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Manipulation of the media in Lebanon

Reuters has withdrawn pictures of Beirut that have been doctored to make the situation look worse than it was This comes just after a CNN reporter admits being fed propaganda by Hezbollah Seems the propaganda war is just as intense as the fighting one The fraud was discovered by blogs http://wwwlittlegreenfootballscom/weblog/ which just goes to show the power of the people when it comes to news [url=http://wwwynetnewscom/articles/0,7340,L-3286966,00html]Ynet news[/url] more

American experts investigate Israels failure at electronic warfare

Looks like the war in Lebanon really didn't go to plan Israel and American electronics were outclassed by Iranian systems The American EW experts are interested in four areas 1 The Israeli EW systems’ failure to block Hizballah’s command and communications and the links between the Lebanese command and the Syria-based Iranian headquarters 2 How Iranian technicians helped Hizballah eavesdrop on Israel’s communications networks and mobile telephones, including Israeli sol

Underneath the public face Iran is discouraged by the war

Iran publically expresses vistory over the war with Israel, however behind the scenes their military are worried that the deterrent aspect of the 13000 rockets were so easily bypassed http://wwwdebkacom/articlephpaid=1201 [quote]Hizballah’s adventure wiped out most of the vast sum of $4-6 bn the Iranian treasury sunk into building its military strength The organization was meant to be strong and effective enough to provide Iran with a formidable deterrent to Israel embarking o

Palestinians execute collaborator in public

Looks like they made a party out of it, even to the extent of the mother of the militant killed stomping on the body of the traitor Here are some mainstream media photographs of a death cult party in the West Bank town of Jenin that are definitely not faked or staged, as Palestinians murder a “collaborator” in a public square in front of a celebratory crowd—who then take pictures of the murdered man with their mobile phones, propping up his head to get a better angle Text above f

Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev and Iran's victory

I just thought I'd mention the reasons why Israel went to war against the terrorist organization's army Some might not even know the men's names, just know them as "the two soldiers who were kidnapped" Another thing that seems to be forgotten is that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that is trained and equipped by Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and that members of the Guard have even been killed during this war Another thing to remember is that Ahmadinejad has even admitted ar

Newt Gingrich - the only option is to win.

Gingrich lays it out in a great article that makes some good points Yet another blunt statement you don't see in the mainstream media [url=http://wwwwashingtonpostcom/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/10/AR2006081001311html/nav=rss_columns]Washingtonpost[/url] [quote] an Iran armed with nuclear weapons is a mortal threat to American, Israeli and European cities If a nonnuclear Iran is prepared to finance, arm and train Hezbollah, sustain a war against Israel from southern Leban

The U.S.-French Draft UN Resolution on Lebanon: Strengths and Weaknesses

[quote] [list][]The US-French draft resolution calls for a "full cessation of hostilities" by the warring parties It demands the "immediate" halt by Hizballah of all attacks Regarding Israel, there is also a demand for the "immediate" cessation of military operations; however, Israel is only expected to halt "offensive military operations" Not only is Hizballah treated more harshly, but implicitly Israel may continue to conduct "defensive military operations" []The dr

Hezbollah to get anti aircraft system from Iran

This war had been planned by Israel for a long time, but the timing is interesting and these articles may shed some light on it This will certianly raise the stakes, if Israel starts to lose planes then it may move to stronger munitions, and may even try to take out the source of the equipment http://wwwallheadlinenewscom/articles/7004452410 also [url=http://newsyahoocom/s/afp/20060804/wl_mideast_afp/mideastconflictiranhezbollahweapons]Yahoo[/url] Jerusalem, Israel AHN - Hezb

Sweden offers to hold international conference on rebuilding Lebanon

I see this scrolling news bullet on Haaretz, and I have to wonder about a couple things Israel is the one that is being aggressed against, is a small country in the midst of hostile people who live in a third world manner because of themselves and nobody else, and is being drained, both in blood as well as money and property, yet the gracious Swedes are commited to helping the poor Laebanese The targets of Israeli weapons are Hezbollah strongholds, the people have been pro-Hezbollah f

Bunker busting, Phosphorous and DU shells destined for Israel

Supposed pictures of Depleted Uranium shells Translated from the Paris media The English media reported that two A310 Airbus filled with bombs with bunker guided by laser GBU 28 and with depleted uranium were posed the weekend spent on the airport of Prestwick close to Glasgow The pictures below by David Silverman were taken one the 14th July near the Lebanese to border In them Israeli soldiers edge Be seen loading OF shells into tanks The first image appeared in some early ed

Wanna buy a punchy T shirt?

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Hundreds of thousands in Iraq chant "Death To Israel, America"

Well, we are certainly learning that Arabs do not think the way we do, and we are learning that democracy is not the cure-all for all the ills in the world We are also learning that they are more than happy to bite the hand that feeds them, the hand that removed Saddam from them The Shiite population is the population thatgreatly benefited from the removal of Hussein yet hundreds of thousands chant death to America as well as death to Israel That should send chills down the spines of the

Israel attacks Hezbollah base deep in Lebanon

Looks like Israel is trying to mount a major attack to totally clean out the leadership http://wwwdebkacom/ The Hizballah’s Beqaa commander Muhammad Yazbek is reported by DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources as having converted the Dar al Hikmeh Hospital in the village into the headquarters for his staff Israel troops who made for this target are engaged in heavy clashes around the building Lebanese witnesses report an unprecedented number of Israeli warplanes over the Beqaa valley

48 hour cease cessation of airstrikes in Lebanon (Means re-arming of the terrorists)

Qana, an Hesbollahfriendly town where 150 rockets have been fired blindly into Israel, was the midnight target of the IAF This airstrike damaged a building that was being used to house rocket launchers after the launchers were observed being brought back into town and stored Approximately eight hours after the airstrike, the building collapses and [i]then[/i] rescue workers frantically pull bodies out as witnessed by Arab news crews [b]The United Nations[/b] Also known as the Terrori

France says Iran a "stabilizing force"?

Let me understand this; The terrorist army called Hezbollah was born in Iran, was few and nurtured by Iran, is given toys and financial allowance by Iran, but somehow, France says that Iran is a "stabilizing force" in the Middle Eastern region [quote]Douste-Blazy, who was in Beirut Monday, said, "In the region there is of course a country such as Iran - a great country, a great people and a great civilization which is respected and which plays a stabilizing role in the region" [/quot
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