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Russia May Send Navy Ships to Lebanon

[quote]Russia may send navy ships to the Lebanon coast, the ITAR-TASS news agency reported on Monday quoting a source in the Defense Ministry The move is being considered as Russia prepares to evacuate its citizens from the conflict zone On Sunday Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is preparing to evacuate its citizens from Lebanon Lavrov warned that the fighting between Israel and Lebanese guerrillas could ignite a wider conflict, and said the international commun

Israel Prepares to Invade Syria

[quote]As to be expected, the story about a Hezbollah drone hitting an Israeli warship was tweaked this morning to fit the emerging agenda “Senior Israeli army officers said Saturday that the rocket which hit an Israeli missile boat off the Lebanese coast Friday night was an Iranian-built radar-guided C-802,” reports the Bangkok Post How Israel mistook an “aircraft rigged with explosives” for a missile, as the Associated Press reports, is not explained However, blaming Iran certa

Operation Summer Rain

[img]http://wwwynetnewscom/PicServer2/20122005/818631/408_aza_engjpg[/img] [b][size=4][color=blue]June 25, 2006[/color][/size][/b] [b] 5:40 AM:[/b] Terrorists from the Hamas and Popular Resistance Committees terror organizations infiltrated into Israel through a tunnel originating from the Rafah area, passing under the security fence to the area between the Kerem Shalom and Sufa crossings The terrorists,operating under cover of mortar and anti-tank fire from within the Gaza

Israel gets Hamas leader

Got one, just give them back their soldier and stop whining can't say they wern't warned http://wwwbreitbartcom/news/2006/07/12/D8IQP2182html A Hamas militant leader who has topped Israel's most-wanted list for a decade was badly wounded and underwent four hours of spinal surgery Wednesday after being wounded in an Israeli airstrike, security officials said The top fugitive, Mohammed Deif, could end up paralyzed, Palestinian security officials said on condition of anonymit

Frustrated world powers send Iran to U.N.

[quote]PARIS - Frustrated world powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran before the United Nations Security Council for possible punishment, saying the Iranians had given no sign they would bargain in earnest over their disputed nuclear program The move amounted to calling Iran's bluff Diplomats said recent meetings with Iran's nuclear negotiator have gone nowhere and it was clear Tehran hoped to play for time or exploit potential divisions among the six powers that have offered new talks

Israel hits Lebanon after troops snatched

[quote]JERUSALEM - Israel bombed and shelled southern Lebanon and sent ground troops over the border for the first time in six years Wednesday after Hezbollah guerrillas captured two Israeli soldiers The fighting killed eight Israeli soldiers and three Lebanese Hezbollah's brazen cross-border raid opened a second front for the Israeli army The army is now fighting Islamic militants in both Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, where it is looking for another soldier who was captured more than two

Precursors to all out war in the Middle East

Looks like the signs of a general war, as opposed to semi offical war are appearing Israel has declared war on Lebenon, and by default, its master Iran If it cannot cope fighting a war on two fronts, then America may be dragged into the battle, or Israel may have to attack Iran directly Lebanon can also call on Iran for munitions and people, and have a sizable army on the ready to attack Looks like a powerkeg has just been sparked, hopefully someone can stamp out the flame before

Iraqis blast U.S. over rape-slaying case

[quote]BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi lawmakers blasted the United States on Tuesday over an alleged rape-slaying case, while a southern governor said he was resigning amid fears Iraqi forces cannot handle security once coalition troops transfer responsibility there this month Two women legislators called for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to be summoned to parliament to give assurances that justice would be done in the March 12 slaying of four members of a family in Mahmoudiya A teenage girl alle

Militants give Israel deadline on releases

[quote]GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Militants gave Israel 24 hours starting Monday to begin releasing hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, implying they would kill an abducted Israeli soldier if their demands were not met Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert rejected any negotiations with the militants, and the army pressed ahead with its Gaza offensive Privately, though, some officials said the government had not ruled out any options to win Cpl Gilad Shalit's freedom Israel has pounded Gaz

Iran has until July 12 to stop enrichment

[quote]VIENNA, Austria - Western powers will reactivate efforts to punish Iran through possible UN Security Council sanctions unless it suspends uranium enrichment and agrees to talks on its nuclear program by July 12, diplomats said Monday The envoys — some of them senior UN diplomats, and all familiar with details of the six-nation drive to persuade Iran to compromise on its nuclear activities — spoke just two days before a key Iran- European Union meeting in Brussels meant to ma

Next We Take Tehran

[quote]Next We Take Tehran News: The confrontation with Iran has very little to do with nukes—and a lot with the agenda of empire By Robert Dreyfuss 06/28/09 "Mother Jones" -- -- President Bush may or may not order a massive aerial bombardment of Iran later this year Or he may wait until 2007 Or he may simply escalate a risky confrontation with Iran through covert action and economic sanctions But whatever the next act in the crisis, don’t be fooled by the assertion that th

Egypt warns Israel not to take peace treaty for granted

[quote] While Cairo has remained mum since the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier in Gaza, the head of the Egyptian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee said Israel should not think the "peace reached with an Arab country can be guaranteed while it continues to perpetrate its crimes and aggressions" Mustafa al-Fekki, a senior member of President Hosni Mubarak's ruling party, was referring to the peace treaty Egypt signed with Israel in 1979 [url=http://wwwdailystarcomlb/arti

U.S. troops accused of killing Iraq family

[quote]BEIJI, Iraq - Five US soldiers are being investigated for allegedly raping a young woman, then killing her and three relatives, an American military official said Friday, describing the latest allegations of abuse of Iraqi civilians The soldiers also allegedly burned the body of the woman they are accused of assaulting in the March incident, the official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case The US command issued a sparse

Iranian leader: U.S. nuke talks not needed

[quote]TEHRAN, Iran - Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tuesday that Iran does not need negotiations with the United States over its nuclear program, apparently seeking to reassure hard-liners the country will not cave in as it considers a key Western incentives package Khamenei, who has the final word on all state matters, did not give his position on the proposals aimed at persuading Iran to impose a long-term moratorium on enriching uranium In Washington, White House press

Leaked US memo shows the real Iraq situation is deteriorating

[quote]WASHINGTON: A leaked cable from the US embassy in Baghdad signed by the ambassador and marked 'sensitive' paints Iraq as a country disintegrating in which the real rulers are the militias, and the government counts for nothing, according to reports The cable, signed by the US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and sent to the State Department in Washington on 6 June, is wholly at odds with the optimistic account of developments given by president George Bush and Tony Blair in their recen
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