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Just how bad is the Afghan national Army? - This bad - video

The Afghan national Army is in a terrible state The US trainers express their frustration at the massive drug use and incompetence of the soldiers in the new army Missing gear, lack of discipline, and a lack of strong leadership You can't really call it an army at all according to their own Afghan trainers After 7 years of training many afghan troops lack even the basics of soldiering skills [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/b9a_1261720851[/flash]

Ahmadinejad says the US is trying to prevent the coming of the Mahdi - Islamic end times indicatons

For the Mahdi to appear, there has to be a general breakdown of Islam, and arab nations, according to the prophecies Therefore Iran would not be as it is today, therefore Ahmadinejad is just trying to score political points Iranís President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he has documented evidence that the United States is doing what it can to prevent the coming of the Mahdi, the Imam that Muslims believe will be ultimate savior of mankind, press reports said Monday [quote] We have documented

Video of Palestinian woman attacking an Israeli security guard at the Kalandia checkpoint

On the 25th of October a contractor security guard was stabbed at the Kalandia check point situated north of Jerusalem The 28-year-old security guard was lightly-to-moderately wounded when stabbed The stabber, a 21-year-old Palestinian woman from Ramallah, was arrested while still holding the knife and taken in for questioning at the Jerusalem Police Minorities Department A Magen David Adom team evacuated the man with a stomach wound to Jerusalem's Hadassah University Medical Center in E

Pakistani Intelligence hide Mullah Omar in Karachi - out of reach of America

Mullah Mohammed Omar, the one-eyed leader of the Afghan Taliban, has fled a Pakistani city on the border with Afghanistan and found refuge from potential US attacks in the teeming Pakistani port city of Karachi with the assistance of Pakistan's intelligence service, three current and former US intelligence officials said Mullah Omar, who hosted Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda leaders when they plotted the Sept 11, 2001, attacks, had been residing in Quetta, where the Afghan Taliban

Militant Jihadis who change their minds - a new development in Western Islam

For years now we have heard about the radicalization of Muslims and the move to believing in a violent Islam Well this great article looks at some who have realized that this is wrong, and have renounced the violent belief structures as being unIslamic A truly inspiring article on the hope that there may be a turning point in the radicalization towards hate that occurs in modern Islam I think this is a must read for anyone despairing of Islam and its inexorable march towards violence and

Special Ops Forces pirate ship runs aground in Afghanistan

Afghan men help US Special Operations Forces dig out an armored vehicle stuck in mud during a joint patrol with Afghan National Army soldiers in Afghanistan's Farah province, Sunday, Nov 1, 2009 Thats a little bit embarrassing

Training the Afghan police - Most of them were corrupt and stoned on opium

A senior serving soldier reveals how the Afghan policemen in Helmand are often a danger to the British forces they work with We went out to Helmand to mentor the Afghan National Police without understanding the level they were at We thought we would be arresting people, helping them to police efficiently Instead we were literally training them how to point a gun on the ranges, and telling them why you should not stop cars and demand "taxes" Most of them were corrupt and took drugs, p

UN officials told reporter to look into reports of Palestinians being used for organ transplants

It really makes you wonder who are really behind such outrageous accusations Having no proof except from Palestinian accusations didn't stop the reporter from reporting it as fact The Swedish journalist who caused outrage in Israel with allegations that Israel Defense Forces soldiers harvested organs of dead Palestinians and trafficked in them defended his article on Monday to a largely hostile audience in Dimona Speaking at a media conference, where he was frequently interrupted by hec

The Afghan Army is a Figment of Washington's Imagination

The US military just don't get it The Afghan army they are trying to create is just smoke and mirrors This is not Iraq However the US is doing a fine job of training the Taliban in the latest military tactics This is a must read article The big Afghanistan debate in Washington is not over whether more troops are needed, but just who they should be: Americans or Afghans -- Us or Them Having just spent time in Afghanistan seeing how things stand, I wouldn't bet on Them Frankly, I w

Afghanistan: For every 1000 extra soldiers the cost rises $1 Billion per year

There are no simple answers in Afghanistan Throwing soldiers and money looks like an expensive and fruitless task Trying to create an Afghan army is not working, while trying to maintain a corrupt and unwanted regime just alienates the Afghans Why not spend those billions on food or pay the Taliban to stop killing, like the Italians have done The Pentagon's top military officer oversaw a secret war game this month to evaluate the two primary military options that have been put forward b

100 new LVSR trucks for Afghanistan - first one arrives

The Marine Corpsí next-generation 10-wheel heavy hauler has arrived in Afghanistan, and nearly 100 could be delivered there by the end of the year The first Logistics Vehicle System Replacement was delivered to deployed forces from Combat Logistics Regiment 2, of Camp Lejeune, NC, in September, Marine officials said The Corps expects to receive 1,592 through a $7402 million contract signed in June 2006 The trucks are used to carry everything from supplies to bulldozers, and can haul

A guide for war correspondents in conflict areas

This fascinating article, written by a war correspondent, covers how he prepares for working in war zones One important hint is to focus on upcoming conflict areas, which at the moment is in the Horn of Africa Guess where the military focus is going to shift to in the next few years [quote]Don't Follow the Pack For most of the last eight years, Afghanistan was the "Forgotten War", and Iraq was the "Central Front" The US government has now reversed gears, and the US media is now fa

Lebanon discovered 23 Israeli cells and 6 Al Qaeda cells

More on this seemingly under reported events in Lebanon, where the Lebanese military with equipment from France have flushed out numerous spy networks The Lebanese army has uncovered 25 cells spying for the Israeli Mossad and arrested since early 2009 six networks belonging to Al-Qaeda, high-ranking military sources told An-Nahar newspaper in comments published on Friday The sources said that the army arrested in the past few days a three-member network which is seen as playing a very impo

France helped Lebanon to bust Israeli spy ring by supplying technology

In the last few weeks Lebanon has uncovered an extensive spy network run by Israel The ring was broken using French technology loaned to Lebanon Typical Lebanon was able to crack alleged Israeli spy rings with the help of ultra-sophisticated surveillance equipment recently consigned to Lebanon by French intelligence services French president Nicolas Sarkozy handed it over against a personal pledge from Lebanese president Michel Suleiman that it would be used exclusively against subve

Lebanon busts Israeli spy ring

Paranoia and fear are on everyone's mind in southern Lebanon where dozens of people have been detained in recent weeks on suspicion of spying for neighbouring Israel Mohammed, who owns a garage in the town of Marjayoun, located near the border with Israel, told AFP So far, 21 people have been charged with spying on behalf of the Jewish state and several dozen more have been detained, including an army colonel and a retired general Officials say the probe into the spy networks, whic
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