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Syria Demands Precondition Before Peace With Israel

[url=http://wwwhaaretzcom/hasen/spages/978301html]Syria is demanding that Israel commit in writing to a withdrawal from the Golan Heights in exchange for peace, Syrian President Bashar Assad told Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to the Qatari newspaper Al-Watan[/url] What a freakin' insult to decency and logic! Who in the Heck started the violence in the first place It wan't Israel! Why does Israel have the golan Heights Because the Heights was captured in a

Reporter on mounted night patrol in Iraq videos in firefight

Video of an ambush on a patrol at night somewhere in Iraq The soldiers are more worried about being attacked by the Iraqi police than the militants, and are very suspicious at how the police turn up right after a firefight Worth watching [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/288_1208988856[/flash]

Ongoing news about the Israeli strike on the Syrian Nuclear facilities

This thread covers some of the issues arising from Israels attack on the Syrian buildings All that bluster and bravado from behind the protection of the latest russian military defences may have suddenly evaporated since Israel seemed to easily fly its planes into Syria and attack the supposed North Korean Nuclear site Guess who feels like a rabbit in the sights :sh:sh [quote]Information coming out of Iran indicates that the military there is very dismayed at how ineffective new Russ

UN: Hezbollah threatened UNIFIL after weapon cache was discovered

[b]UN: Hezbollah threatened UNIFIL after weapon cache was discovered[/b] This is a breaking news item on Haaretz' scroller at the top of their website UNIFIL finds a weapons cache This angers Hezbollah What do you think the brave-hearted, strong-willed UN is going to do I can't wait for more information This is a real cliff hanger! :jump

Israels militiary exercises seen through the eyes of an Hezbullah reporter

Israel is in the middle of the biggest military exercise in years Here is how the Lebanon news reports see it Facinating [quote] Israel soldiers flaunting their manhood[/quote] : [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/ISjZwmYAidY[/flash]

Al-Jazeera apologizes over 'Barbarian Muslims' remark

This guest speaker certainly ripped into Islam, its a great read Unfortunately home truths like this will only lead to her assassination Syrian-American psychologist's unprecedented attack on Islam stirs row in Arab world Qatari satellite network rushes to apologize, cancel reruns Qatari satellite network al-Jazeera was busy this week trying to calm the row sparked in the Arab world following remarks made on one of its program against Islam [quote]The al-Jazeera network deeply apolo

Is Syria behind the latest conflict in Gaza and Israel?

The conflict between Israel and the Palastinians has been growing despite the efforts of leaders in the region to diffuse it Reports are emerging that Syria is intent on destabilizing the region to hide its own actions in Lebanon However as with anything in the Middle East its hard to see the truth According to the report, a senior Egyptian official told the paper that [quote] Syria may be interested in focusing international attention on the situation in Gaza and the West Bank, instead

Arab Palestinians riot, attack Jews in Jerusalem

[color=red]How much clear does it have to be Gaza is isolated because of Hamas; Hamas and its fellow terror organizations launch continuous rockets and mortars at Israel The Arabs of the West Bank are not held accountable for these acts of terror and war, yet they riot and attack Jews in Jerusalem The Arab "Palestinians" don't desire peace, they want tyhe destruction of Israel and will continue to agitate until they get what they want[/color] IsraelNNcom A near-lynch by an A

Another Christian/Western Target Attacked in Gaza

By Julie Stahl February 15, 2008 Jerusalem CNSNewscom - At least ten armed men blew up a YMCA library in the Gaza Strip, destroying thousands of books early Friday This appears to be the latest attack by Muslim fundamentalists against either Christian or Western targets An estimated 10,000 books, some of them very old, were destroyed when an explosive device was placed in the Young Men Christian Association's library in Gaza City before dawn on Friday, said Isa Saba, director of

Hezbollah Delares War

[b]Hezbollah's chief, Hassan Nasrallah, today declared open war on Israel He said that because Israel has gone beyond the natural borders of the battlefield that Israelis are open for targeting all over the world[/b] [quote]"You have killed Hajj Imad outside the natural battlefield," Hassan Nasrallah said, addressing Israel and referring to Hezbollah's longtime contention it only fights Israel within Lebanon and along their common border "You have crossed the borders," Nasra

Mubarak: Gaza Will Never Be Part of Egypt

(  1  2) [color=red]To prove that the Arabs are more interested in the eventual destruction of Israel than they are in the plight of the poor Arab-Palestinians, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said in an Italian newspaper that Gaza will never be part of Egypt, and that the Israeli atempt to strangle Hamas backfired Let's remember that the attempt to isolate and "strangle" Hamas failed is because Hamas had been weakening the barrier for months before knocking sectrions down and allowing people/su

The coming Israel Hamas war

It's difficult to decide which will go over the edge first, Lebanon or Gaza Maybe both at the same time, hand in hand, and — if you believe Israel — with a gentle shove from Iran Bets are on Gaza to explode first Although Hamas claimed that Monday's suicide bomber in Dimona, the first in a year, came from the West Bank, the Israelis still are investigating whether he got into the country from Gaza via Egypt while the border fence at Rafah was breached It's certainl

Palestinian suicide bomber kills one woman, wounds 11 in Dimona, Israel

[b]A suicide bomber blew himself up in the southern town of Dimona at around 10:30 AM Monday, killing a woman and wounding 11 others, in the first terror attack of its kind in over a year Negev Police Chief Yossi Porianta said that there had been two suicide bombers, but only one managed to detonate his explosives belt; the other was shot dead by security forces before he could blow himself up The second bomber had apparently been knocked out by the force of the first blast and was

Hamas expand into Northern Sinai - move may be permanent

This is a worrying situation for both Israel and Egypt Hamas's show of force in demolishing the border defences with Egypt at Rafah mean that there will be open movement between Gaza and Egypt in an area where Israel cannot patrol By demolishing the 10-km concrete barrier dividing the Gaza Strip from Egyptian Sinai, Hamas, backed by 200,000 Palestinians who surged across Wednesday, has acquired a new stronghold outside Israel’s military reach The Egyptian president's main

Heroes fighting monsters

In the West, our teachers and counselors have to deal with horrendous issues like teen pregnancy, fights in the hallways, poor grades and students dropping out [quote]Elyakim Kovatch, a 10th-grade counselor at the Mekor Haim yeshiva in Kfar Etzion, says he does not remember the sound of shots from his gun, which killed the two terrorists who broke into the institution Thursday evening "In my memory, the incident is like a silent movie," he said Friday Kovatch described the attack,
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