracy and precision Here is the coming war At this stage there is only the name and the general plan, but tie this in with the military movements, and according to [url=http://wwwglobalresearchca/indexphpcontext=viewArticle&code=CHO20061006&articleId=3407]Global research[/url] and other sites, its about to happen in the near future unless something happens to change the plans I guess we shall see Read this article to see how close we a

Build Up To War With Iran video

This is a good video overview of the supposed military buildup in the Persian Gulf Shows the equipment and some of the stratagy as well [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/e2NBzUTlU78[/flash] This is the website mentioned in the video http://wwwglobalresearchca/indexphpcontext=home

Israel thinks of heightened military action in Gaza

The rocket attacks from Gaza have continued, and the weapons smuggling is worsening and Hamas is leaving Israel with little choice "If it will be needed, we know exactly how to invade the specific part of Gaza, and to foil it And the depth of our invasion is going to be decided by the distance of the Qassam rockets," Dichter said "We've done it in the West Bank We've done it several times in the Gaza Strip We don't have to conquer the whole Gaza Strip"[/quote/ Avi Dichter

Hamas shocked that the West doesn't like them

Well Gee, are they so blind I guess they could be, Afterall Hezbollah was shocked at Israels response I tend to think that Palestinians live in some kind of information vacuum not realising how ther actions appear in the Western media Next we will get articles like "Bin laden upset that America hates him" or Iraq suprised that their country is not a more popular holiday destination" [quote] Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Palestinian government, said on Thursday it could n

HAMAS promises an earthquake

HAMAS' military wing translation: The armed thugs who do what the leadership wants done promises a response that will strike Israel so hard that the earth will tremble [quote]The IDF confirmed its forces were operating in the area looking for facilities used by militants Troops fired on gunmen who tried to attack them, an army spokesman said At least 11 Palestinians were wounded in the clashes "This is an area believed to conceal tunnels and other forms of infrastructure used by

US battle group heads off to Iran region

Chess pieces are being moved around world board it seems More brinkmanship, or the beginning of a confrontation that will be worse than Iraq The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Eisenhower and its accompanying strike force of cruiser, destroyer and attack submarine slipped their moorings and headed off for the Persian Gulf region on Oct 2 http://wwwsmirkingchimpcom/node/1530 The Eisenhower strike force, according to my sources, is scheduled to arrive in the vicinity of Iran aroun

The palestinian child and the toy gun debate

Is that really a toy gun, or just an other example of the media making excuses It certianly looks real to me and many other commentators A Palestinian boy holds a toy gun during a Hamas rally at a soccer stadium in Gaza City Friday, Oct 6, 2006 The original pic is from [url=http://newsyahoocom/photos/ss/events/wl/080601mideast/im:/061006/481/813dcf0caf494c448b54f5cb95a8a14c]Yahoo pictures[/url] And a spirited debate on the topic is on [url=http://littlegreenfootballscom/weblog
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