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Iran cancels air show after Israel planned to bomb it

Iran canceled part of its much advertised airshow after Russia warned them that Israel was going to bomb all its aircraft the night before So much for Iran being able to defend itself when it resorted to hiding its aircraft from Israel Iranian and intelligence sources disclose that Moscow warned Tehran Friday April 17 that Israel was planning to destroy all 140 fighter-bombers concentrated at the Mehr-Abad Air Force base for an air show over Tehran on Iran's Army Day the following day T

Iraqi footballer shot dead just as he scores a goal

A danger of playing football in Iraq emerges as an irate fan shot the scorer on an opposing team through the head as he was about to equalizes the game An Iraqi football player has been shot dead by a spectator as he was about to score an equalizing goal The shooting happened in the last minute of a game between two local rivals on Sunday, police say The striker was shot in the head during the match in the city of Hilla, according to local security officials The game was being p

Israel sinks Iranian ship smuggling arms to Gaza

An Iranian ship was destroyed off the coast of Sudan while transporting weapons to Gaza, according to the Egyptian daily Al-Usbua The paper named Israel and the United States as likely suspects in the attack The ship was to dock in Sudan, where the weapons would have been unloaded and transported by land to the northern Sinai Peninsula From there, they would be smuggled into Gaza to be used by Hamas The ship was destroyed by missiles fired from an unidentified second vessel, Sudanese

Hamas anti aircraft Stinger missiles wouldn't let them fire at Israelis

Software in the Stinger missiles prevented Hamas from firing them at Israeli aircraft with a message on the display saying Friendly aircraft Not only that when they did fire one it turned around and killed their own men! Hamas smuggled in four Stinger systems in 2008 and deployed them against Israel Air Force AH-64 Apache attack helicopters during strike missions in the northern Gaza Strip [quote]We were disappointed by them, and they were found to have been useless Our gunners couldn't

Not photos of hit Israeli warship - actually Australian!

These photos came from an Arabic website claiming that they were of the ship hit by the Lebanese rockets I am not sure as to the legitimacy of these pics, but here goes [img]http://stuffucanusecom/Israel-warship-sunk/israel-warship-sunk-1njpg[/img] [img]http://stuffucanusecom/Israel-warship-sunk/israel-warship-sunk-2jpg[/img] [img]http://stuffucanusecom/Israel-warship-sunk/israel-warship-sunk-3njpg[/img] [img]http://stuffucanusecom/Israel-warship-sunk/israel-warship-sun

Man injured in minefield falls to death from rescue helicopter - Israel

Three Arab youths were having a 'picnic' in a minefield One triggered a mine and had his foot blown off A rescue helicopter and medivac rescued him and strapped him to a stretcher however the straps didn't hold him and he fell to his death What were they doing having a picnic in a mine field According to some commentators they were looking for mines that might have surfaced after heavy rain to use in creating weapons Wadi Ara youth ventures into minefield in northern Israel, wound

Israel tracked every Hezbollah vehicle with GPS for the last 4 years

In an amazing spy episode Israel installed GPS and voice recording equipment on every Hezbollah vehicle used by them in the last four years using a spy at their highest levels BEIRUT // The revelation last week that Israeli intelligence had penetrated the highest levels of Hizbollah left the normally secretive militant group scrambling to contain the damage The initial reports, detailed in the Lebanese media last week, revealed that Marwan Faqih, a long-time associate of the groupís t

BBC forced to release report that shows its anti-Israel bias

For the last 4 years the BBC has tried to suppress a 20,000 word article that displays the BBC's anti Israel bias I guess this isn't news for some, but the energy put into suppressing the article by the BBC just show how damaging it might be A senior news editor, was commissioned in 2004 to compile the report on the BBC's Middle East reporting, which had been criticised for alleged anti-Israeli bias and pro Palestinian reporting The news editor examined hundreds of hours of television

UNRWA cancels Gaza aid after Hamas steal 200 tons of aid and sell it

True colors of Hamas emerging when it steals free aid supplied by UNRWA and then sells it to Gazans UNRWA informed the IDF on Friday that it is suspending its humanitarian aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip after Hamas stole supplies the United Nations organization had transferred to the Palestinian territory The seizure of the 200 tons of supplies took place Thursday night and in response, UNRWA officials informed the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration that it was suspending it

Israel admits that Gaza is a preintroduction to tackling the military threat posed by a nuclear-equipped Iran

What the heck is a preintroduction A practice for attacking Iran or just a shot across the bows and a warning to Iran There would be little similarity between attacking Gaza and attacking Iran ISRAEL'S ambassador to Australia has described his country's military offensives in Gaza as a "preintroduction" to tackling the military threat posed by a nuclear-equipped Iran Israeli ambassador Yuval Rotem told a meeting of Sydney's Jewish community yesterday that he expected Iran would

Failure of American news organizations

What kind of news reporting do we have in the United States It seems to be on the side of terrorism and against people who just want to be left alone It seems fairly apparent that this religious war being conducted by Hamas from the Gaza Strip is aimed at killing Jewish citizens Randomly aimed rockets at the countryside are certainly not militarily oriented They are designed to terrorize people and get publicity And contrary to all the ethics of good news reporting, we are getting a heavy

Israel enters Gaza - interesting tactics and equipment

As Israeli military move into Gaza under the cover of darkness some interesting information emerge on the tactics and equipment used Firstly Israel is cutting Gaza in half with an amphibious advance from the coast and through the middle This will restrict the movement of Hamas and allow Israel to clear sectors Refugees from Gaza city itself will be allowed into the safe zones This will create a Fallujah style war where the city can be emptied of non combatants Secondly some of the

Hamas legal advisor says Hamas rockets don't even have warheads

Whats next They are full of feathers as well This news exchange is a must view, for the comedy factor if nothing else Fox News anchor Greg Jarrett has an interesting exchange with Diana Buttu, a Palestinian Legal Advisor, about the fighting between Israel and Hamas [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/CXQkOgOvMSs&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0[/flash]

The Israel Hamas war - it was inevitable

This war has been a long time coming, its not something just thought up on the spur of the moment Hamas have been using the ceasefire to rearm and train fighters to attack Israel That is why they canceled the ceasefire, because they were ready to go, Israel just beat them to it and preempted the situation 90% of the people killed were in uniform They targeted the supply bases and the headquarters of the Hamas military, and took out the tunnels and some underground supply dumps What I

Merry Christmas Taliban - British attack in Santa hats

Having their Christmas Carols interrupted by a Taliban attack didn't stop the British from responding in Santa hats It was dusk in Helmand And as the sun set over the baked earth, commandos wearing Santa hats gathered round the war memorial and began a simple chorus of carols [img]http://idailymailcouk/i/pix/2008/12/23/article-0-02E19CC9000005DC-812_468x312jpg[/img] Then the Taliban attacked There was no time for the troops to think or even to take off their festive hats A
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