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EU proposes PA aide

The European Union, finding they have no backbone for facing evil, are crumbling to Palestinian pressure to cough of the extortion money BRUSSELS - The European Commission has drawn up a plan to provide tens of millions of dollars to run Palestinian ministries and pay staff in a bid to prevent the collapse of essential services, a European Union official said Monday The official stressed the proposals were dependent on the endorsement of the United States to ensure lending institutio

Libya off the terrorist list, al-Qaddafi puts away the dresses

It only seems like a few short years ago when I go the call to come to the military police station As I was an MP, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but a ceratin annoyance when a fishing trip was planned No fishing would be done that day as Ft Rucker, as well as every other army installation, was going to an heightened state of alert Seems President Reagan learned that Lybia's Col Muammar al-Qaddafi was responsible for the bombing of a West Berlin disco, 05 April, 1986 The l

American tourist injured in Passover homicide bombing dies.

Daniel Wultz, 16 year old boy who just wanted a damned falafel is now dead because of the injuries inflicted upon him when a strategic military target, a falafel stand was attacked by an homicide bomber this last Passover, or Pessah CNN and Fox News, in keeping with the denial of covert military operations, have nothing at their websites about the passing of Daniel after he struggled for a month to recover from the injuries sustained from the blast Daniel's father was with him: [quote

Money On Halt For 'Hamastan'

Probably it won't be long until the world opens the pockets again But for a very short moment they do the right thing: [quote] On Friday, the US State Department announced a cut of some $300 million in aid to the Palestinians The EU Commission said it had halted payments to the government because the new cabinet had not recognized Israel's right to exist or renounced violence Hamas' charter officially calls for Israel's destruction [b]Aid out of Hamas' reach[/b] The

Israeli Navy Recovers 550 kG Of Smuggled TNT

The PA claimes to have no money to pay salaries - but someone seems to had money to buy [i][color=red]more than half a ton of high-grade explosives[/color][/i]: [url=http://wwwgooglecom/searchq=cache:I554QjH5Ci8J:wwwdebkacom/+Israeli+navy+alerted+early+Wednesday+by+approach+of+suspect+Palestinian+fishing+boat+from+Gaza+to+Israeli+port+of+Ashkelon&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1]Debka already reported Wednesday last week[/url]: [quote] [b]Israeli navy alerted early Wednesday by a

Chaos In The Palestinian Authority

[list] [i][b]Jamal Abu Samhadana[/b][/i], leader of the Popular Resistance Committees PRC The militant group, which is sworn to Israel's destruction, took office last month after winning a Palestinian parliamentary election in January which gave it control of the government This new force is expected to serve as a private Hamas army, since the PA security forces, whose members are affiliated with Fatah, refuse to cooperate with the new cabinet [img]http://wwwynetnewscom/PicS

Israelis Warned Before Blasts To Stay Away From Sinai

[quote]Counter-Terrorism Bureau Head Danny Arditi issued a warning to Israeli citizens just a few weeks ago to refrain from visiting any Arab country Speaking to Ynet, Arditi said: "The warnings in our hands lead to small organizations affiliated with al-Qaeda in one way or another A month ago we issue a travel warning to Israelis against traveling to Egypt, including Sinai, following relatively reliable intelligence on intentions to carry out terror attacks against foreign and Israeli to

Explosion Hits The Governor's Office in South Iran

IRNA, the officcial statehold Islamic Republic News Agency reported, several people have been injured in an explosion in the governor's office in in Kermanshah, a city with a large Kurdish population in southwestern Iran The cause of the 2 pm blast is under investigation [url=http://wwwjpostcom/servlet/Satellitecid=1145961303700&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull]Jpost[/url]

Iran To Blow Israel Off The Map

In a display of blind hatred of the type that drives humans to fits of irrational behavior, General Mohammad Ebrahim Dehghani of Iran's Revolutionary Guard declared that if the US does anything "evil" Israel will be blown off the map Seems that the region's answer to anything is to threaten Israel Yup That's a rational thing to do Declare to the world that you're gonna build a nuclaer program, continue to threaten Israel, and then eventually look really confounded when Israel

Mossad Killed PFLP Operative Wadia Haddad With Poisoned Chocolate In The Late 1970s

[b][color=green]For sure, all those conspiracies about Israel poisoned Arafat are going to start again soon[/color][/b]: The Associated Press is reporting on a new book [b]"striking back"[/b]written by Aaron Klein[i][size=-2] - the [url=http://wwwworldnetdailycom/contactasp]Jerusalem Bureau Chief of WorldNetDailycom[/url] and also a correspondent for the Time Magazine - [/size][/i] Klein describes [b]how the Mossad tracked down Wadia Haddad, an operative of the PFLP[/b] Popular Fr

Yerushalayim - Jerusalem - al-Quds

A capital for two states [quote] JERUSALEM -- [b]Israel's new government has outlined[/b] the clearest picture yet of [b]how it plans to divide the holy city of Jerusalem[/b] and abandon much of the West Bank in its move to separate from the Palestinians Otniel Schneller -an architect of the plan - said in interviews this week with The Associated Press that his blueprint would give most of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods to the Palestinians while keeping the predominantly Jewish a

Another Israeli Eye In The Sky: EROS-B Satellite Launched

[b]EROS-B[/b] the second member of the [b]E[/b]arth [b]R[/b]emote [b]O[/b]bservation [b]S[/b]atellite system was flown into space by the four-stage Start-1 rocket that launched from the Svobodny Cosmodrome in Russia's Far East [quote] [url=http://wwwiaicoil/DefaultaspxdocID=34440&FolderID=32981&lang=EN][img]http://wwwiaicoil/shared/Images/EN/Homepage/logogif[/img][/url] The launch took place on April 26, 2006, 02:47 hours Siberia time and the satellite separated

Sweden Rejects Air Force Exercise with Israel

Our swedish pals: Sweden has called off its participation in international air force exercises in Italy next month because of the involvement of the IAF Asked for a reason, [url=http://wwwhaaretzcom/hasen/spages/710209html]Swedish Defense Minister Leni Bjorklund said[/url] that her country is withdrawing because of the participation of "a state that does not take part in preserving international peace" [quote] Israels Foreign Ministry Director-General Ron Prosser then on Thur

Explosions In Egypt

[b][url=http://wwwhaaretzcom/hasen/spages/708860html]Three explosions are being reported in the Egyptian city of Dahab[/url][/b], a resort town, located on the Gulf of Aqaba on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula [img]http://wwwhaaretzcom/hasite/images/iht_daily/D240406/160mapjpg[/img] The bombs were apparantly placed on a bridge, in the El-Kalheeg Hotel cafeteria and the third explosion rocked the resort town's market area about 7:15 pm local time 1715 GMT At this

Tehran insider tells of US black ops

[quote]TEHRAN - A former Iranian ambassador and Islamic Republic insider has provided intriguing details to Asia Times Online about US covert operations inside Iran aimed at destabilizing the country and toppling the regime - or preparing for an American attack "The Iranian government knows and is aware of such infiltration It means that the Iranian government has identified them [the covert operatives] but for some reason does not want to show [this]," said the former diplomat on cond
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