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Reporter returned to Afghanistan to the Valley of Death

A great read of the current conflict from the eyes of the soldiers Gone are the lightly armed and ill trained irregular fighters now highly skilled and professionally trained soldiers from Pakistan and other Muslim countries are entering and doing battle in Afghanistan The American military generally counts on a kill ratio of 10 to 1 when fighting lightly armed insurgents: for every dead American, there are probably 10 dead enemy That means only an overwhelming force can threaten an A

Are you bored? How about visiting a terrorist summer camp?

Learn new skills, see new places, meet interesting people and kill them Thats right, come and visit the Hamas summer school of terrorism This reads like a sick joke Summer camps in the Gaza Strip run by Hamas and other terrorist organizations inculcate youngsters with radical Islamic ideology and the culture of terrorism Some camps offer military training to prepare future ranks of operatives for the terrorist organizations Every year Hamas and other terrorist networks organize

Israel to buy warship that can launch multiple nuclear warheads

This sounds like a formidable ship, however it would be easy to track in the busy Mediterranean Israel is endlessly seeking to acquire modern weaponry, especially after it was dealt a sever blow in its war on Lebanon in 2006, when its warship, Hanit, was hit and after Iran announced it has produced a military submarine In this context, the Israeli television revealed that the navy intends to buy a US warship capable of launching multiple nuclear missiles against “enemy cities” Accordi

Iran comedy team strikes again - sending a manned mission to the Moon

From the team that bought you the photoshopped missile launches, and the botched satellite launch comes the latest hilarity with the announcement that Iran is sending a manned mission to the Moon I think they still have to reach earth first Of course all this propaganda is for internal consumption, no one in the west believes they can do it TEHRAN Reuters - Iran plans to send a manned rocket into space in the next 10 years, state television reported on Thursday, just days after the

Saudi man kills daughter for converting to Christianity

Daughter converts to Christianity, father cuts her tongue out and has her killed Riyadh: A Saudi man working with the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice recently killed his daughter for converting to Christianity According to sources close to the victim, the religious police member had cut the tongue of the girl and burned her to death following a heated debate on religion The death of the girl sent shockwaves and websites where the victim used to write with v

Iran's new Interior Minister has a fake degree

Iran's new interior minister has raised an uproar among lawmakers and Iranian media over an apparently fake claim that he holds an honorary doctorate from Britain's Oxford University To back his case, he's shown off a degree certificate riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes Some countries are riddled with corruption, this is a perfect example with the fake degree declared as real by the Iranian Government Oxford issued a statement Wednesday denying it ever awarded Ali Kordan an ho

Muslims doctors taught to be kinder using Koranic verses - Arab media upset

An Israeli Professor wanted to teach his Muslim students to be kinder to the patients using examples from the Koran Islamic scholars denounce it I am surprised that they found some verses that instruct Muslims to be kinder to start off with Arab media around the Middle East this week reacted hysterically after learning that a Jewish professor at Haifa University is using verses from the Koran to teach Arab Muslim psychology students how to treat their future Muslim patients Professor

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb

Senior Israeli official: If nuclear talks fail, Bush will order attack between November and January The source predicted that President George W Bush would order Iran attacked between the November 4 presidential election and his exit from the White House in January The quote was aired shortly after the six-power talks with Iran in Geneva – with US official participation for the first time – ended inconclusively, and just before Israel chief of staff Lt Gen Gabi Ashkenazi set out f

Greece helps Israel plan for attack on Iran

This great article summarizes the recent Israeli preparations for the attack on Iran Greece has quietly assisted the Israeli Air Force in a previously unreported fashion as the dreaded decision of a possible Israeli preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities draws closer, this reporter has learned A pivotal factor in Israel’s military strategy against Iran’s nuclear installations is the recent delivery to Iran of Russia’s potent S-300 Russian ground-to-air radar systems Consi

Inside Hamas - a suicide swearing in meeting

What can you say How different peoples morality, religion and ethics can be from the West [flash=425x344]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/WQINQEDw6kI[/flash]

Al Qaeda admits to losing in Iraq

Great article Al Qaeda are bemoaning their loss of Iraq and trying to explain how it happened to their dwindling group of supporters Thats funny, I thought America was in the middle of the same process : Al Qaeda web sites are making a lot of noise about "why we lost in Iraq" Western intelligence agencies are fascinated by the statistics being posted in several of these Arab language sites Not the kind of stuff you read about in the Western media According to al Qaeda, their coll

Iran's government can't account for 35 billion in oil income

Iran loses 35 Billion in oil income Look in Iraq and Lebanon, its all there in the form of munitions and bribes, and nuclear equipment In what appears to be the biggest case of corruption in Iran, and perhaps in the Middle East, the Tehran-based Shahab News reported that the chief auditing office of the Iranian parliament Majlis has revealed that close to $35 billion of oil income from the financial year 2006-07 is missing According to Iranian law, this money should have been paid by

The Iraq war - 5 years of journalism

A presentation by reuters with video and images of reporting from iraq in the last 5 years Excellent and very graphic http://iraqreuterscom/

America rips into Israel after it lets Hezbollah take Beirut

America wanted Israel to attack Hezbollah as it moved to take Beirut, a vulnerable time as its troops were moving However Israel balked, and seemed to figure the cost, at over 600 missiles a day too high to pay What now then is their deterent ability By putting off the final hour they have merely bought Hezbollah more time to arm On Sunday night, May 11, the Israeli army was poised to strike Hizballah The Shiite militia was winding up its takeover of West Beirut and battling pro-govern

Human Rights Watch Unfairly Targets Israel

Human Rights Watch has systematically condemned Israel for "collective punishment" in the Gaza Strip, undermining its stated agenda of promoting human rights universally, according to a report released this week by the Jerusalem-based watchdog NGO Monitor The report, which provides a detailed analysis of HRW's publications and statements in 2007, compares the group's coverage of Israel with the way it treats other countries in similar situations, and concludes that its continued condemn
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